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1 parent f7ea8a9 commit 07d8d097e05bbe0c0e10b5bafd9284ad6977abc9 @nightmorph committed
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  1. +0 −39 media-libs/mesa/files/eselect-mesa.conf.7.12
39 media-libs/mesa/files/eselect-mesa.conf.7.12
@@ -1,39 +0,0 @@
-# mesa classic/gallium implementations in this release
-# Syntax description:
-# * MESA_IMPLEMENTATIONS contains a space-delimited list of switchable
-# classic/gallium implementations.
-# * MESA_DRIVERS is an associative array, for each member "foo" of
-# MESA_IMPLEMENTATIONS it contains the following elements:
-# foo,description - Human-readable description of the driver
-# foo,classicdriver - Filename of the classic driver
-# foo,galliumdriver - Filename of the gallium driver
-# foo,default - which of classic or gallium is chosen by default
-MESA_IMPLEMENTATIONS="i915 i965 r300 r600 sw"
-declare -A MESA_DRIVERS || die "MESA_DRIVERS already in environment and not associative."
-MESA_DRIVERS[i915,description]="i915 (Intel 915, 945)"
-MESA_DRIVERS[i965,description]="i965 (Intel 965, G/Q3x, G/Q4x)"
-MESA_DRIVERS[r300,description]="r300 (Radeon R300-R500)"
-MESA_DRIVERS[r600,description]="r600 (Radeon R600-R700, Evergreen, Northern Islands)"
-MESA_DRIVERS[sw,description]="sw (Software renderer)"

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