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I am facing the following issue while using express-cdn on Heroku. I believe it has something to do with the libjpeg library. Works fine on local machine using both the production and development modes.

app web.1 - - { task: 'express-cdn',
app web.1 - -   message: '"img/inspired/bg2.1349451313000.jpeg" was not found on S3 or was modified recently' }
app web.1 - - /app/node_modules/express-cdn/lib/main.js:32
app web.1 - -   throw new Error('CDN: ' + msg);
app web.1 - -     at Socket.emit (events.js:67:17)
app web.1 - -     at Pipe.onread (net.js:367:14)
app web.1 - -         ^
app web.1 - - Error: CDN: execvp(): No such file or directory at Socket.<anonymous> (/app/node_modules/express-cdn/lib/main.js:235:11)

niftylettuce commented Oct 5, 2012

can you show how you are using this? are you using != CDN('img/inspired/bg.jpeg')?


niftylettuce commented Oct 5, 2012

@anujbheda can you determine the version of libjpeg you're using locally and then on Heroku?

I am using the string only output feature of express-cdn to create a reference to the background image which is later injected into the DOM using jQuery Backstretch

- var href = CDN('/img/inspired/bg2.jpg', { 'raw' : true });
- href = href.replace(/\n*$/, '');
    var bg_img = $.trim("#{href}");
    $.backstretch(bg_img, {speed: 500});

The libjpeg version on my local machine is 8d.

I found the jpeglib.h file in the /usr/include directory on Heroku. The version number states its 62 which would be 6b.

Note that I did receive the same error on my local machine when I did not have libjpeg installed.


niftylettuce commented Oct 18, 2012

Have you had any luck in solving this issue @anujbheda?


niftylettuce commented Feb 4, 2013

@anujbheda let me know!


Nevtep commented Apr 5, 2013

Same thing happening on nodejitsu!


niftylettuce commented Apr 13, 2013

I believe I have resolved this issue per the 0.1.0 release, please try downloading the new version from npm, for a changelog, view -- let me know if this works now


niftylettuce commented Apr 13, 2013

@anujbheda I just re-released 0.1.0 by the way, so please reinstall if you already have installed it. Had to fix a bug with optipng-bin and jpegtran-bin paths.

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