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Command to upload on build time instead of run time #30

Almad opened this Issue December 27, 2012 · 6 comments

2 participants

Almad Nick Baugh

I'd like to avoid the "warming up" period when assets are being uploaded to S3.

Is there a way to invoke the upload on build time, so I can then just switch to another version of the app on production?

Nick Baugh

That's an interesting idea, but currently not supported.

Nick Baugh

@Almad have you found a resolution to this yet?

Nick Baugh

you could do this...

var CDN
setTimeout(function() {
  CDN = require('express-cdn')(app, options)
  app.locals.CDN = CDN()
}, 5000) // 5 seconds
Nick Baugh niftylettuce closed this April 13, 2013
Almad commented April 14, 2013

I've solved this by not using express-cdn, sorry.

Nick Baugh

@Almad what was your alternative solution?

Almad commented April 15, 2013

@niftylettuce Custom script on top of raw aws-sdk. Sorry about that, but we kinda cannot wait for patch and developer decided it was more straightforward to implement it directly.

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