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A sample app that uses a Java Spring Boot backend connected to a database to display a fictitious art shop with a React front-end.
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AtSea Shop Demonstration Application

The AtSea Shop is a demonstration application comprised of:

  • Java REST application written using Spring-Boot,
  • a database for product inventory, customer data, and orders,
  • a React shopping cart,
  • a NGINX reverse proxy implementing https,
  • a payment gateway to simulate certificate management


This example uses features in Docker 17.05 CE Edge. Install this version to run the example.

Building and Running the AtSea Shop


This application uses Docker secrets to secure the application components. The reverse proxy requires creating a certificate that is stored as a secret and the payment also requires a password stored as a secret. To create a certificate and add as a secret:

mkdir certs

openssl req -newkey rsa:4096 -nodes -sha256 -keyout certs/domain.key -x509 -days 365 -out certs/domain.crt

docker secret create revprox_cert certs/domain.crt

docker secret create revprox_key certs/domain.key

docker secret create postgres_password certs/domain.key

To create a secret for staging the payment gateway:

echo staging | docker secret create staging_token - 

Run as an application

To run the AtSea shop as an application:

docker-compose up --build

Deploy to a swarm

#If you need to create a Swarm
docker swarm init
docker stack deploy -c docker-stack.yml atsea

A simplified development environment

This compose file creates a simplified development environment consisting of only the application server and the database.

docker-compose --file docker-compose-dev.yml up --build

The AtSea Shop

The URL for the content is http://localhost:8080/


Documentation for REST calls: REST API

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