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Irods in a nutSHELL
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( Irods in a nutSHELL )


ISHELL is a UNIX shell like client for iRODS. It is written in pure Python, encapsulating the python-irodsclient. It provides similar functionalities than the irods-icommands package but following a different strategy. Instead of prefixing UNIX like commands ISHELL simulates an ssh connection to an iRODS server. From there, the usual UNIX syntax can be used, e.g. cd, ls, mkdir, rm, ...

Note that the current version is very preliminary.


From PyPi, e.g. using pip:

pip install --user irods-shell

Alternatively, you can also clone the source and run python install --user. Note that you'll need python-irodsclient to be installed first.


The ISHELL package currently exports two executables: iinit and ishell. You might need to add their install location to your PATH.

  • The iinit executable is provided as a partial replacement to the standard one, from irods-icommands. It allows to encode your iRODS password in order to authenticate. You'll also need to configure your irods_environment.json file. Note that currently this is the only supported mode of authentication.

  • The ishell executable simulates an ssh connection to your iRODS server. Once connected you can type help for a list of the supported commands. Alternatively it can also be run in interpreted mode, e.g. ishell -c "cd ..; ls" or reading from a script file, e.g. ishell script.ish.


The ISHELL package is under the GNU LGPLv3 license. See the provided LICENSE and COPYING.LESSER files.

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