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get_relationship returns KeyError: 'relationship' #80

obeleask opened this Issue · 1 comment

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get_relationship() is failing with KeyError: 'relationship'.

Seems to be that py2neo is trying to get the URL from self.metadata['relationship'], but this key doesn't exist.

self.metadata is populated from Neo4j service root, but the service root does not return "relationship" (only relationship_index and relationship_types) -->

So I'm not sure how get_relationship() can work as is?
I've modified get_relationship from:
return Relationship(self.metadata['relationship'] + "/" + str(id), graph_db=self)
return Relationship(str(self._uri) + "relationship/" + str(id), graph_db=self)

... and it's working for me now.


I have the same issue.

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@nigelsmall nigelsmall closed this issue from a commit
Nigel Small fixes #80 07200eb
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