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Feri Extension

A web browser extension that connects to the Feri build tool and automatically reloads a browser tab when files change.



This extension allows hands-free reloading of a browser tab when files monitored by the Feri build tool change. This can greatly speed up the development cycle of local files or even better, files served by a web server you control.

Advanced features like CSS hot reloading and smart reloading are being considered for future versions. If you absolutely need those features today, a more complex browser extension may suit you better.


For Chrome, install via the Feri page on the Chrome Web Store.

For Edge, install via the Feri page on the Microsoft Edge Addons site.

For Firefox, install via the Feri page on the Firefox Add-ons site.

Unofficially, Feri also works well on Brave, Opera, and in theory, all Chromium based browsers.


Visit the usage guide for more info.


Visit the development guide for more info.


Visit the deploy guide for more info.


Thanks to Font Awesome for providing the icons used for this project. Icons were modified slightly during development so you may want to refer to the original icons for your own use.


This software may be free but my love of loose leaf tea is not. Donate to support my work and unlock private messages on Ko-fi.


MIT © Kai Nightmode

The MIT license does NOT apply to the name Feri or any of the images in this repository. Those items are strictly copyrighted to Kai Nightmode.