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like mvnsh, using nailgun
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like mvnsh, using nailgun

without any serious benchmarking, they seem to offer comparable speedup. trivial apps will save a second or two of jvm startup, but larger ones will see that gain erased by memory lost to leaked classloaders.

using it:

  • copy nailgun-server-0.9.1.jar and maven-nailgun-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar into maven's /lib/ext/
  • in maven's /bin/, make copies of mvn and m2.conf (mvn-ng-server and m2-ng.conf)
  • in mvn-ng-server change "-Dclassworlds.conf=${M2_HOME}/bin/m2.conf" to "-Dclassworlds.conf=${M2_HOME}/bin/m2-ng.conf"
  • in m2-ng.conf change org.apache.maven.cli.MavenCli to com.github.nigelzor.maven.nailgun.Server
  • start the server with mvn-ng-server localhost:2113
  • whenever you would call mvn foo, now use ng com.github.nigelzor.maven.nailgun.Client foo
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