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A Google Chrome Extension that automatically sorts your bookmarks.
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Sprucemarks is a Google Chrome Extension that automatically sorts your bookmarks.

Available in the Chrome Web Store and here in this repository.


Navigate to chrome://extensions/ and enable Developer Mode.

Use Load unpacked extension... to point to the deploy folder within this repository.


Everything in the deploy directory should be zipped and then uploaded via the Chrome Web Store's Developer Dashboard.


Help support this project on Patreon. Help me caretake and craft new software, videos, and interactive art. All for as little as $1 a month.

In addition to Patreon, here are some other ways you can help this project.


MIT © Kai Nightmode

The MIT license does NOT apply to the name Sprucemarks or any of the images in this repository. Those items are strictly copyrighted to Kai Nightmode.

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