Netctl Menu is a Gnome 3 extension that allows you to switch between netctl profiles using a menu in the notification area.
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This is a Gnome 3 shell extension for netctl-auto, the network profile manager for Arch Linux.

This extension was originally the work of Tjaart van der Walt (tjaartvdwalt, netctl-gnome-shell-extension). He has transferred this work to me in order to bring it up to current Gnome shell standards and provide netctl-auto support; I thank him for his past pains.


  • Lists all possible wireless network profiles
  • Allows selection of active profile at will
  • Indicates which profiles are active/unused/disabled
  • Provides enable-all/disable-all toggles to turn wifi on/off

Profile activated



  • netctl
  • wpa_actiond (for netctl-auto support)

Known issues

  • Need feedback when switching profiles fails.
  • Perhaps there is a better mechanism for turning wifi on/off