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Fingerprinting: MD5 digest vs modified time #16

malandrew opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Currently, express-cdn uses modified time as its cache invalidation strategy. Rails 2.x used to use this approach and switched to an MD5 digest approach for reasons outlined here:

Since I am using less stylesheets, I ran into problems with the mtime approach because every the css file would be recompiled with a new mtime even though the file contents remain identical to previous compiles.

PS Google has a good document describing caching strategies here:


Do you suggest using Git's integrated hash?


The approach I used on my fork is simply to perform something like this:

var hash = crypto.createHash("md5");

// ...
for (var b=0; b<assets.length; b+=1) {
  // ...
  hash = hash.update(fs.readFileSync(path.join(options.publicDir, assets[b])));
  // ...
// ...
return createTag(src, "/" + name, attributes) + "\n";

The problem with this approach at the moment is that it is computationally intensive and time consuming to generate an MD5 digest of a bunch of files every time you want to generate an HTML tag. I'm guessing that the best approach is to generate the MD5 digest only once and cache it in memory.

Here is my commit with this naive implementation:

I'm going to contact bminer and check if he'd be interested in modularizing his node-static-assets module to separate the express middleware from the cache strategies.

Tell me more about what you had in mind regarding the git integrated hash approach. I'm not sure I understand. Do you have a link to an implementation?


Nick, here's a naïve implementation.

It's not production ready as I need to go ahead and modify the middleware part so it caches values and doesn't recalculate on every server request. Any ideas on how you'd go about implementing that caching?

Once I figure out how best to implement this, I want to go ahead and add this to the less-middleware module since it's also got the mtime achille's heel that is the source of edgecase bugs.


Andrew, couldn't you set once:true on the middleware to only have it generate the compiled css once? I believe the problem is that express-cdn goes straight to disk to find the css files without requesting it through the middleware, no?


@grydstedt for CSS we do a GET request -- if that answers your question? /cc @malandrew


we should take care of this issue, timestamps aren't too cool right now. @grydstedt did you have any ?'s about how CSS gets requested or anything?


adding to lazyweb requests in the readme, I think git sha might be better/easier

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