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from __future__ import with_statement
from fabric.api import *
from fabric.contrib.files import exists, append
from StringIO import StringIO
def deploy(service_name, port=2090):
'''Deploy (or upgrade) PyBossa service named `service_name` on optional
`port` (default 2090)'''
basedir = '/home/okfn/var/srvc'
app_dir = basedir + '/' + service_name
src_dir = app_dir + '/' + 'src'
code_dir = src_dir + '/' + 'pybossa'
pip_path = app_dir + '/bin/pip'
if not exists(src_dir):
run('virtualenv %s' % app_dir)
run('mkdir -p %s' % src_dir)
run('%s install gunicorn' % pip_path)
run('%s install -e git+' % pip_path)
with cd(code_dir):
run('git submodule init')
run('git submodule update')
supervisor_path = '/etc/supervisor/conf.d/%s.conf' % service_name
if not exists(supervisor_path):
log_path = app_dir + '/log'
run('mkdir -p %s' % log_path)
templated = supervisor_config % {
'service_name': service_name,
'app_dir': app_dir,
'log_path': log_path,
'port': port
put(StringIO(templated), supervisor_path, use_sudo=True)
sudo('/etc/init.d/supervisor status')
sudo('/etc/init.d/supervisor force-reload')
print('Restarting supervised process for %s' % service_name)
sudo('supervisorctl restart %s' % service_name)
print('You will now need to have your web server proxy to port: %s' % port)
supervisor_config = '''[program:%(service_name)s]
command=%(app_dir)s/bin/gunicorn "pybossa.web:app" --bind= --workers=2 --max-requests=500 --name=%(service_name)s --error-logfile=%(log_path)s/%(service_name)s.gunicorn.error.log
; user that owns virtual environment.
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