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% The Flask thing at UDS
\begin{frame}{This Flask?}
\captionof{figure}{Photo by Eflasks}
\begin{frame}{No, this one}
\begin{frame}{What is it?}
\pause \item A python micro-framework.
\pause \item Based on Werkzeug, Jinja 2 and good intentions.
\pause \item BSD licensed.
\pause \item Full of awesome.
\pause \item Doesn't force you to use a specific pattern like MVC.
\pause \item Very low barrier of entry.
\begin{frame}{What does code look like?}
from flask import Flask \\
app = Flask(\us\us name \us\us) \\
@app.route("/") \\
def hello(): \\
\hspace{20 pt}return "Hello World!" \\
if \us\us name \us\us == "\us\us main \us\us": \\
\hspace{20 pt}
\begin{frame}{Does it ...}
\pause \item Let you do templates?
\pause \item Give you something to do message flashing?
\pause \item Deal with redirects?
\pause \item Help with logging?
\pause \item Have extentions/plugins framework?
\pause \item Automated testing?
\pause \item Scale to larger applications?
\begin{frame}{What has been built with it?}
This is, built in Flask as an MVC application.
\begin{frame}{So long and thanks for all the fishes}
\item To find more applications powered by Flask, see
\item Documentation at
\item HasGeek job board source at
\item Source of this presentation at