Working tree for the community fork of Songbird, Nightingale. If building, use the sb-trunk-oldxul (development) branch, with the tag 1.12.1 tag for stable, for now. The master-xul-9.0.1 branch is the current progress in building Nightingale with XULRunner 9 and builds, but is broken. All help in terms of patches and pull requests is welcome.
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Nightingale Media Player

Nightingale is a community based fork of the Songbird Media player distributed under the GNU GPL and portions (XULRunner and Mozilla libs) licensed under the Mozilla MPL/BSD license.

The goal of Nightingale is to create a Media Player, which will eventually use only system libraries to conserve space. Currently, some libraries are still bundled, but progress is being made to change this fact.

This git tree is the Songbird trunk, rebranded for Nightingale. It's a reflection of what our Xul 6+ releases will be like.

Bountysource Travis CI


If you're on Linux, simply run the script. It will download the deps and build the app for you. You'll generally need the usual build deps for most software packages, though.

Ubuntu and Debian users should note you'll need:

  • libdbus-glib-1-dev
  • libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev
  • and a few more (checkout the build article for a full list)

More information can be gleaned from the Nightingale wiki:

Building a Debian Package

Even though this source contains a debian/ folder, do not consider it as producing a release quality build. Further it will not work out of the box, see this section of the Linux building article.

Configure Options

ac_add_options (option here) (one per line) in a nightingale.config file in the top source directory.

option description
--with-taglib-source=[system,packaged] use system taglib or not
--enable-debug whether or not to compile debug
--enable-jars whether or not to create jars
--enable-installer whether or not to make installer
--enable-official whether or not to official build
--enable-nightly whether or not to nightly build
--enable-tests whether or not to build tests
--enable-update-channel=CHANNEL which update channel to use
--enable-breakpad whether or not to enable breakpad
--enable-static single-component static build
--enable-compiler-environment-checks only allow supported compilers
--enable-libnotify Optionally enable libnotify
--enable-unity-integration Optional support for Unity's sound menu
--enable-system-nspr Optionally use your system's NSPR instead of the bundled one from Mozilla

Notes for Configurable Options

libnotify support


  • libnotify-dev
  • libgtk2.0-dev

Unity sound menu integration


  • libunity-dev
  • libnotify-dev
  • libgtk2.0-dev

System NSPR


  • libnspr4-dev


Everything relevant to you should be explained in


  • Steven Bengtson - Stevo
  • Janek Bevendorff - Manko10
  • Downward
  • Lukas Diener - Lukas_Skywalker
  • Matt Dwyer - MattSD
  • Martin Giger - freaktechnik
  • Geoffrey Gates - Timmythepirate
  • Andrew Luecke - Auzy
  • Matt Parnell - Ilikenwf
  • Dirk Steinmetz - rsjtdrjgfuzkfg
  • Antoine Turmel - GeekShadow
  • Mark Yen - Mook
  • Akil Krishnan - LIB53
  • Alexander Korenev - LookingMan
  • John Murray - johnmurrayvi
  • David Rogers - Ezekial1000
  • Luis Gallego - luisgmarine
  • Lars Tobias Skjong-Børsting - larstobi
  • chocolateboy
  • Logan Smyth - loganfsmyth
  • Unit 193 / Ukikie
  • Mark Becwar - thebecwar
  • djcj


This is an open source software and everyone who works on it is a volunteer! Don't be a troll towards the people giving you free software and hard work! Look at the license for detailed information.