Fix newline when requesting raw string #25

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Hackish workaround for getting rid of the newline character when raw attribute is set.

cjroebuck added some commits Dec 6, 2012
@cjroebuck cjroebuck fixed newline when requesting raw string 2b54194
@cjroebuck cjroebuck Don't request CSS
Changed from readCSS to readUtf8, prevent socket hang up when using SSL

can u see how this merges in with the latest from this repo? haven't pushed yet version 0.1.0 since i need to test and make sure everything works -- i'd like to get your fix in though beforehand.


@cjroebuck I'm evidently having the same CSS over SSL issue you are -- at least the symptom is the same. Please help me understand why this fixes it.


@jaketrent @cjroebuck any progress with this? what needs done to resolve this?


@jaketrent @cjroebuck if you're using ssl, make sure the port is set to 443 in the options for express-cdn -- recently just published v0.1.0 by the way, try the update!

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