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Instructions to heroku deploy

  • git clone pybossa, etc get this repo
  • gem install heroku if you already dont have it
  • follow pybossa instructions to run locally or look for foreman to automate it

These instructions are specific to heroku:

$ heroku create pybossa_instance_name -s cedar $ heroku addons:add shared-database $ git submodule init $ git submodule update

Configure alembic.ini

$ cp alembic.ini.template alembic.ini $ heroku config | grep SHARED_DATABASE_URL

use the SHARED_DATABASE_URL value for sqlalchemy.url

$ vi alembic.ini should get this from os.environment but double check it in case of error

$ git add alembic.ini -f $ git commit -m 'initial setup' $ git push heroku master

$ heroku run "python db_create" $ heroku ps:scale web=1 $ heroku open (should take some time on the first run) $ heroku logs

test, etc

Heroku adds another upstream repo to your local repo. To any change there, always remember to git push heroku master (or your branch)


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