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Error when text.ejs or style.css not exists #1

yiyangest opened this Issue · 6 comments

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It's occured an error when we don't have text.ejs or style.css under the templates dir.

It's seems like that fs.stat will throw an error when the file is not exists. BTW, I am under os x lion and using node 0.6.18.


Okay I can patch this, typically you'd want to have a text.ejs version. I don't believe style.css is a requirement though.


I notice this too. I was thinking, it would be great to be able to specify a style.css file for all templates. If I have a consistent style for all of my email templates, I still have to make a copy of the CSS file for each template folder. Maybe an API where you can set options and then just render ejs files would be better suited for this module.

The text.ejs file should be optional and dynamically generated when not present, IMO.


I was going to implement this in a fork of this project, which I was going to call mailplate. I might call it mailplatter or maildish instead. However, more importantly, it should allow you to choose the stylesheet you want to use for the template, but I haven't gotten around to this yet. xP


fix is in, thx guys, lmk if you have any other issues with this

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