An overlay for Gentoo Linux.
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app-misc fixes for eapi 4 May 22, 2011
app-office fix eapi May 22, 2011
dev-libs add lightscribe burning utilities Aug 26, 2011
dev-python add pyOSC, the new OSC lib for griddle May 28, 2011
games-fps Revert "bump jackd1" Sep 18, 2012
games-strategy/lordsawar Added latest stable (0.1.8) and development (0.1.9_pre1) versions. Ot… May 10, 2010
kde-misc Add plasma-emergelog, a handy Portage output plasmoid Feb 22, 2010
media-plugins Revert "bump jackd1" Sep 18, 2012
media-video bump to 1.4.3 Nov 5, 2012
net-misc waf-ify serialosc, with major help and waf-utils.eclass fixes by scar… Dec 6, 2012
pd-ext/simplebonjour add simplebonjour, a pd external for zeroconf/bonjour integration Aug 31, 2011
profiles add VST SDK 2.4 and the MDA VST plugins Jun 6, 2011
x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati pull latest from x11 overlay Sep 29, 2011
x11-libs/libdrm bump libdrm to latest Jan 28, 2012
x11-plugins/pidgin-gfire fix gfire's breakage against more recent api changes in libnotify >=0… Jan 24, 2012
README update overlay installation instructions Sep 5, 2011
overnight.xml update layman info Feb 23, 2010


This overlay contains random ebuilds written, adapted, or otherwise hacked up by
me. I usually code stuff here, then send it to Gentoo's Bugzilla for eventual
inclusion into Portage.

I try to keep the overlay in a working state, but if something fails, do let me
know. Fixes are gratefully accepted. A lot of the packages in here are related
to audio/visual creation. These things have to be kept functional at all times,
so you should be in good shape, whatever you decide to use.

To install the overlay:

# emerge layman
# layman -o '' -f -k -a overnight

Now you can search for and emerge any package from the overlay.