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This is an attempt to create an example boilerplate for modular web application development. There have been a number of these created by various developers, but the intent of this one is to focus specifically on the structure of the code necessary to create a consumable AMD-based library, rather than to provide all of the tools that are normally used in a new web application (build tools, test framework, etc).


The goals of this experiment is to show how to do the following:

  • Build a core javascript library that uses RequireJS for its dependency management
  • Ensure that this library is also AMD-compliant (meaning it is consumable by other AMD-based libraries).
  • Ensure that none of your module dependencies leak out into the global namespace.


In the process of trying to build a modular and reusable component library, I understandably came to the conclusion that I would want to use an AMD script loader. I chose RequireJS to handle that. However, I quickly found myself fighting with understanding how to properly and efficiently meet the goals stated above in the goals section. This made me feel like it was necessary to create the proper boilerplate so that I can concentrate on library functionality, rather than library code structure.

As a result, I have created this example project as a reference for myself for how to accomplish this.