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Nightingale Media Player

A desktop media player based of retired Songbird.

Popular repositories

  1. Working tree for the community fork of Songbird, Nightingale. If building, use the sb-trunk-oldxul (development) branch, with the tag 1.12.1 tag for stable, for now. The master-xul-9.0.1 branch is …

    C++ 183 41

  2. Nightingale build deps - Windows, Linux, Mac - all the sources right here (for now)

    C 23 13

  3. nightingale-website Public archive

    development of web templates, php for other stuff

    CSS 9 4

  4. Add-ons for Nightingale

    JavaScript 6 4

  5. featherweight Public archive

    A lightweight, PHP (CodeIgniter) based addons site platform for Mozilla products.

    PHP 3 1

  6. Repository of the Nightingale localization

    Shell 3 1


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