A package of Python modules intended to assist Islandora developers.
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@author: William Panting

@dependencies[if necessary for your application]: Kakadu, ABBYY CLI, ImageMagick, Python 2.7(? seems to work with 2.6), Lame, FFmpeg, SWFTools, pyPDF, lxml, exiftool(perl)

This code is under constant development, and does not support backwards compatibility for these reasons it is suggested that all projects using it use git's submodule functionality (pointing to the current commit at the time) to handle versioning.

This is a general python library module that is meant to assist in Islandora development.
It contains document manipulations, conversions, OCR using ABBYY, fedora helper code and xml helper code.

@todo: I'd like to add a generic fedora/solr/logging config class, it's code I replicate on many projects. -will I'm looking for an oportunity to do this
@todo: I also think we should adopt a single named logger for all IslandoraPYUtils. -will I'm looking for an oportunity to do this