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No cache busting in CSS scraper? #20

grydstedt opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Might have misunderstood this, but shouldn't the CSS image scraper replace the resource with the cache busted image?

return attribute+':url('+url+')';


yeah it should, though that was not integrated when he sent over the pull request -- do you mind adding it?


Sure, will do.

We should consider adding font assets as well.


yeah definitely, i had the pain of manually setting meta attr's for my webfonts in the bucket, ugh!


@grydstedt can you send over a pull request with this feature integrated? could use all the help! thx :)


@grydstedt have any luck? let me know!


@grydstedt how goes it?


Hey, sorry. To busy on personal projects to be able to contribute unfortunately. Would love to though.


@grydstedt have you found time to contribute? would love to have your support with express-cdn -- we just released v0.1.0 with several fixes and now using jpegtran and optipng bins via npm!


Adding this to Lazyweb requests

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