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Hello World Open (HWO) 2014 Bot Template

This is the HWO 2014 Bot Template. It contains simple racing bot implementations for the Hello World Open 2014 competiion in different languages. You job is to pick one of those and make it a winner.

Please refer to the online Technical Specification for most recent information. We won't be updating this document in your codebase :)

Get started

  1. Optionally, change your programming language by editing the config file. Then commit changes and push to master.

     vim config
     git commit -am "set language to Haskell" && push origin master
  2. Code a winning bot. Our CI server will test your bot when you push to the master branch.

  3. Try it against the test server (you'll get test server hostname and port from your team page)

     ./run <host> <port>

Don't modify the scripts on the main level. These scripts ensure that all bots respond to a common control interface.

File Structure And Scripts

In this directory, there are some scripts that you can use to build and run your bot. On the C.I system and in the competition, your bot will be run on the HWO servers using these scripts.

  • ./build - build the bot, i.e. prepare for running
  • ./run <host> <port> [<botname>] - run the bot synchronously.

In subdirectories, there are bot implementations in different programming languages. The config file determines which implementation is used. Each language folder contains two scripts:

  • java/build builds the Java bot
  • java/run <host> <port> <botname> <botkey> runs the Java bot


The C.I system will capture the standard output of your bot so you can log relevant events by just writing to stdout. Please don't log all incoming and outgoing messages though, as that would generate too much data. We'll probably limit the maximum number of lines captured.

External dependencies

To ensure fast build/run times, the bots are built offline on the HWO servers. This means that the build process cannot download external dependencies from the Internet. For each bot template we've included the necessary dependencies (sockets, JSON) either on the HWO server platform or into this codebase. If you need anything else, you'll need to find a way to include the extra dependencies into your codebase.

The C.I system will build and run your bot regularly to ensure that it is compatible with the build process on the HWO servers.


Language, botkey and name are configured in config file.

Bot Protocol

See the Technical specification online.


my entry for the 2014 Hello World Open competition - Top 4 in Europe & Africa!







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