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NuGet package:
Far Manager 3.0.5013
FarNet 5.2.14
= 5.2.7 =
- Fix ArgumentCompleters for the latest git help syntax.
- 7za -> 7z in Bench/Update-FarManager.ps1
= 5.2.6 =
Use the current thread in the main runspace in order to deal with Far 3.0.5256.
Far 3.0.5260 reverts use of critical sections on every plugin call but we keep
our change for other similar problems in Far, e.g. in menus, see Mantis 2241.
Unfortunately we have to drop the ability to use different apartment states.
= 5.2.5 =
FarNet 5.2.6
- Add Invoke-Far, similar to command box but designed for more cases.
- Open-TextLink-.ps1 new switch -Clip to get text from clipboard.
- Interop "Stepper". Experimental, to be tested in FS.
= 5.2.4 =
Fix #12, exception on "Cursor beyond end of line".
Tweak TabExpansion2 to avoid noise data in some cases.
= 5.2.3 =
Fix #5
= 5.2.2 =
- Adapt for Far 3.0.4821
= 5.2.1 =
Editor console -> Interactive
The term "editor console" is replaced with "interactive".
PowerShellFar and FSharpFar interactive are made similar.
Interactive output is no longer colored by Colorer.
This feature may be restored if it looks important.
Changed some keys used in interactive, see docs.
(e.g. use [ShiftEnter] instead of [Enter])
= 5.2.0 =
Adapt for Far 3.0.4782.
Retire command console.
= 5.1.0 =
Adapted for FarNet 5.1.0
= 5.0.94 =
Fixed color of errors printed to console (requires Far 3.0.4744).
= 5.0.93 =
Fixed #4 TabExpansion2 v1.0.1 regression on read only results.
= 5.0.92 =
Completed revision of TabExpansion, see notes:
Fixed variable names leaked to results from completers and internal code.
= 5.0.91 =
Revision of TabExpansion2.ps1, prepare for future breaking changes.
See migration notes:
- ExecutionPolicy Bypass for all PS scripts.
- NoProfile for Invoke-Build scripts.
= 5.0.90 =
Recommended Far 3.0.4660+
Fixed command console exit.
= 5.0.89 =
Far does not support idle editor events.
Removed Watch-Output-.ps1 and Test-Watch-Output-.ps1.
= 5.0.88 =
- Do not auto hide some columns.
- Improved check for data changes.
- Invoke-Build scripts: get tasks by ??, avoid some limitations.
= 5.0.87 =
Removed user items from the module menu, i.e removed $Psf.Action().
See forum:
= 5.0.86 =
Tree panel:
- Default panel view without description column
- Folder tree: better error message at Cert:\
TabExpansionProfile.ps1: fixed completer for git 2.5+
Test-Job-.ps1: adapted for PS v5
= 5.0.85 =
TabExpansion takes the prefix "ps:" into account not only in the command line
but also in dialogs (needed for user menu, apply command, file associations).
Search-Regex-.ps1: The parameter Options accepts some shortcuts:
sm: SimpleMatch, ww: WholeWord, etc.
= 5.0.84 =
Open-FarEditor, New-FarEditor, Open-FarViewer, and New-FarViewer resolve
relative input paths using the current PowerShell location.
= 5.0.83 =
Assert-Far: Refactoring and slightly changed logic. Special processing of
Conditions defined as a script block. See:
ps: help Assert-Far -full
Migration to GitHub: updated links.
= 5.0.82 =
Migration to GitHub. Some git commands are not friendly to "!" characters.
So the recommended stepper script suffix now is "..ps1". Renamed tests:
- Test-Dialog!.ps1 -> Test-Dialog..ps1
- Test-Stepper!.ps1 -> Test-Stepper..ps1
= 5.0.81 =
7za (standalone) is used instead of 7z (installed with 7-zip). If you do not
have 7za then define an alias to existing 7z.exe before calling the script:
> Set-Alias 7za <path>\7z.exe
> Update-FarManager.ps1 ...
The profile was expected on a remote machine (incorrect). Now it is read on the
current machine (correct) and then this code is invoked in a remote workspace.
Minor changes due to migration to GitHub, mostly in the documentation.
= 5.0.80 =
Removed work around unwanted Far messages on setting missing directories.
= 5.0.79 =
Adapted for Far 3.0.4138
= 5.0.78 =
Adapted for Far 3.0.4042 (new "Desktop" window).
= 5.0.77 =
PowerExplorer.Functions: SetText and SetFile are set automatically if AsSetText
and AsSetFile are assigned.
Panel-Mongo-.ps1: Can view [F3] and edit [F4] and save documents as JSON.
[F5] copies JSON to disk (not from).
= 5.0.76 =
Editor console & history: redraw on inserting commands from history.
= 5.0.75 =
Reindent-Selection-.ps1 - fixed for ExpandTabs mode
Update-FarManager.ps1 can remove some more not used files after updates.
= 5.0.74 =
Continued. [Esc] is for stopping in prompts for Type[] arguments as well.
= 5.0.73 =
In MS PS console [CtrlC] stops all commands on user input, i.e. on read host,
prompt for choice, etc. The same ability is added to PSF. But in PSF [Esc] is
used instead in various prompts. Unlike in PS, it also asks a user to confirm.
= 5.0.72 =
As far as Mantis#2635 is not going to be fixed, implemented a kludge.
Update-FarPackage.ps1 is replaced with the module FarPackage:
See there.
Instead of one script with many not trivial parameters and rules these four
commands with simple parameters are used:
* Install-FarPackage - installs/updates one package from web
* Restore-FarPackage - installs one package from a file
* Update-FarPackage - updates all installed packages
* Uninstall-FarPackage - removes one installed package
Intermediate unpacked directories "<PackageID>.<version>" are not used, you do
not have to clean after updates. Files are extracted from packages directly to
Some packages slightly changed their structure, e.g. FarNet and PowerShellFar
moved information files to other directories.
If somebody wants some files to be excluded on unpacking we can support, say, a
file "Update.Exclude.txt" with relative paths and file masks to be excluded.
Think, suggest.
= 5.0.71 =
Command line and box: enabled path completion in both.
Menu "Errors": replaced \r\n\t in messages with spaces.
= 5.0.70 =
- Omitted FarHome is resolved to the current location if Far.exe is there.
- Verbose messages are replaced with Write-Host and always written.
- amended current task recognition in *.{build|test}.ps1
- removed *-.ps1, redundant because there is [F5]
Invoke-Shortcut-.ps1: minor tweaks.
= 5.0.69 =
Use FarNet 5.0.46
Stepper: "Ask" mode shows step prompts at the top right corner of the window.
Removed menu "F11 \ PowerShellFar \ Modules+" as not useful anymore. In PS
v3.0+ modules does not have to be explicitly loaded for using commands. For
analysis of modules this command is more useful than the old menu:
ps: Get-Module -ListAvailable | Out-FarPanel
= 5.0.68 =
Use FarNet 5.0.45
Command console:
- Fixed missing cursor on cls.
- Fixed extra empty line on Read-Host.
- Fixed a conflict between console app output and prompt. _140317_205620
= 5.0.67 =
Command console:
- Nested prompt and debugger console also use command console prompt.
- Editor consoles are not used in command console mode (i.e. denied).
= 5.0.66 =
Command console:
- Fix: output from console apps could override prompt echo.
- Read-Host and Prompt(): prompt and echo use ":" in a new line.
- Like in MS, empty text exits prompts for multiple values (e.g. string[]).
TabExpansionProfile.ps1: Replaced demo completer of Far switches with more
practical completer of git commands, e.g. git [Tab]->all, git a[Tab]->a...
HLF file uses new syntax (Mantis#0002619). Recommended Far 3.0.3831.
= 5.0.65 =
Command console and "ps:" commands:
- Console apps with interaction and colors work as expected. In particular,
...|more works fine, git.exe commands work with colors and interaction, etc.
Execution policy:
- The module does not require Set-ExecutionPolicy in PowerShell.
= 5.0.64 =
Command console:
- Read-Host and Prompt(): fixed history and password.
- Show-FarTranscript uses the external viewer by default.
- Transcribing is off by default, use Start-Transcript, Show-FarTranscript.
- Start-Transcript, Stop-Transcript work like in MS with minor differences.
= 5.0.63 =
Command console:
- As in MS console, [F7] shows PowerShell command history.
- PromptForChoice: fixed formatting of long items.
PowerShell history:
- Default MaximumHistoryCount: 512 -> 1000.
- [Enter] inserts to command lines or a new command input box.
- [CtrlEnter] is not used.
- Added /w- to the default external viewer, i.e. Far /w- ...
= 5.0.62 =
Requires FarNet 5.0.42
Command console:
- UI (prompt, confirmation, choice) is mostly the same as in the MS PS console.
- Clicks outside of the input line are ignored (for now?) and do not exit.
- Too long prompts are not truncated but shown as read only edit boxes.
- [F4] Opens the modal editor for editing/pasting multiline code.
- Removed some AI on errors.
Complete-Word-.ps1: checks IsReadOnly.
Reformat-Selection-.ps1: checks IsLocked.
= 5.0.61 =
Implemented internals of "Read-Host -AsSecureString" properly with a password
edit box in UI and SecureString returned as a result.
Command console
The input line is shown at the line before the last in order to be there always
regardless of the key bar presence. As a result the last line is always empty,
for now. Later we can make it either the status line with some dynamic custom
information or maybe the special console mode tool bar.
** Suggestions and ideas are welcome **
Other tweaks:
- [F1] in empty command lines opens the help topic "Command input line".
- $Psf.StartConsole() throws an error if it is called not from panels.
- Key and menu bars are hidden/restored, as panels.
= 5.0.60 =
Requires FarNet 5.0.41
New feature/mode: "Command console"
The genuine console with the prompt implemented as one line input box with Far
history completion, PowerShell completion with [Tab], PowerShell help with
[F1], etc. It is like the standard PowerShell console but in many ways more
powerful with Far UI behind. This mode is started from the menu in panels.
[Esc] in the empty line exits back to panels.
You can run Far Manager with this mode started:
Far.exe /w ps:$Psf.StartConsole()
This mode is useful already. But a few touches will make it even better and
looking more like the standard console, with less surprises.
Simplified menu names. Hotkeys are not changed.
Improved processing of the debugger command "Quit".
Connect-SQLite-.ps1 requires System.Data.SQLite.
Go-Head-.ps1 now always goes to the first file, not directory.
Test-Debugger.ps1 moved to
= 5.0.59 =
Fixed an error on TabExpansion in a weird case (looks like a PS issue).
- The script supports automatic updates using "Update.*.info" files.
- Added new parameter Source (Default:
- Added new switch Remove which removes installed files.
- Improved potential error messages.
Internal. Replaced delegate GetValues with a Func<>.
= 5.0.58 =
Slightly simplified the NuGet package. It is recommended to update it by the
upgraded script Update-FarPackage.ps1
Upgraded Update-FarPackage.ps1. See the help comments for details and examples.
- Revised and simplified parameter names.
- It can just get and return the latest version.
- It can just download and unpack without updating.
- Much faster unpacking by System.IO.Packaging (instead of Shell.Application).
= 5.0.57 =
New script Update-FarPackage.ps1 replaces Update-FarNet.ps1. The new script
installs or updates any NuGet package with special structure for Far Manager.
For now there are two packages "FarNet" and "FarNet.PowerShellFar". Other
FarNet modules will move to NuGet soon.
The script needs only PowerShell. It downloads packages by System.Net.WebClient
and unzips them by COM Shell.Application.
NOTE: Other authors can push their packages designed for Far to NuGet and use
this script for updates. This will work for native plugins, too. NuGet is for
.NET libraries in first place but packages can be created from any files, not
necessarily .NET related.
Removed the helper PowerShellFar.Wrap with methods ConverterToString and
Comparison. The first was needed for SubsetForm.ItemToString (not needed
anymore, script blocks can be used directly, see Test-SubsetForm-.ps1).
The second is not used, presumably.
Amended documentation comments for FarNetAPI.chm
- Test-Dialog+.ps1 -> Test-Dialog!.ps1
- Test-Stepper+.ps1 -> Test-Stepper!.ps1
REASON: OPC packages (NuGet) escape some characters (e.g. "+" becomes "%2B").
Update-FarPackage.ps1 and NuGet.exe decode such names correctly but on manual
unzipping such names will be problematic. We better avoid "+" and use another
symbol which is not escaped, say, "!".
= 5.0.56 =
Fixed TabExpansion in the editor console opened from the debugger dialog.
Script Connect-SQLite-.ps1 - Redesigned for use of the NuGet package and the
env var (can be set globally or in a profile). This is more portable and does
not require installation of assemblies to GAC or registration of the provider.
Fixed several issues in database demo scripts.
= 5.0.55 =
Internal changes in session initialization. Like in ISE and ConsoleHost v3, the
default apartment state is STA. As a result, for example, it is possible to use
System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard, WPF forms, and other features that require STA.
NOTE: If MTA is still required set the env var: PSF.ApartmentState=MTA. Please,
report such cases, perhaps a better option is needed.
NOTE: New initialization caused an insignificant change in one test. If you
notice any significant changes in PowerShellFar behaviour, please report.
Amended items in completion lists for commands and provider items.
= 5.0.54 =
Fixed incorrect comparison of keys (transition to Far3, v5.0.0). E.g. break
keys in some menus did not work.
Fixed issues in the "Background job" dialog shown on Far exit with existing
jobs. Used the PSF external viewer instead of Notepad for viewing jobs output.
Added the switch /ro to the default PSF external viewer command, so it is:
<this-far.exe> /ro /m /p /v <file>
= 5.0.53 =
NOTE: Simple manual upgrade steps may be needed.
PowerShellFar is configured via profiles with special fixed names located in
"%FARPROFILE%\FarNet\PowerShellFar". Each profile is invoked on the relevant
event, once per session. Profiles are invoked in the global scope.
HOW TO UPGRADE. Rename profile scripts and copy them to the profile directory.
Cosmetic changes may be needed depending on how profiles were called before.
Supported profiles:
- Profile.ps1 - use new or upgraded
- Profile-Editor.ps1 - use new or upgraded
- Profile-Local.ps1 - new feature
- Profile-Remote.ps1 - new feature
"Profile.ps1" is the main session profile invoked on loading PowerShellFar. It
replaces the old setting "StartupCode". Renamed "Profile-.ps1" to "Profile.ps1".
"Profile-Editor.ps1" is the editor profile invoked on the first use of editor.
It replaces the old setting "StartupEdit". Renamed "Profile-Editor-.ps1" to
NEW: "Profile-Local.ps1" and "Profile-Remote.ps1" are session profiles invoked
on opening local and remote editor consoles, once per each new session.
Updated the manual and added the new topic "Profiles".
If the old file "%FARPROFILE%\FarNet\PowerShellFar\Settings.resources" exists
remove it because PowerShellFar does not have any settings saved there now.
TabExpansion2/TabExpansion which is used in the main session is enabled in
local and remote editor consoles, too. It is also initialized on the first
completion and the same completer rules and expansion profiles are used.
Fixed some code completion issues in remote consoles.
= 5.0.52 =
- Like in ISE, completion list items can be different from their completion
texts (e.g. shorter, without common leading parts, etc.).
TabExpansionProfile.ps1, Type/Namespace completion
- Fixed cases of incorrect replacement on type name completion.
- Like in ISE, completion lists show ListItemText instead of CompletionText.
= 5.0.51 =
Multiline commands in PowerShell editor consoles
- Like in ISE, [ShiftEnter] just adds a new line without invoking the command.
- [Enter] at any position of the last command area invokes the whole area code.
- As a result, it is possible to paste multiline code and invoke it by [Enter].
- Introduced the marker line <> for empty output. It is needed now in order to
separate commands because they are not one-liners anymore.
- Multiline commands are not added to the history.
- Updated TabExpansion for multiline commands.
- Updated editor console help.
- Updated powershell.hrc in order to recognize the new marker <>.
= 5.0.50 =
Code completion in script editors
- Covered statements that continue after the current line.
- Corrected completion of variables from the current script.
= 5.0.49 =
Code completion in script editors analyses not just the current line but the
whole code, e.g. completion in multiline statements including continued lines
(` at EOL) should work fine.
- Improved diagnostics of user profile and completer issues like unexpected
output and invalid result type. Errors are silent, examine $Error on problems.
- Completion of Find-FarFile:Name takes into account pre-typed parts.
- Completion of help comment tags (.Synopsis, etc.) works in ISE, too.
- Improved completion of "one line code" in comments, also works in ISE.
= 5.0.48 =
TabExpansionProfile.ps1, TabExpansion2.ps1
- Completion in comments moved from TabExpansion2 to TabExpansionProfile. In
other words, it is up to a user. TabExpansion2 is now just a bare engine for
invoking completers added by profiles.
- Completion of help comments (.Synopsis, etc.) is for FarHost only. It's
complicated in ISE and useless in console.
- Improved work around read only built-in results.
= 5.0.47 =
TabExpansionProfile.ps1, TabExpansion2.ps1, TabExpansion.ps1
- Special processing of results for ISE lists (V3).
- Type/namespace order: namespaces first, types second.
- Generic types are completed with "[]", "[,]", etc. at ends.
- Faster type and namespace completions, even with new features.
- Added ResultType to New-CompletionResult and used in completers accordingly.
NB: If you use ISE, this value is important for icons in ISE completion lists.
- Magic. TabExpansionProfile.ps1 Out-FarPanel completer gets properties, try:
Get-Process | Out-FarPanel [Tab]
= 5.0.46 =
- Removed $token parameter from result processors.
- Upgraded TabExpansionProfile.ps1 result processors accordingly.
- Added support for InputProcessors in addition to ResultProcessors.
- Added one custom input processor which completes .NET types and namespaces
like TabExpansion.ps1 does. Personally, this way is much more useful than the
built-in completion.
- Extra options:
* SimpleMatch instead of the old trick *pattern.
* WholeWord ensures word bounds at pattern start/end words.
- Command line mode: if InputObject is specified and it is a script block then
it will be invoked in the background for getting input files. Analogue in UI:
"Input" command + "Background input" checked.
= 5.0.45 =
TabExpansion2 for PowerShell v3
New script TabExpansion2.ps1 in the module home directory is automatically used
for PowerShell v3. The old TabExpansion.ps1 is also there, it is used for
PowerShell v2.
There are many new useful features. One of the best (personally) is argument
completion for some popular cmdlets and ability to add custom completers for
external or even build-in commands.
TabExpansion2.ps1, unlike the old one, supports custom extensions via profiles.
New script Bench\TabExpansionProfile.ps1 is a profile used by the author. Use
it as the base for your own. See the script comments and code for the details.
Custom completers are new and some features may change, like rules for result
completers. Other completers are more or less standard, they are less likely
going to change.
Removed Test-TabExpansion-.ps1 from the package. It's a boring test now.
= 5.0.44 =
- Improved expansion of types and namespaces. Removed type caching, all works
fast enough. As a result, types added later are processed without re-caching.
- If a type name contains any wildcard character then a search for all types is
performed. '*' is not added to end as it used to be, so that it is possible to
search for types which names "end with". E.g. [*client<Tab> gets types which
names end with 'client'.
- Special "#". WORD#<Tab> is used for command history, like in the console
host. Expansion gets commands containing WORD.
- Special "=". WORD=<Tab> is used for lines from TabExpansion.txt from the same
directory as TabExpansion.ps1. Expansion gets lines containing WORD and sets
the cursor to the symbol "#", if any. Old TabExpansion#.txt can be removed.
NOTE: Special "#" and "=" should work in other hosts if TabExpansion.ps1 is
used there. Tested with Microsoft PowerShell console and ISE hosts.
NOTE: This is probably the last PS V2 compatible TabExpansion. It will continue
to exist and work for V2 but for V3 TabExpansion2 will be used. New development
will be there. Some new features are coming soon.
= 5.0.43 =
TabExpansion: Fixed issues on not yet imported module command parameters.
Improved cmdlet help for panels, especially Out-FarPanel.
Internal: Removed scriptblock cache. PS V3 uses its own.
= 5.0.42 =
Object panel: Take into account possible problematic objects with some
properties or ToString() throwing exceptions.
TabExpansion: Avoided redundant parts in choice menu items in some cases.
Update-FarManager.ps1, Update-FarNet.ps1: parameter Platform: default value
(x86|x64) is taken from Far.exe file info.
Panel-Mongo-.ps1: Adapted for the latest Mdbc. Added support of file collections.
= 5.0.41 =
Improved navigation of KeyValuePair's in object and member panels.
= 5.0.40 =
Improved view and navigation of DictionaryEntry's in object and member panels.
Object panel: [Enter] on DictionaryEntry opens a panel for its Value, if it is
not trivial, [CtrlPgDn] as usual opens a member panel. Member panel: only "Key"
and "Value" are shown, "Name" is removed (redundant PowerShell alias of "Key").
Fixed "Cannot access a disposed object." in a dialog of remote session console.
Script Invoke-Editor-.ps1. If a file is *.build|test.ps1 then the current task
is invoked by Invoke-Build.ps1 (
Script Complete-Word-.ps1. Redraw the editor on insertion to avoid delays.
Scripts Update-FarManager.ps1, Update-FarNet.ps1 - either parameter or env
variable FARHOME is mandatory. Default "C:\Program Files\Far" is not used.
= 5.0.39 =
Fixed a few defects caused by new prefixes ps:, vps: (e.g. TabExpansion, etc.).
Minor, mostly internal, changes in PSF background jobs.
= 5.0.38 =
Changed default command prefixes ">:" to "ps:" and ">>:" to "vps:". If you want
to use the old prefixes go to Options\Plugins configuration\FarNet\Commands and
change the prefixes there.
= 5.0.37 =
Technical build for FarNet 5.0.34.
= 5.0.36 =
Folder panel. Fixed occasional errors on syncing the current location before
invoking PS commands when this panel is active.
= 5.0.35 =
Technical build for FarNet 5.0.32.
Test-Dialog-.ps1 - fixed interactive testing and separator text positions.
= 5.0.34 =
* Adapted for FarNet 5.0.31
* Converted PowerShellFar.farconfig to PowerShellFar.macro.lua.
* Removed Show-KeyMap.ps1, it does not work with new Far macros.
* Select-Bookmark-.ps1 - call Redraw() after setting the position.
= 5.0.33 =
Improved TabExpansion of variables in a script in the editor for variables with
prefixes `$script:`, `$global:`, and `$private:`.
Moved some not PSF scripts to
They are useful with or without Far and will be maintained separately.
* Add-Path.ps1
* Format-Chart.ps1
* Invoke-Environment.ps1
* Set-Console.ps1 (as Set-ConsoleSize.ps1)
= 5.0.32 =
Improved expansion of variables in an editor from the current text.
* Also opens Evernote links (evernote://...).
* No AI, an object panel is opened for any number of objects: 0, 1, 2+.
= 5.0.31 =
* The input dialog supports multi-line prompts.
* [Enter] opens a menu with the commands: Suspend, Resume, Stop, Remove.
* In PS v3 workflow and scheduled jobs are supported. See script comments.
* Fixed the [Enter] menu.
= 5.0.30 =
Expansion of variables (TabExpansion) also uses variables from the current file
(usually a script) in the editor in addition to existing session variables.
* Default output file is $env:TEMP\FarKeyMap.output.htm
* Amended invocation of .ps1 files in an external console
= 5.0.29 =
Module FarDescription does not depend on Far2 registry settings. The settings
are defined in `FarDescription.psm1`. See `` for
Script `Update-FarNet.ps1`
* Removed check for running Far instances. It was troublesome in some cases.
= 5.0.28 =
Adapted for the new macro engine in Far 3.0.2853. Scripts using hardcoded
macros (e.g. stepper scripts) should be adapted, as well as other used macros.
= 5.0.27 =
* [ShiftF6] Prompts for a new name and renames the current collection.
Reviewed and tested for PowerShell V3 RC.
= 5.0.26 =
Panel-Mongo-.ps1 (requires Mdbc module v2.0.0)
* It can delete selected databases, collections, documents. DISCLAIMER: usual,
see in the script. Thus, in addition to browsing you can also prune your data.
NB: changes of document data in panels are ignored.
* Specific content. New parameters DatabaseName, CollectionName allow opening
collections of the specified database or documents of the specified collection.
Minor supportive changes in the PSF core.
= 5.0.25 =
New script Panel-Mongo-.ps1, the browser of MongoDB databases, collections, and
documents, including nested data. Requires MongoDB + Mdbc. Simple, fast, cool.
DataPanel (universal SQL database data browser) uses new FarNet paging instead
of implementing its own. Removed "Next / Previous Range" from the [F1] menu.
For paging simply use "smart" [PgDn] and [PgUp].
Debugger dialog: renamed Break -> Quit (like in the console debugger).
TabExpansion expands $*xxx[tab]. Added a test.
= 5.0.24 =
The stepper engine uses new IFar.PostSteps().
Adapted scripts to changes in `powershell.hrc`.
= 5.0.20 =
Adapted a few scripts to new powershell.hrc features.
= 5.0.19 =
For Far 3.0.2573.
- The directory Extras with Colorer syntax and color schemes is removed from
the PowerShellFar package. It is distributed separately as the ColorerPack
package among other FarNet packages.
= 5.0.18 =
Improved powershell.hrc for Colorer
- Renamed PowerShell to powershell (Colorer style), update your prototype file.
- powershell:regions instead of def:regions (colors can be customized in .hrd).
- Comment inherits def:Comment => TODO, URL, Email, bug, fix, ??, !!
- Backtick at EOL is the region LineWrap.
- Added yet missing escaped "" in "...".
- Improved psfconsole output.
- Gets the link + selected text, if any.
- VS link: also uses the next editor line as a hint.
- In markdown files can jump to internal link targets.
= 5.0.17 =
FarDescription module and Edit-FarDescription-.ps1
(description tools and multi-line editor)
- Do not trim, keep text as it is.
- Do not preselect 1-line descriptions.
- Use temp names like "name.ext.description.txt" and enable editor history.
Thus, it is much more convenient to edit descriptions - texts are opened at
last saved positions and Colorer adds some colors for .txt. Distinctive name
can be used by other tools (e.g. RightWords for spelling checks on opening).
- Amended the anchor pattern.
- Amended formatting of markdown lists.
- Renamed the switch Outdent -> Back.
- It can work with any custom prefix, e.g. '> ' (quotations in markdown).
- @+ @- should not be treated as topic anchors.
- Changed def:Tag color so that it is different from def:Text.
(BTW, the original standard White scheme has the same "defect").
= 5.0.16 =
- $Psf.Settings.EditorConsoleEndOutputScript = 'Get-Date'
The script is invoked after each editor console command, its output is
converted to strings and written to the editor console.
Markdown tools
- Reformat-Selection-.ps1: formatting of markdown list items.
- Markdown scripts support .text, .md, .markdown extensions.
Select-Bookmark-.ps1 adapted to FarNet changes.
Search-FarFile checks masks for validity.
= 5.0.15 =
* About
- Replaced "Readme.txt" with "About-PowerShellFar.htm" which is generated from
the same source as "PowerShellFar.hlf".
* Markdown & markdown help tools
- Requires HelpDown
- New script Show-Markdown-.ps1 opens markdown as HTML or Far help.
- Invoke-Editor-.ps1 opens markdown files from editors as HTML, at the topic.
- Profile-Editor-.ps1 opens markdown files from editors as HLF, at the topic.
= 5.0.12 =
* Amended source info format in stepper error messages.
= 5.0.11 =
Tweaks in PowerShell breakpoint related code.
= 5.0.9 =
*) New FarNet drawers infrastructure and new Far events
- Good news: breakpoints are now updated on script changes. There are some
cases not yet processed correctly due to the nature of Far change events.
- Breakpoint highlighting is based on new drawers engine + fixed minor defects.
- Removed Draw-Word-.ps1 (it is replaced by the new FarNet module Drawer).
- Test-EditorDrawer-.ps1 -> Test-RegisterDrawer-.ps1
*) Misc
- Added yet missing switch -IsLocked to *-FarEditor cmdlets.
= 5.0.8 =
*) Amended drawers API
- Adapted Draw-Word-.ps1. As a result, also fixed some defects.
= 5.0.7 =
*) Editor drawers use new PowerShell friendly API
- New script Draw-Word-.ps1: Draws occurrences of the current word.
- Adapted Test-EditorDrawer-.ps1
*) Breakpoints in PS files
- Changed highlighting color to White on DarkRed (like in ISE, VS, etc.).
*) Assert-Far
- Changed order of buttons and disabled cancel.
= 5.0.6 =
*) Stepper (engine for tests and super-macros)
- Steps may return script blocks (modal steps), other output is an error.
- New cmdlet Invoke-FarStepper for running stepper scripts easier.
- New Stepper.AddFile(), Stepper.Data & automatic variable $Data.
- Removed $Psf.Go(), Stepper.AskDefault, Stepper.PostUnit().
- More information on errors.
*) PowerShellFar.farconfig
- Minor tweaks of some macros (e.g. about Mantis 1700).
= 5.0.5 =
*) Histories come back
- Complete-Word-.ps1 uses command/dialog history again.
- Show-History-.ps1 comes back.
*) Misc
- A few example macros in PowerShellFar.farconfig
- Minor fixes
= 5.0.4 =
*) Editor console
- Simplified menus and removed some exotic unlikely used features.
- [Console] in the debugger dialog does not show not needed menus.
- Files, if saved, are in the local PowerShellFar root directory.
*) Cmdlets *-FarEditor, *-FarViewer
- Added yet missing parameter CodePage
- *-FarEditor cmdlets allow empty file names
= 5.0.3 =
*) Debugging
Script breakpoints are highlighted in the script editor. Note: breakpoints are
not updated when scripts change. To be continued, hopefully with this:
*) Scripts
- New Test-EditorDrawer-.ps1 (enjoy colors in PSF, too!)
- New Show-EditorColor-.ps1 (dumps current editor colors)
- Updated Show-KeyMap.ps1 for Far 3.0.2366 + new formatting.
*) Removed scripts designed for Far2:
- Start-Far.ps1
- Export-FarSettings.ps1
- Import-FarSettings.ps1.
= 5.0.2 =
- Fixed Edit-FarDescription-.ps1
= 5.0.0 =
This version is designed for Far Manager 3 + FarNet 5.
There are breaking changes and some scripts have to be updated. See FarNet
history for details and new FarNet API documentation.
Some PSF features were removed (forever or not may depend on the feedback):
- FarMacro module and its cmdlets (*-FarMacro).
- Far history is not supported by scripts.
= 4.6.1 =
This probably the last build for Far 2. Minor fixes in scripts and help.
Update-FarManager.ps1 updates Far 3 by default.
= 4.6.0 =
Changes for PowerShell V3 CTP2. Adapted most of features. PSF should work in
both V2 and V3. But some advanced scenarios may not work in V3 (yet) or may
work differently. NOTE: it does not mean that use of V3 CTP2 is recommended.
But it is possible.
*) Scripts called by PSF
Breaking change. Calling conventions changed. V3 CTP2 does not allow use of
$this as it used to be in V2. Thus, instead of setting automatic variables
$this and $_ before calling scripts PSF sends these data as arguments. All
scripts should either use $args[0] instead of $this and $args[1] instead of $_
or use param($x, $y), for example, "param($this, $_)" added as the first script
line lets to keep scripts using $this and $_ not changed.
*) Use of $$ is deprecated
The easy to type variable $$ works funny in PowerShell V3. A bug or not, PSF
scripts do not use this variable now.
*) Member panel
Properties that throw exceptions on getting values are now included with values
like "<ERROR: exception message>".
*) Cmdlet Assert-Far
It used to require exactly Boolean values. Let's keep it simple, any type is
fine, just like for 'if'. It is checked now as LanguagePrimitives.IsTrue().
*) Renamed scripts
Connect-Mdb-.ps1 -> Connect-MSAccess-.ps1
Connect-Sdf-.ps1 -> Connect-SqlCompact-.ps1
*) Cosmetic changes in scripts.
= 4.5.1 =
*) Built-in cmdlets help
- Fixed cmdlet HelpFile properties and related Get-Help problems.
- `Get-Help`, `help`, `man` commands work with Far cmdlets just fine.
- Removed workarounds `Get-FarHelp` and `help` from the internal profile.
*) Popup-style list code names: replaced all `Intelli` with `Popup`.
*) New-FarItem cmdlet does not accept pipeline input now.
*) PowerShell.hrc for Colorer
- Changed processing of '.' symbols.
- Doc-comments are supported in line comments, too (as in block comments).
- `task` is processed as `function` (including outlined list). It is not a
PowerShell feature but it is really handy with `Invoke-Build` or `psake`:
= 4.5.0 =
The module is built for .NET 3.5, just like FarNet 4.5.0.
A few new 3.5 features are used internally.
= 4.4.20 =
*) Initialize-Test-.ps1
Changed the way of choosing and initializing the database provider for testing.
It allows to work with available but not registered SQLite, for example.
= 4.4.18 =
*) TabExpansion
- Improved performance of building the cache for type/namespace expansion
- Added try/catch of assembly access exceptions (e.g. dynamic assemblies)
- Other tweaks
*) Invoking a script from the editor by [F5]
As usual it sets the current directory and location to the script directory.
Now it also restores them after work. Otherwise, with no ASCII plugins, the
current directory was changing and locking its parent directories.
*) Panel-Job-.ps1 ([F3], [CtrlQ])
Job errors, if any, are shown in the message box separately. Then the job
output is shown. (It used to show the first error and no output at all).
Test-Panel-Job-.ps1 - the first job makes a demo error to show this.
*) Start-MSBuild-.ps1
Save and restores last used options for each project file. Data are stored in
the local file Start-MSBuild-.ps1.clixml.
*) Bugs
Fixed null-ref issues on opening the error list from the PSF menu. There are
errors with null invocation info, e.g. errors received from PS jobs.
= 4.4.17 =
*) Connect-SQLite-.ps1
- Use the latest ADO.NET provider from
- Foreign keys are enabled by connection strings, not by pragmas.
*) PowerShell.hrc
- Fix: '' in here-strings @'..''..'@ should not be treated as escaped '.
= 4.4.16 =
*) "PowerShellFar.cfg" is not used by FarNet and removed from the module.
= 4.4.15 =
*) Housekeeping
- Updated for FarNet changes in IFar.Post*() methods.
- Code cleanup.
*) Data panels
- Fixed issues on invalid sort/filter user expressions.
= 4.4.13 =
= 4.4.14 =
### Moving from registry to user profile directories
*) Settings
Main persistent settings are stored in a file and modified in the standard
module settings panel opened from the new FarNet menu .NET \ Settings...
The settings should be migrated manually. Old registry data can be removed.
The file, just in case (but use the settings panel to view/edit), is:
%APPDATA%\Far Manager\FarNet\PowerShellFar\Settings.binary
*) Command history is now in the file:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Far Manager\FarNet\PowerShellFar\PowerShellFarHistory.log
How to export the old history: go to that directory and invoke two commands:
ps: $key = Get-Item HKCU:\Software\Far2\Plugins\FarNet.Modules\PowerShellFar.dll\CommandHistory
ps: $key.GetValueNames() | Sort-Object | %{ $key.GetValue($_) } | Set-Content PowerShellFarHistory.log -Encoding UTF8
Export-FarSettings.ps1 and Import-FarSettings.ps1 do not care of old registry
key data. The key should be removed manually after exporting data to the file.
Also, Import-FarSettings.ps1 does not care of Vessel data, the latest version
of Vessel uses new FarNet settings engine.
*) $Psf
- Removed AppData. Use $Psf.Manager.GetFolderPath().
- Removed ShowSettings() and the dialog (the settings panel is used instead).
### Other changes
*) TabExpansion.ps1
- Fixed attempt to add a dupe key to the type cache.
*) Test-Panel-.ps1
- Removed obsolete KeyPressing event code.
= 4.4.12 =
*) Meta class
- Cache of scripts created from strings (better performance on searches).
= 4.4.11 =
*) FarInventory module
- Renamed Show-*Panel -> Open-*Panel
= 4.4.10 =
*) Search-FarFile cmdlet
- Added parameters XFile and XPath, see FarNet history for details.
*) FormatPanel (base of ObjectPanel and ItemPanel)
- Better performance (avoided expensive repetitive calls of Get-FormatData).
= 4.4.9 =
*) DataPanel
- New properties ViewSort, ViewRowFilter allow to set predefined sort/filter.
- XML data may have 2+ tables, use TableName or choose a table from a menu.
- New properties XmlFile, XmlReadMode, XmlSchema, XmlWriteMode, TableName.
- Added control of the source XML file time in order to detect conflicts.
- Hidden not calculated columns are excluded by default in the table panel.
- Hidden, calculated, auto-increment fields are hidden in the member panel.
- Removed redundant constructors, only the default is left.
- Fix: [F1]\Filter: fixed default text in the input box.
*) Connect-SQLite-.ps1
Improved discovery of the SQLite assembly or provider. In particular, it is
fine simply to have System.Data.SQLite.dll in the FarNet home directory (no
installation and/or registration is needed in this case). Starting with 1.0.69
(released a few days ago) SQLite.Interop.dll is also needed.
*) Open-TODO-.ps1
- Changed column/field names: Text -> Name, Memo -> Text, M -> T.
- [F4] in the table opens the editor to edit Name and Text values together.
If the result editor text is empty then the record is deleted.
= 4.4.8 =
*) DataPanel class, scripts, etc.
[F1] menu
- New Sort command; syntax is similar to ORDER BY in SELECT.
- New Filter command with a logical expression, see Expression Syntax:
- Sort and Filter input boxes provide TabExpansion of columns, functions, etc.
Raw DataTable support
- Data are not from a database, they are in-memory data or imported from and
exported to XML files. Constructors: DataPanel(DataTable), DataPanel(xmlFile),
DataPanel(xmlSchema, xmlData).
*) New script Open-TODO-.ps1
This is a toy script but it can be useful, too, as it is or with changes.
The goal is to show how to use:
- DataTable with data stored in XML files;
- DataPanel in order to view and modify that data.
Example of Far Manager file association:
- Mask: *TODO.xml
- Command: ps: Open-TODO- (Get-FarPath) #
*) Out-FarPanel cmdlet
If it is opened when a module panel is active then this panel is restored on
the output panel exit (it used to be closed when the output panel starts).
= 4.4.7 =
*) DataPanel
- [F1] menu: "Record limit", "Record offset" (offset N tells to skip N records).
- [F3]/[CtrlQ]: noisy data members are excluded, only record fields are shown.
- Fixed: [F7] + [Esc] + [No] used to show an error and close the panel.
*) Panel-DbTable-.ps1
For SQLite databases it now shows views in addition to tables.
[Enter] on a table shows the input box with the select command to be used. As a
result, you can: 1) cancel (why not?); 2) change the command; 3) execute other
SQL command -- only SELECT commands are recommended, but if your command is
"DROP TABLE X" then it is executed as well, IT'S YOUR CHOICE.
Example (useful for SQLite): the table name is Files and the default command is
"SELECT * FROM [Files]". If Files does not have an explicit key column then the
opened table cannot be modified. This command: "SELECT rowid, * FROM [Files]"
allows to add/delete/modify records (SQLite tables always have the rowid).
= 4.4.6 =
*) Connect-SQLite-.ps1
If -Panel is specified and -Options is empty then it prompts for options.
This might be needed for example in order to set "DateTimeFormat=Ticks".
*) DataPanel
- Number of shown records is limited now, real life tables can be huge.
- Added help menu ([F1]) commands: Next range, Previous range, Record start
number, Record maximum count (default is $Psf.Settings.MaximumPanelFileCount).
*) FarNet menu: .NET \ Panels \ Decrease|Increase left column
- In PSF it works in all list panels (MemberPanel, PropertyPanel),
ObjectPanel-s and DataPanel-s with two columns, Search-FarFile and
Search-Regex-.ps1 panels and etc. Use via macros or by pressing [Space].
*) Bugs
- Crash on stopping a script by CtrlBreak in some cases.
- Could not enter nulls by [Shift{F8|Del}] in the list panel in some cases.
= 4.4.5 =
*) Updates for FarNet changes.
*) Search-Regex-.ps1
Fixed shown count of found matches.
*) PowerShell.hrc
Fix "highlight braces for filter/function"
*) SQLite database support
- Uses SQLite ADO.NET provider:
- New script Connect-SQLite-.ps1 allows to connect to a database and optionally
to open it in the panel (assume Panel-DbData-.ps1 and Panel-DbTable-.ps1 are in
the system path). The panel is not just a viewer, it allows to add, delete and
edit database records.
- Initialize-Test-.ps1 allows to create a test DB Tempdb.sqlite in %TEMP%.
Then the command:
ps: Connect-SQLite-.ps1 -Panel $env:TEMP\Tempdb.sqlite
.. opens the DB in the panel with two test tables ready to view or change data.
= 4.4.4 =
*) ItemPanel (PS providers)
- It supports explorer features completely. As a result, search works fine.
- Improved performance of explorers in search mode.
*) Search-FarFile
- Added -Depth parameter.
- Added -Asynchronous switch: Tells to performs the search in the background and
to open the result panel immediately. Found items are added dynamically.
*) Scripts
A numbers of small changes dealing with changed or new explorer/panel features.
= 4.4.3 =
*) Revised panels
- Panels are based on explorers (but not all is used/enabled yet).
- Lots of changes for the new engine not mentioned in here.
- Removed UserPanel, use ObjectPanel instead.
- Removed ObjectPanelOnDots, it's not useful.
- SetSave() -> AsSaveData
- SetLookup() -> Lookup (combined)
- Fixed stack overflow on command line events
*) Adapted scripts
- Adapted all scripts that create panels to the new panel engine.
*) Renamed cmdlets to follow guidelines, hopefully
Start-FarPanel -> Open-FarPanel
Start-FarEditor -> Open-FarEditor
Start-FarViewer -> Open-FarViewer
Start-FarSearch -> Search-FarFile
= 4.4.2 =
*) Start-FarSearch cmdlet
Added parameter -Mask: classic Far mask including exclude and regex forms.
-Mask is for simple searches by name(s). -Script can search by anything.
See help:
vps: Get-FarHelp Start-FarSearch
= 4.4.2 =
*) New cmdlet Start-FarSearch
See help:
vps: Get-FarHelp Start-FarSearch
Run Test-Explorer-.ps1 and try Start-FarSearch:
# Invoke from Flat or use -Recurse from Root:
ps: Start-FarSearch { $_.Data.Definition -match 'throw' }
# Invoke from Root
ps: Start-FarSearch { $_.Name -like 'PowerShellFar.*' } -Recurse -Directory
*) Test-Explorer-.ps1
- "Tree" test case: use HKCU:\Software\Far2\Plugins as the root.
- "Path" test case: use of TypeId and ExplorerTypeId on panel creation.
- New test case "Location": example of an explorer with 'ExploreLocation'.
*) MemberPanel, PropertyPanel
- Replaced warnings on editing read only members with editor locks.
= 4.4.1 =
*) Test-Explorer-.ps1
It shows how just added search in explorer panels works (see FarNet History.txt)
*) Housekeeping (the core)
Removed use of Notepad on [ShiftF4] in panels. It was introduced and needed in
Far 1.x for Unicode data. Now it is useless, besides it is modal. [F4] rules.
*) Housekeeping (scripts)
- SetDelete -> AsDeleteFiles
- SetEdit -> AsEditFile
- SetOpen -> AsOpenFile
- SetView -> AsViewFile
- SetViewAll -> AsViewAll
- SetGetData -> AsFiles
- SetWrite -> AsWriteFile
= 4.4.0 =
*) Revision of FarNet panels
The PSF core and all the scripts are updated according to the new panel API.
There are many small changes in all panel scripts, mostly renaming-like.
*) PowerExplorer
PowerExplorer is the fully functional explorer designed for scripts. Interface
methods have related script block properties. Each method calls its script.
Test-Explorer-.ps1 shows a complex data tree with different kinds of explorers.
*) New-FarFile
Accepts System.IO FileInfo and DirectoryInfo as input and attaches it as Data.
All other properties are set automatically except Description.
*) PowerShell.hrc for Colorer
Arrays @() and hashtables @{} use the same style as (), {} blocks. It is now
easier to see orphan symbols without matching pairs, that is, syntax mistakes.
= 4.3.40 =
*) Panel-Macro-.ps1
Removed not needed call of Load().
= 4.3.39 =
*) Cmdlets Out-FarPanel, Start-FarPanel
- Removed the ReverseSortOrder switch.
- The SortMode parameter now includes *Reversed values.
= 4.3.38 =
*) Breaking synchronous commands
[CtrlBreak] is used instead of [CtrlC] in order to break synchronous commands
(including started from the global editor console). Asynchronous commands in
local and remote editor consoles are still stopped by [CtrlC].
*) Cmdlet Show-FarMessage
New switch -Draw to draw message-like boxes.
*) Test-ProgressForm-.ps1
Added ProgressBox examples.
= 4.3.37 =
*) Removed the hotkey [Alt1] from the main menu
- Use the CallPlugin() instead, see FarNet's Readme.txt. Update affected macros
(and do not forget documentation/comments, too).
- Updated Install-Macro-.ps1
*) Better UI culture support, e.g. for scripts localization
$PSUICulture and $Host.CurrentUICulture are internally connected to the currect
culture of the PSF module. Thus, e.g. Import-LocalizedData may work with the
current culture by default (it uses $PSUICulture).
*) Cmdlet New-FarEditor
Replaced parameter Data with Host. As far as a caller creates the editor, it is
OK to consume the Host property: it is simpler to use than the Data.
*) Cmdlets Out-FarPanel, Start-FarPanel
Parameter Data is now IDictionary, not Object (due to FarNet changes).
*) New role of FarNet IEditor.Data, IPanel.Data:
Edit-FarDescription-.ps1, Panel-DbTable-.ps1, Search-Regex-.ps1,
*) Profile-.ps1
Removed menu action 'Edit recent file' (it's done by Vessel, if used).
= 4.3.36 =
*) FarMacro module
Moved the temporary files folder %APPDATA%\FarMacro to %TEMP%\FarMacro.
= 4.3.35 =
*) Added the [Atl1] hotkey to the PSF menus
- Bare dialog to input and invoke code. It is designed for macros.
- Install-Macro-.ps1 uses the hotkey [Alt1] instead of [1].
- "F11 <PSF> Alt1" discards command output, if any.
- "F11 <PSF> 1" may be used for macros with output.
- See help "Command and macro examples".
*) FarDescription module
- Do not trim leading white spaces.
- Test-Descript-.ps1 covers this change.
*) Import-FarSettings.ps1
Preserves some local data of the Vessel module.
= 4.3.34 =
*) Test-Dialog+.ps1
Enabled for x64, too.
= 4.3.33 =
*) Reformat-Selection-.ps1
Added *.R files to '#' line comments file group
= 4.3.32 =
*) Removed Go-Home-.ps1
The code and commands are moved to FarNet.RightControl module. Updated
Profile-.ps1 and Profile-Editor-.ps1 accordingly.
*) Install-Macro-.ps1
-- Added mouse macros for FarNet commands Decrease/Increase font size.
-- Common\AltF11 is not used (to be used by another FarNet module).
-- Shell\CtrlC to copy selected text.
= 4.3.31 =
*) PowerShell.hrc for Colorer
Outlined: improved for functions, added for variables $global:X and $script:X
(with prefix). This allows to insert functions and variable names from the
outliner menu.
*) Object panel columns a la Out-GridView in some cases:
- Same primitive types: 1 column (TypeName)
- Mixed types: 3 columns (##, Value, Type)
Compare these two panels:
ps: '42', 'foo' | Out-FarPanel
ps: 42, 'foo' | Out-FarPanel
*) Minor fix: removed misused IEditor.IsModified from editor scripts.
*) Removed cmdlet Trace-Far
It is not proven to be useful. Just call [Diagnostics.Trace]::Trace* methods
directly (see Test-Stepper-.ps1) or use advanced .NET class TraceSource.
As a result:
- Test-Stepper+.ps1 does not trace (too much for a demo)
- Test-Stepper-.ps1 shows use of standard .NET tracing
= 4.3.30 =
*) Select-Bookmark-.ps1
-- Updated for changes in Far 4.3.30
-- Stack bookmarks are included, too
-- Fixed an old bug
*) Install-Macro-.ps1
Added a few utility macros working with editor bookmarks including the call to
NB: for correct work with bookmarks use Far 2.0.1667+
= 4.3.29 =
*) Search-Regex-.ps1
It calls new $Far.UI.SetProgressFlash() when it is done.
*) Import-Panel-.ps1
Added support for the Txt format (tab delimited data files).
= 4.3.28 =
*) Test-Dialog+.ps1
Added test of IsTouched property of edit-boxes and combo-edits.
= 4.3.27 =
*) Show-FarMessage cmdlet
Allow null as the input text (show an empty message, do not fail).
= 4.3.26 =
*) TabExpansion.ps1
-- Undone the previous change and fixed the original issues properly.
*) New library FarNet.Tools.dll (see FarNet)
These tools are created and used directly, not via $Far methods. For example to
create a SubsetForm add the library and then call New-Object:
Add-Type -Path $env:FARHOME\FarNet\FarNet.Tools.dll
$form = New-Object FarNet.Tools.SubsetForm
*) New test/demo Test-ProgressForm-.ps1
It demonstrates typical use cases of the new FarNet tool ProgressForm and
explains in code comments the common 4-steps scenario.
= 4.3.25 =
*) See FarNet: IEditor.BeginAccess/EndAccess are removed. PSF core and all the
scripts are updated accordingly.
*) TabExpansion.ps1
-- fixed minor issues on type/namespace expansion
= 4.3.24 =
*) $Psf.Settings.MaximumPanelFileCount sets the limit for panel files to be
shown in an object panel without confirmation. Default is 1000, should be
enough for data preview in most cases. Try:
ps: 1..10000 | Out-FarPanel
*) Edit-TextLink-.ps1 is renamed to Open-TextLink-.ps1 and:
-- Recognizes and opens URL addresses (by Start-Process, like Windows Run);
-- Supports Select-String output format links: <File>:<Line>:<Text>
(You may remove the old file Edit-TextLink-.ps1)
*) Menu-More-.ps1: commands "Edit text link" and "Copy text link" moved to main
PSF menu (see Profile-.ps1).
*) Panel-Database-.ps1
-- Uses sys.databases instead of sp_helpdb (it gets more useful info and shows
some problem databases, too).
= 4.3.23 =
*) Update-FarNet.ps1
-- This script replaces the old Update-PowerShellFar.ps1 (you may delete it).
-- New feature: for any FarNet product it asks to confirm its download/update,
so that you can skip not used packages and still use the script for updates of
other packages.
*) Edit-TextLink-.ps1
Links can include character numbers in addition to line numbers:
C:\Program Files\Far\FarEng.lng(36,22)
At C:\Program Files\Far\FarEng.lng:36 char:22
These links are opened at line 36 and char 22 (columns may depend on tabs)
*) vps: commands output viewer
-- Enabled switching to editor [F6] from the output viewer. Note: the tmp file
is deleted on switching but Far prompts you to save data when editor exits.
Switching to editor is used (for example) to open error sources from error
messages using Edit-TextLink-.ps1
= 4.3.22 =
*) FarNet raw UI moved to $Far.UI
-- PSF core and scripts now use this API and $Host.UI.RawUI, not Console.
-- Your affected scripts may have to be updated. Also, do not call Console
methods directly; instead, use FarNet or PSF APIs ($Far.UI or $Host.UI.RawUI).
*) TabExpansion #-patterns
{#|#xyz|xyz#}[Tab] patterns are expanded into custom patterns from the
TabExpansion#.txt in the PSF home directory. Patterns are basically any
strings, one per line. # in patterns is treated as the caret insertion
point after expansion. These patterns can effectively cover not standard
or rare but still useful cases.
#[Tab] -> all patterns
#*null -> [AllowNull()], [ValidateNotNull()], ...
$#[Tab] -> $LastExitCode, $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition, ...
[Al#[Tab] -> [Alias('#')], # is removed and the caret is set there
If TabExpansion.ps1 is used in other hosts then this feature is used to expand
command history entries there.
*) Other changes
-- PowerShell.hrc for Colorer -- Added operator ::.
-- Assert-Far -- Added a few helper switches.
-- Help -- Minor improvements.
= 4.3.21 =
NOTE: update manually (not by Update-PowerShellFar.ps1). This script and its
parameters are redesigned to be less sensitive to future changes in archive
list and archive contents.
*) Far /w mode
-- Fixed TabExpansion and Complete-Word-.ps1 menu position.
*) TabExpansion
-- Applications are also added to candidates (gcm * -type application). It's a
little bit noisy, perhaps (that's why it was not done), but it looks like we
better have these candidates in the list, too.
*) Script debugging dialog
-- New button [View]: Opens an external viewer to view the running command
output. This action is not available for some commands, e.g. editor console
*) Command output (continued)
-- The command "Invoke script from editor" ([F5] in the editor with .ps1 file)
has the same effect as if it is invoked from the input command box (similar to
vps: commands from the command line). Output, if any, is shown in the internal
viewer when the command is done. External viewer is used only on debugging via
[View], see above.
= 4.3.20 =
*) Transcription of command output
Output of ps: commands is written to the user screen and to the current session
transcription file. The transcription file is in the %TEMP% directory, its name
is "PowerShell_transcript.<timestamp>.txt"
The transcription file is lazy opened, kept opened until the end of the session
and deleted if Far exits normally.
Use Show-FarTranscript [-External] to view the transcribed session output. Note
that external show is especially useful on script debugging.
Output of vps: commands is written to files:
Their life is shorter: they are deleted as soon as their viewers are closed.
*) Update-PowerShellFar.ps1
-- Adapted to the changed FarNet package.
*) Generate-Dialog-.ps1
-- update: replaced GetControl() with $dialog[]
-- FarNet fix: generated button text should not have brackets
*) PowerShell.hrc (Colorer)
-- Added $Transcript to special PS variables (see Start-Transcript, -Path)
*) Start-Far.ps1
-- Start Far with /w, not /rc switch (Far 2.0.1566)
= 4.3.19 =
*) Commands output
-- command line commands with prefixes 'ps:' write to the console;
-- command line commands with prefixes 'vps:' show output in viewers;
-- command box commands always show output in viewers;
-- removed $Psf.Settings.OutputPreference, there is nothing to configure;
(Reminder: user menu and file association are command line commands, too)
*) Console output
-- fixed screen defects on UI in the middle of execution with output;
-- added configurable output colors: $Psf.Settings.*ForegroundColor;
-- echo commands using colors, do not echo commands with no output.
Demo of new console output with all colors and message types:
ps: .\Test-Write.ps1
*) Background jobs
Starting jobs by prefix vps: was not really useful. The prefix is now reused for
commands with viewer output (see above). Jobs should be started by usual prefix
ps: and the cmdlet Start-FarJob. Start-FarJob allows to specify arguments and
switches; that is why job command prefixes are not enough.
Note: you can define your own prefixes and commands and do whatever you want,
see Test-RegisterCommand-.ps1 for the example. In particular you can define a
prefix for invoking jobs, just like it was before. In contrast: features like
ps: and vps: cannot be defined from scripts.
*) Member panel
-- issue: input enum values should be case insensitive.
= 4.3.18 =
New option $Psf.Settings.OutputPreference
-- Values: 'Default', 'Console'; it is normally set in the profile but it can
be changed dynamically, too:
ps: $Psf.Settings.OutputPreference = ...
Default: as it was before (the engine decides how to output);
Console: output of commands from panels is written to the user screen. The
good: output is colored (errors, warnings, etc.). The bad: only the tail of
long output can be seen after invocation. Output can produce unwanted but
harmless screen effects on commands with Far UI and on PowerShell debugging.
= 4.3.17 =
Table panels
-- Automatic columns preserve property order for homogeneous sets
-- Improved automatic column arrangement and fixed a bug there
-- Automatic Name column with a null value used to fail
Tracing tools
-- Use of newer FarNet tracing tools.
-- Cmdlet Trace-Far now has two parameter sets:
*) Trace (old): uses Trace class (for trivial tracing);
*) Event (new): uses TraceSource "FarNet" (new FarNet tracing).
= 4.3.16 =
-- Use of MSBuild depending on existence: 4.0, else 3.5, else 2.0.
= 4.3.15 =
PSF console
-- Editor title shows extra information about the session: "Local session" for
the local async sessions, "<ComputerName> session" for remote sessions. The
global session editor title is just a file name, as usual.
FarNet changes
-- $dialog.GetControl($i) -> $dialog[$i]
Module FarInventory
-- New function Show-EnvironmentPanel
= 4.3.14 =
Module FarInventory
*) New functions: Show-InventoryPanel, Show-LogicalDiskPanel
*) Corrected Get-Uninstall for x64 machines (registry data should be taken from
more than one key). Note that in 32 bit process Get-Uninstall does not get info
about installed 64 bit products; in 64 bit process Get-Uninstall should get
information about 32 and 64 products.
*) Added expansion of WMI class names immediately after Get-WmiObject, gwmi,
Invoke-WmiMethod, Register-WmiEvent, Remove-WmiObject, Set-WmiInstance with
optional -Class parameter. Examples:
gwmi win[Tab]
Get-WmiObject -Class *process[Tab]
*) Fixed some cases with expressions like this:
(Get-WmiObject Win32_Service -Filter 'Name="Spooler"').[Tab]
*) TabExpansion does not hides errors now:
(Get-WmiObject Win32_Service -Filter 'Name="Spooler").[Tab]
*) TabExpansion shows an empty list now:
(Get-WmiObject Win32_Service -Filter 'Name="Oops"').[Tab]
*) Fix: script block as Expression in Columns in table panels did not work from
panels created in PS modules (e.g. FarInventory). Also, the global variable $_
is now removed after use.
*) Fix: Reindent-Selection-.ps1: initial indent size was not always correct.
*) Install-Macro-.ps1: corrected Common macros for the AutoCompletion area.
= 4.3.13 =
Table and list panels: new feature "Apply command": [CtrlG] opens an input box
and prompts to enter a command to be invoked for each object $_ in the selected
or the current objects in a table panel or the target object in a list panel.
Table panel column meta information defined by hashtables: the key 'Type' which
defines Far panel column kind is renamed to 'Kind', so that the name is the
same as in the FarNet SetColumn class.
List and table panels and scripts:
*) Property ExcludeMembers (string[]) is replaced with ExcludeMemberPattern
(string, regular expression pattern). This way is simpler and more flexible.
*) Added new property HideMemberPattern for members to be included into the
member list but shown with IsHidden flag set.
Added parameters ExcludeMemberPattern and HideMemberPattern to the Out-FarPanel
cmdlet (HideMemberPattern is used in the new module FarInventory to hide some
noisy but still sometimes useful WMI properties).
New module FarInventory. This is a script module with a bunch of functions. It
contains just a few now, to be continued. See for
details or run this:
ps: Import-Module FarInventory; help about_FarInventory
Fixed: [CtrlR] in object panels with custom columns used to show an empty panel
instead of refreshing the objects.
= 4.3.12 =
The PSF core and several scripts were adapted to the recent FarNet refactoring
changes in editor and editor lines API. See FarNet history for details. Scripts
working with that API have to be updated, more likely.
In addition: $Psf property HotText was renamed into ActiveText (just to be more
formal and to follow ILine.ActiveText). HotLines was removed as not really used.
= 4.3.11 =
Improved preview of enumerable types and some frequently used types in panels.
Simplified internal procedures of column set selection from properties. Default
column sets now may be not the same as in previous versions. Preview is preview.
Default column set selection in table panels: if there are too many properties
(more than $Psf.Settings.MaximumPanelColumnCount) then best candidates for N, Z
and O columns are moved to the left. Example:
ps: Get-WmiObject Win32_PnPEntity | Out-FarPanel
.. the first columns are Name, Description, Status. Compare: in the old version
the column Name was not shown at all.
Copy objects from an object panel to another object panel: the target panel
should be updated automatically.
= 4.3.10 =
PanelKeyEventArgs.Preprocess was removed, see FarNet news. Affected scripts
should be updated. Updated scripts in PSF: Search-Regex-.ps1, Test-Panel-.ps1.
Test-Panel-.ps1: added demo handler of the new event KeyPressing.
The $Psf.Settings.FormatEnumerationLimit (default is $FormatEnumerationLimit)
is used for object panel columns and list panel values display. Example: invoke
this command:
ps: Get-ChildItem hkcu:\ | Out-FarPanel
.. and see that only a few first items is shown in the Property column. Compare
with standard PowerShell output:
ps: Get-ChildItem hkcu:\
.. results should look more or less the same (visually, of course, panel output
is not text output, it shows live objects in the panel, not dead text).
Fix: Module FarMacro: a few issues with paths with end '\'.
= 4.3.8 =
Improved TabExpansion of type and namespace names. Changed the global type
cache $TabExpansionCache from DataTable to Hashtable. Some of improvements:
-- more names are covered, this works now: [mi[Tab] -> [Microsoft. ...
-- A dot is added automatically to namespace names (ready for the next [Tab])
Other new TabExpansion features:
[*...[Tab] -- global search: the type cache is not used; example: [*farmac[Tab]
is expanded to type names with 'farmac'; it should always work after loading of
the FarMacro module.
[...*[Tab] -- '*' tells to update the global cache before expansion; example:
[farmac*[Tab] should always work after loading of the FarMacro module; compare:
[farmac[Tab] does not work if FarMacro is loaded after $TabExpansionCache
Export-FarSettings.ps1 and Import-FarSettings.ps1 use the file FarSettings.xml
where PSF commands are exported to and imported from. On import PSF commands
are merged with existing in the registry.
Fix: Complete-Word-.ps1 was not updated for recent FarNet changes.
= 4.3.7 =
See FarNet History.txt for changes there, some scripts may be affected.
Registry: PSF command history moved from "SavedDialogHistory\PowerShellFarHistory"
to its module data location: "Plugins\FarNet.Modules\PowerShellFar.dll\CommandHistory"
Move\rename it using two registry provider panels (or maybe just remove the old location).
New cmdlet Assert-Far: the helper for testing and debugging. If the conditions
fail it breaks execution and prompts for choices: one is to break into the PSF
debugger (may continue), another is to open a script in the editor at the
assertion line (stops).
In fact, "Assert-Far $false" (same as "Assert-Far") is a hardcoded breakpoint.
Assert-Far with the parameter -Title is designed for production scripts:
it shows a simple message and stops in a friendly way without much noise:
Assert-Far ($Far.Window.Kind -eq 'Editor') "Run from editor!" -Title "Oops"
Debugger dialog:
-- New button [Break] stops the pipeline (throws PipelineStoppedException).
-- Replaced [Goto] with [Edit] and [Goto] buttons and fixed a [Goto] bug.
FarMacro module: added support of Consts and Vars areas. Cmdlet Edit-FarMacro
and script Panel-Macro-.ps1 also support these areas and allow to work there.
All standard Far data types are supported: text, dword, qword.
ObjectPanel: fix: when it is used as a temp panel for any objects it should be
updated on copying objects from another panel.
Panels: obsolete and not used property and parameter "AutoSize" was removed
from panels and cmdlets. There are no plans to use it in the future: default
columns are good enough for data preview.
= 4.3.6 =
Remove the registry key "Far2\Plugins\FarNet" and make sure you do not start
old FarNet after that, otherwise you will get never used FarNet registry data.
The PowerShellFar registry settings moved from: "Far2\Plugins\PowerShellFar" to
"Far2\Plugins\FarNet.Modules\PowerShellFar.dll". You should reset configuration
or move the old registry properties, for example, using the registry panel.
See FarNet History.txt for changes there, some scripts may be affected.
= 4.3.5 =
*) Module FarMacro: New cmdlet Edit-FarMacro allows to edit macro sequences in
the editor with syntax coloring (Colorer plugin) and syntax checks on saving
($Far.Macro.Check()). See also
*) Script Panel-Macro-.ps1: it is now based on the FarModule completely. In
particular the -Editor mode is removed, use new Edit-FarMacro cmdlet instead.
= 4.3.4 =
*) Panel Columns: new attribute Alignment: Alignment='Right' can be used
together with positive column widths.
*) Table panels: better adjustment of built-in table formats for narrow panels.
For now we just drop preset widths and ignore alignments. Right aligned data
are not funny any more after that, they are just shown as they are.
*) Panel-Macro-.ps1: [F4] or "Panel-Macro- <key> <area>" (edit macro sequence
in the editor): on exit from the editor IMacro.Check() is called to check the
sequence, show errors and prompt to continue or discard. This is better than
nothing. To be continued.
= 4.3.3 =
*) "PowerShellFar" item was removed from the disk menu for 3 reasons:
1) It looks like many users are not happy due to extra items in disks;
2) This menu has some known peculiarities for opening panels;
3) This item can be added for example from the profile script:
$null = $Far.RegisterTool($null, "PSF panel", { $Psf.ShowPanel() }, "Disk")
*) Table panels: added simple procedures that "fix" built-in PS table formats
for narrow panels, at least to make more columns visible. Right aligned data
may look funny. Tip: use wider panels (80+) or set Columns by a script.
*) FarNet: FarColumn, SetColumn: Width type changed from 'string' to 'int'.
= 4.3.2 =
All table panels show data in true columns now. Pseudo-columns of Format-Table
are not used. Columns are defined: 1) manually by property Columns; 2) auto by
object types and related PS formats (TableControl); 3) auto by properties for
mono type object sets; 4) three column mode for mixed type object sets: index,
value, and type.
PS TableControl formats are now found heuristically by object types in the
Get-FormatData list. Next versions will allow to specify formats manually.
Option AutoSize is not used now but it is kept for the future. Built-in PS
formats are good only if panel width is about 80, like default console (Far
width is about 164 with two such panels). Next versions will be able to fix
formats for too narrow panels dynamically.
*) Removed obsolete properties and parameters FarName, ExcludeColumns from
panel classes, cmdlets and all scripts. Only Columns or PS formats are used.
*) New option $Psf.Settings.MaximumPanelColumnCount (3-13, default is 8).
*) UserPanel: two methods SetGet*() are replaced with one SetGetData().
*) Provider panels (ItemPanel, FolderTree) are now more robust on internal PS
core failures. They ignore faulty items and still return other items.
*) Object panels on [F7] prompt a user to enter a command that gets new panel
objects. Old action was actually almost useless (add an empty PSCustomObject).
*) Object panels do not prompt on [Esc] any more. [Esc] closes panels.
*) Removed cmdlets New-FarObjectPanel and New-FarUserPanel because they do not
add any value to New-Object PowerShellFar.ObjectPanel, PowerShellFar.UserPanel
*) Start-FarPanel cmdlet: renamed confusing parameter OrderBy to SortMode and
View to ViewMode. Added these parameters to Out-FarPanel, too.
*) Renamed $Psf.Settings.MaxHistoryCount -> MaximumHistoryCount.
*) Fixed Rename-FarFile-.ps1: Added import of the FarDescription module.
*) Removed Set-SynopsisDescription-.ps1 because it does not depend on Far.
Instead, use a new function Update-FarDescriptionSynopsis exported by the
FarDescription module (see its definition in FarDescription.psm1).
= 4.3.1 =
*) See breaking name changes in FarNet History.txt; your scripts that use
changed names should be updated. In PSF, in addition:
-- Show-FarMsg -> Show-FarMessage
-- Removed script Debug-Msg-.ps1. In fact, it was not very useful since the
debugger was implemented.
*) Removed the term "plugin" from two properties\options. Rename:
2 properties in $Psf.Settings (just in case if scripts use them) and
2 registry values of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Far2\Plugins\PowerShellFar:
-- PluginStartupCode -> StartupCode
-- PluginStartupEdit -> StartupEdit
(Yes, modules, just like in FarNet, the same approach but for PowerShell)
*) These modules are standard PowerShell modules. But they:
-- are normally designed for FarNet and used with the PSF FarHost;
-- do not use PowerShellFar directly (at least this is not recommended)
*) Default Modules directory
Directory "$($Psf.AppHome)\Modules" is added to $env:PSModulePath on loading,
so that all modules in this directory are available at runtime. As usual,
import them by Import-Module. In UI there is also the "Modules+" menu.
(Actually the first for the FarHost)
Cmdlet New-FarMacro moved there from the PSF core (it's good to keep some not
frequently used tools like this in modules: they are loaded only when needed).
Switch -Install is removed, instead a new cmdlet is added: Set-FarMacro.
New provider FarMacro with its default drive FarMacro:\. Provider panels work
for FarMacro automatically: edit, copy, move, rename, create, remove, and etc.
NOTE: The script Panel-Macro-.ps1 is not yet upgraded, it still works directly
with "old" Registry provider, not yet with "modern" FarMacro. To be continued.
For more details:
ps: Import-Module FarMacro; man about_FarMacro
(Actually works for any host)
Though it is designed for Far it does not depend on Far or FarNet, it works in
any PS host (i.e. you can work on descriptions using standard Console and ISE
hosts or any others). But it uses Far description settings from the registry:
All the code dealing with descriptions, including the Update-FarDescription
cmdlet, moved to this module.
For more details:
ps: Import-Module FarDescription; man about_FarDescription
*) Menu action "Help" did not work in the cmdline with PSF prefixes. Fixed.
*) Provider panels: improvements for "unknown" not configured providers.
*) Show-KeyMap-.ps1: updated for FarNet 4.3.0 changes; added the dialog key
map; added more special keys; added area names to key names.
*) Reformat-Selection-.ps1: added detection of comments for some known file
types of PowerShell, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, SQL, Lua, Cmd, Basic.
= 4.3.0 =
*) "Invoke input code" dialog is now suitable for macros with embedded code.
Namely, when a macro is in progress this action works in a special way:
-- an input box is used instead of the dialog;
-- commands are not stored in the history;
-- commands output is discarded.
Thus, now it is convenient to put some code into a macro.
Example: [F10] (exactly!) in Panels: safe exit with background jobs check:
F11 X 1 "$Far.Quit()" Enter
(X is the PowerShellFar hotkey in the plugins menu)
.. or hotkey independent version with native F10 if PSF is not installed:
F11 $If (Menu.Select("PowerShellFar", 2) > 0) Enter 1 "$Far.Quit()" Enter $Else Esc F10 $End
*) A few tips about new method $Far.Quit() in addition to above examples. Some
update, backup, restore commands waits for Far exit:
-- Update-FarManager.ps1
-- Update-PowerShellFar.ps1
-- Export-FarSettings.ps1
-- Import-FarSettings.ps1
-- ...
They all can be started from the command line or the user menu like this:
ps: Start-Process powershell.exe "-noexit Update-FarManager"; $Far.Quit()
("-noexit" is to keep a new console opened, it's up to you)
*) Main menu: new action "&-. Help": For the current code token in an editor
line (editor, editbox, cmdline) it gets and shows in the viewer available help
information. In code editors (*.ps1, *.psm1, *.psd1, *.psfconsole, input code
boxes) this action is associated with [ShiftF1]. It is exposed for scripting as
*) Script Get-Usage.ps1 is replaced with internal function Get-FarHelp and
removed. Keep or remove it yourself. Old version will be in here:
(tags/4.2.26) PowerShellFar/Bench/Get-Usage.ps1
*) TabExpansion.ps1: reduced conflicts with internal variable names used by
TabExpansion itself (e.g. "Line", this should work correctly: $Line.[Tab]).
*) Macros:
-- New cmdlet New-FarMacro;
-- Script Panel-Macro-.ps1: updated;
-- Script Install-Macro-.ps1: uses new cmdlet New-FarMacro.
*) PowerShellFar.hrc for Colorer: missed operator -bnot and new New-FarMacro.
*) Minor tweaks and new features in psfconsole UI.
= 4.2.27 =
*) Fixed unexpected effects with IsPath = true in some dialogs (4.2.26).
*) At last implemented [Halt command] in core "prompt for choice" dialogs:
-- Console host: [CtrlC] halts the command;
-- ISE host: [Esc] halts the command;
-- Far host: for compartibility with other hosts: [Esc] opens a dialog with
extra options: [Halt command], [Cancel]. Example: press [Esc] after this:
ps: Remove-Variable Host -Confirm
*) Removed $Psf.ShowCallStack() and calls of it. Why?
1) In PS V2 there is a built-in cmdlet Get-PSCallStack.
2) $Psf.ShowCallStack() is not found very useful but may have issues.
3) It is a wrapper of a script, you can use the original script instead:
(tags/4.2.26) PowerShellFar/Resources/Show-CallStack.ps1
*) Test-CallStack-.ps1: it tells how to use the built-in cmdlet Get-PSCallStack
instead of the removed $Psf.ShowCallStack().
*) Menu-Favorites-.ps1: fix: [BS] did not work in empty submenus.
= 4.2.26 =
*) ETS (Extended Type System): in addition to FarDescription property: added
code methods FarMoveTo() (files and directories) and FarCopyTo(), FarDelete()
(files only). They call .NET methods MoveTo(), CopyTo(), Delete() and move,
copy, delete the descriptions. Test-Descript-.ps1 shows how they all work.
*) New script Rename-FarFile-.ps1 uses new FarMoveTo() to rename the current
item on the file panel. New name can be defined as a string (boring, can be
done manually) or a scriptblock (handy, can be in the user menu or a script)
with $_ = the current FileInfo or DirectoryInfo, see an example there.
*) PowerShellFar UI editboxes use new FarNet IEdit.IsPath where appropriate:
"Invoke input code ~ Code", "Breakpoint ~ Script", "Export-Clixml ~ Path".
*) New script Show-KeyName-.ps1: Shows internal Far names of pressed keys.
Why? E.g. on writing macros some key names are difficult to remember.
*) Invoke-Editor-.ps1: *.*proj files are started by Start-MSBuild-.ps1.
*) Updates for FarNet 4.2.26:
-- Generate-Dialog-.ps1: Password -> IsPassword.
-- Install-Macro-.ps1, Panel-Macro-.ps1, Show-KeyMap-.ps1: updated names.
= 4.2.25 =
*) Test-Panel-.ps1: IPluginPanel event MakingDrectory is fixed in FarNet and
the test now shows how actually this event is used.
= 4.2.23 =
*** Far 2.0.1311+ ***
*) Win7 taskbar icon: PowerShellFar uses new FarNet methods SetProgressState()
and SetProgressValue():
-- Running commands and scripts normally show their activity during execution
(at least Indeterminate icon state).
-- Internal WriteProgress() calls SetProgressValue() to display percentage.
As a result, the cmdlet Write-Progress updates the icon. NOTE: after use call
Write-Progress -Completed: you are responsible for cleaning the icon.
-- Finished PSF background jobs show green\red state depending on their state.
So that if there are finished jobs you are notified via the icon in addition
to the console title.
*) Menu-Favorites-.ps1: [Space]: It works as [Enter] but the menu is not closed
after opening a file.
*) PowerShell.hrc: + new V2 number suffixes: TB and PB (tera\peta bytes).
= 4.2.22 =
*) Cmdlet Find-FarFile: new parameters -Where and -Up: allow to go to the next
(down\up) panel file which matches the specified -Where boolean scriptblock.
See also new script Select-FarFile-.ps1.
*) New script Select-FarFile-.ps1: Selects active or passive panel files by the
specified scriptblock filter. See also Find-FarFile cmdlet with new parameters
-Where and -Up.
*) New script Menu-Favorites-.ps1: Shows Windows Favorites as a menu and
invokes items. -Flat mode may be useful with [CtrlAltF] menu filter.
*) Profile-.ps1: added call of Menu-Favorites-.ps1 to the PSF main menu.
*) New script Test-Panel-Job-.ps1 to play with Panel-Job-.ps1.
= 4.2.21 =
*) FarNet: IPluginPanel: property DataComparison (class Comparison<object>) is
replaced with easier to use and more natural property DataId (delegate Getter).
PSF: DataComparison is replaced with DataId (scripts Panel-BitsTransfer-.ps1,
Panel-Process-.ps1, cmdlet Start-FarPanel).
*) [PowerShellFar.UserPanel]: method SetGetData() is replaced with two new:
-- SetGetFiles() - basically it is exactly the same as the old SetGetData(); it
is renamed to make it clear that scripts operate on panel files directly. The
script Panel-Process-.ps1 still uses this way (mostly for demo).
-- SetGetObjects() - this new method provides more natural way of getting data
for panels: scripts simply return objects to be shown. See Panel-Job-.ps1,
*) New script Panel-Job-.ps1: Operates on PowerShell background jobs in a panel
and updates these data periodically when idle. See comments for details.
*) Removed script Panel-Shortcut-.ps1: Its functionality is now covered and
extended by Invoke-Shortcut-.ps1 with the -Panel switch.
Reminder for those who uses Update-PowerShellFar.ps1: read History.txt on
updates, mind removed and renamed files: for example on this update you may
want to remove Panel-Shortcut-.ps1 manually.
= 4.2.20 =
*) List panels (MemberPanel, PropertyPanel): [ShiftDel], [ShiftF8] assign null
to selected properties (kind of "delete values"). It was not easy to enter
nulls. To delete dynamic properties, as usual, use [Del], [F8].
*) Object panel: in case of unknown objects it finds (heuristically) a name of a
property for display, it tries: Name, Id, Key, *Key, *Name, *Id.
*) Export-Clixml dialog (called on [CtrlS] in some PSF panels): the default
encoding is Unicode, the same as in Export-Clixml cmdlet. BTW: PS help says the
default is UTF8 but it looks like a mistake.
*) PSF prompt dialog: enabled autocomplete from history because in latest Far
it works more or less as expected (defects will be hopefully fixed soon).
*) Update-FarManager.ps1 and Update-PowerShellFar.ps1 do not use a temp file
for version requests, they download needed text directly.
*) Invoke-Shortcut-.ps1: new switch -Panel: to view\edit shortcut properties in a
panel. If you change data it asks you to save changes on exit or you can use
[CtrlS] to save data at any moment.
*) Tweaks in scripts and help.
= 4.2.19 =
CHRISTMAS-BOX FEATURE: AUTOMATED UPDATE (modified and hopefully improved)
*) Archive structure: LICENSE, History.txt, Bench, Extras moved to the plugin
folder "Plugins.NET\PowerShellFar".
*) Folders Bench (scripts and demos) and Extras (for Colorer) are extracted to
the plugin folder "Plugins.NET\PowerShellFar". It is decided that for a calling
script it is easier to delete\move something after update than to extract extra
items from downloaded archives.
*) Script Update-PowerShellFar.ps1:
-- It does not return version number anymore: with new approach it is useless.
Output of the script should be ignored.
-- If -FARHOME is UNC then that machine has to be configured for PS remoting.
This allows to update remote machines safely (i.e. waiting for Far exit if it
is running there).
= 4.2.18 =
This version is mostly designed for easy updates of PowerShellFar + FarNet +
API help by a script. Not standard plugin locations and folder names are not
supported. If you want to update everything easily then read both Readme.txt
and ensure your locations and names are standard:
-- Lib
-- Plugins\FarNet
-- Plugins.NET\PowerShellFar
-- Far.exe.config
-- Plugins.NET\PowerShellFar.chm
*) Version numbers: as far as FarNet and PowerShellFar are always built and
released together, from now on their version numbers will be the same.
*) Archive changes: plugin files are now in "Plugins.NET\PowerShellFar", so
that you should copy this folder to "%FARHOME%\Plugins.NET\PowerShellFar". The
location and name can be changed but it is recommended to use exactly this way.
*) New script Update-PowerShellFar.ps1: updates PowerShellFar + FarNet + API
help from the site or already downloaded archives. Keep the last downloaded
archives, then the script can be used simply to check for updates, it does
nothing if files already exist. See the script for details.
*) If you want other distributed files and folders to be updatable as well then
create and use an extra script which calls Update-PowerShellFar.ps1 and then
extracts extra files to your personal locations. Update-PowerShellFar.ps1
returns actual version number that may be used to find out archive names.
= 2.2.17 =
*) Added section PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS to the Readme.txt; discribed a rare
problem of loading PowerShell core in x86 Far on x64 machines and a possible
workaround. The PSF error message points to this section as well.
*) TabExpansion: added expansion of process names for a few *-Process cmdlets.
= 2.2.16 =
*) Tree panels (e.g. Folder tree): available view modes are:
[Ctrl0] - view mode: tree and description columns (start mode).
[Ctrl1] - view mode: tree column and description status.
Note: any FarNet panel can switch full screen mode by FarNet menu command.
= 2.2.15 =
*) List panel: improved presentation and processing of properties of PSObject
type (e.g. deserialized from .clixml properties are PSObject-s).
*) Power panel: if an object "looks like" a full path of an existing file then
[F3], [F4] allow to view, edit that file. This is by default, real actions may
depend on a panel.
*) New script Set-Console.ps1. It is the next version of this script:!F011223B604739FA!129.entry
1) It can be called from any of these consoles: Far, PowerShell, or Cmd.
2) In Far it must be invoked by PowerShell.exe, not by the PSF host.
3) Do not use with console emulators.
*) Update-FarManager.ps1: You can remove not used .hlf and .lng files from Far
home; they will be also removed after updating from an archive.
= 2.2.14 =
*) Fixed external viewer bugs and temporary file issues (encoding, removal).
Hmm, bugs were there for ages and nobody found them... Just in case: external
viewer is used on [F5] = invoke scripts from editor in the current session and
on debugging to be able to see output in an outside Far window because this Far
window is used by the debugger dialog.
*) Profile-.ps1: removed custom external viewer settings. Let's external viewer
be really default by default (i.e. Far.exe /m /p /v ...).
*) Invoke-Editor-.ps1: fixed invocation of .ps1 files. FYI: this way is very
different from [F5]: a script is invoked outside of Far by PowerShell.exe, not
by the Far host. So far it is done by a script, in contrast to built-in [F5].
= 2.2.13 =
*** Far 2.0.1209+ ***
*) Description tools (FarDescription property, Update-FarDescription cmdlet)
work according to Far 2.0.1206 (see changelog). After changing Far settings
"ANSI by default" and "Save in UTF8" you should restart Far or save settings
[ShiftF9] => PSF works with new settings.
*) Edit-FarDescription-.ps1 saves an intermediate file in Unicode, so that data
are not lost on convertion. Final description encoding depends on Far settings.
= 2.2.12 =
*) Extra error message on exceptions in the plugin user startup code (see
configuration dialog). Otherwise it was not clear enough where an error was.
Note: it is GUI, because initialization is performed in a background thread.
*) ObjectPanel (and derived) supports Edit operation [F4] for MatchInfo items:
an editor is opened at a match position and matched text is selected. What are
these MatchInfo items? They are results of Select-String, so that you can do:
ps: dir | Select-String foo | Out-FarPanel
or even slightly better:
ps: dir | Select-String foo | Out-FarPanel FileName, LineNumber, Line
and [F4] on items opens an editor at the found match with its text selected.
*) Removed event 'Exiting' from $Psf. In PS V2 there is a native way:
ps: Register-EngineEvent -SourceIdentifier PowerShell.Exiting -Action { ... }
This way works for any workspace where Register-EngineEvent is called, so that
it can be used by background jobs (PSF and PS), async consoles (local and
remote), and etc.
*) Removed workaround $Psf.WrapEventHandler() and $Psf.WrapPanelEvent(). You
should remove them from your panel scripts. If some problems still exist now
(in PS V2) without them, please, report.
*) PowerShell.hrc, Clear-Session.ps1: added yet missed automatic variables.
*) Revised .hlf help, corrected obsolete information, added some new.
= 2.2.11 =
*) History:
-- $Psf: .GetHistory() is replaced with .GetHistory(int count)
-- Command Get-History: added parameter -Count, default is 32.
-- Command Invoke-History: simply calls $Psf.ShowHistory().
*) TabExpansion
-- Fixed a few issues with #<pattern> (history expansion).
-- cd x[tab] expands only folder names
*) PowerShellFar.AnyPanel.ShowAsChild(<panel>): it is OK now to send null as
<panel>, even if there is no active PSF panel (why not?): in this case it is
the same as Show().
= 2.2.10 =
*) Output of invoked console applications is not written to the console but
merged with other PS output. Thus, in most cases it is allowed now to use these
commands in editor consoles and in background jobs directly with no tricks like
"... | Out-Default". Still, as usual, applications operating on the console
directly should not be called in PSF, run them in Far or Cmd.
*) New FarNet.SetColumn (see FarNet) is used in the plugin code and in the
scripts: see Test-Panel-.ps1, Search-Regex-.ps1.
*) TabExpansion
-- Revised and updated.
-- Expands available module names right after 'Import-Module', 'ipmo',
'Remove-Module', 'rmo', and optional '-Name'. E.g.:
Import-Module b[Tab] -> BitsTransfer
-- Expands #<pattern> as command history entries (not exactly the same as in
PS because PSF history is different, e.g. #<id> is not supported).
*) Added internal function Get-History: for now it simply returns all entries
as strings. N.B.: for compatibility with PS history entries some code may use
.ToString() instead of .CommandLine: then results are the same in PS and PSF.
= 2.2.9 =
*) This is the first version for just released PowerShell V2 RTM. Nothing is
changed in the plugin for this; it is simply "officially tested" with V2 RTM.
*) Invoking (see 2.2.8): if the plugin cannot set location or directory and a
macro is in progress then instead of Far message boxes GUI message boxes are
used, so that a macro is safely suspended and then, depending on a choice,
stopped or resumed. GUI can be disabled in Far.exe.config but this is not
*) Clear-Session.ps1: changed scenario of variable removal:
-- updated the hardcoded exclude name list for PS V2
-- an attribute is not a reason to keep a variable
= 2.2.8 =
*** Requires Far 2.0.1181+ and FarNet 4.2.8+ ***
*) Before invoking: process current directory is set to $Far.ActivePath;
provider location is usually set to $Far.ActivePath, too, but for provider
panels (ItemPanel, FolderTree) it is set to their current location paths.
*) After invoking: process current directory is restored. If it is not, please,
report as a bug. Provider location is not restored (or is it really needed?).
*) If the plugin cannot change provider location or current directory then it
shows actual current location and directory and asks how to proceed. This is
for safety: PowerShell commands can be dangerous if they are used incorrectly,
for example when current paths are not what a user expects on invoking.
*) Show-Image.ps1: [Enter] switches maximized / normal state.
= 2.2.7 =
*) From now on the plugin sources are in the SVN repository together with the
FarNet sources. Scripts are released as usual.
*) A few weeks of work with Far 2.0.1145+ show confusing effects of difference
between the current process directory and the active panel path. It is decided
to sync these paths before calling PowerShell with user commands/scripts.
*) New script Show-Image.ps1 for simple viewing of pictures. It is a standard
PowerShell script, but in Far it is easier to use: associations, user menu. It
is also an example of how to drive windows forms from PowerShell.
*) Folder tree panel: hidden file system folders are processed in a standard
Far way ([CtrlH]).
*) Job list: fix: some jobs were not removed automatically from the list.
*) Closing a panel together with parents by opening another panel: parent
panels are notified (basically for correct disposal of their resources).
*) Closing a panel together with parents by [ShiftEsc]: implemented in a right
way: parent panels are asked before closing and notified after closing.
*) Menu-More.ps1: removed the action "Sync the current directory". The same
effect you now get on any PowerShell command, even empty.
*) TabExpansion: this should work, too (e.g. in definition of a hashtable):
Name = Split-Path -l[Tab]
*) Internal: command execution engine migrated from the 'Pipeline' interface to
the modern 'PowerShell' interface introduced in PS V2.
= 2.2.6 =
*) FarNet 4.2.6 introduces a useful feature: on Close() panels normally restore
the original Far file panels state: the current and even selected items. All
PSF panels get this feature automatically, no changes are needed. Still, some
panels may be slightly updated (e.g. Search-Regex-.ps1 does not have to use
ActivePath, it just calls Close()).
*) Folder tree panel: fixed minor issues on closing, fixed incorrect current
item after [CtrlPgUp]; added processing of [Ctrl\].
*) Minor internal fixes and tweaks.
= 2.2.5 =
*) Menu "Snap-ins..." is replaced with "Modules+..." which shows available
modules and registered snap-ins and allows to import/remove them to/from the
session. Modules are new PowerShell V2 alternative of snap-ins; modules are
basically easier to use, develop, and can be also written as scripts (*.psm1).
*) Background jobs are now almost semantically the same as PS V2 jobs. Still,
internally Far jobs are completely different and often more effective because
of simpler implementation. Cmdlet Start-FarJob and class Job are upgraded with
a few breaking changes. See API help for details and scripts Test-Job-.ps1,
Search-Regex-.ps1, and the others with Start-FarJob.
*) Test-Job-.ps1: upgraded old tests; added a few new tests to show various new
scenarious. The very first test shows how to use parallel jobs and compares
performance of 3 different scenarios:
a) invoke two tasks one by one
b) invoke same tasks as parallel Far jobs
c) invoke same tasks as parallel PowerShell jobs
*) Search-Regex-.ps1: option "Background input" was kind of broken since Far
2.0.1145. Now we set the job PS location to the current in the default session
before evaluating the input command.
*) Improved and corrected internal procedures for editing various data
(provider item content and property, object property value, and etc.).
= =
*) Async editor consoles: fix: TabExpansion should work in the runspace of a
console, not in the default runspace, because runspace states are completely
different (location, commands, variables, and etc.).
*) Directory Panels was not included into the sources by mistake.
= 2.2.4 =
#Enter# (As usual)
Opens a new or selected existing console file in the default global PowerShell
session. Commands are invoked synchronously in the default global runspace. All
consoles opened by [Enter] share the same workspace.
#ShiftEnter# (New!)
Opens a new or selected existing console file in a new local PowerShell
session. Commands are invoked asynchronously in a private runspace.
#CtrlEnter# (New!)
Opens a new or selected existing console file in a new remote PowerShell
session. Commands are invoked asynchronously in a private remote runspace. You
are prompted to enter a computer name and a user domain\name. If a user name is
specified then a password is also requested.
An async console opens a separate runspace with its private session state:
provider locations, variables, aliases, and many other settings.
Commands are invoked asynchronously in background threads, so that console
editors and Far itself are not blocked: you can switch to panels or other
editors while a command is running. Moreover, you can open several async
consoles, invoke parallel commands and still continue other work in Far.
LIMITATIONS: objects $Far and $Psf are not exposed; cmdlets *-Far* are exposed
but in fact you must not use them unless it is explicitly allowed; PowerShell
UI should be avoided (Read-Host, Write-Progress, confirmations).
You can play for example with these "slow" commands with some output:
1..1000 | %{ $_; Start-Sleep 1 }
Get-ChildItem c:\ -Recurse | %{ $_; Start-Sleep 1 }
Open a few async editor consoles (by [ShiftEnter]), run a command, switch
between console editors and panels: you should see work of all commands in
progress and Far is still available for other tasks. [CtrlC] in a console
breaks the running command or you may simply exit the editor as usual, the
command will be stopped internally.
*) Cmdlet Get-Credential works now due to implemented required host methods.
Internally this is used for getting a password on opening a remote console.
= 2.2.3 =
*) Adapted to Far 2.0.1145+: Far does not set the current directory to the
active panel path (a step to long paths support). Still, remember that .NET
itself and many other external tools do not like long paths. _090929_061740
*) Menu-More-.ps1: added a few demo (but still useful) commands for panels
including "Set the current directory" which may be needed in Far 2.0.1145+.
*) ObjectPanel: formatting of trivial types: if the first object has a trivial
type (string, enum, and etc.) then trivial formatting is used for all objects
(assuming that all objects are trivial).
*) Editor consoles default code page is Unicode now (Far 2.0.1144+).
*) TabExpansion.ps1 expands start '.' or '.XYZ' in a line into help comments
*) PowerShell.hrc for Colorer: script help comments and cosmetic changes.
*) Fix: Set-SynopsisDescription-.ps1 fails is a processed script has syntax
errors. Found interesting side effect: Get-Help also checks script syntax.
*) Out-FarPanel: added parameter -Title.
*) New scripts: Add-Path.ps1, Panel-Shortcut-.ps1, see comments.
= 2.2.2 =
----- ANNOUNCEMENT: PowerShell V2 RC (XP, Vista, ..) and V2 RTM (Win7) -----
As usual, PowerShellFar will support only the latest versions. V2 CTP3 should
still work basically fine right now, but it is recommended to upgrade: quite
soon PowerShellFar will use new PowerShell features and V2 CTP3 will not work.
*) PowerShell.hrc for Colorer is updated for V2 RC syntax changes, new and
removed cmdlets, and reserved keywords.
*) Removed script Panel-FileTransfer-.ps1 (it is only for PS V2 CTP3). Use the
recently added script Panel-BitsTransfer-.ps1.
*) New script Invoke-Environment.ps1: it is somewhat similar to plugin FarCall:
it invokes a cmd shell command (a batch file) and imports its environment vars
to the calling process. It can be used not only in PowerShellFar.
*) Removed Show-Balloon.ps1: it does not look very useful for Far. It still
works fine, keep it yourself if you need it.
*) Text link scripts
-- Edit-Link-.ps1 is renamed into Edit-TextLink-.ps1, 'Link' is too general.
-- Edit-TextLink-.ps1: Improved recognition of links in the source text.
-- Edit-TextLink-.ps1: VS links with text work with nearest text search.
-- New script Get-TextLink-.ps1 gets a VS link with the line text.
-- Menu-More-.ps1 calls these scripts in the editor.
= 2.2.1 =
*) $Psf.Settings.PluginStartupJobs (profile code for jobs) is removed from the
code and the configuration. It's a long story to explain; this way gives less
surprises and unexpected effects. After all, jobs or callers can run the same
code themselves. You may remove the registry value PluginStartupJobs from
*) Script Edit-Descript-.ps1 is renamed into Edit-FarDescription-.ps1 to follow
file system items property name - FarDescription.
*) Minor fixes and tweaks.
= 2.2.0 =
----- FarNet 4.2.0 menu items revision -----
See FarNet 4.2.0 History.txt for details. Steps to update your scripts:
*) Replace '$Far.CreateMenuItem()' with 'New-Object FarNet.FarItem' or, even
better, use cmdlet New-FarItem. Also, if you use IMenuItem name in scripts
(unlikely) then replace it with FarItem.
*) Event IMenuItem.OnClick is replaced with a single handler property Click.
You should replace 'add_OnClick({...})' with 'Click = {...}' in scripts.
*) Cmdlet New-FarItem: parameter -OnClick is renamed into -Click.
----- PowerShellFar user menu revision -----
*) Removed $Psf.UserMenu and related code everywhere. User menu items (actions)
are now added by $Psf.Action(), see API help and Profile-.ps1.
*) Removed $Psf.Settings.PluginUserCommand ("user command" or "user code"). PSF
provides enough ways to do the same without this special support. You may
delete the value Plugins\PowerShellFar\PluginUserCommand in the registry.
*) Script UserCode-.ps1 (demo for removed PluginUserCommand) is renamed into
Menu-More-.ps1 and Profile-.ps1 adds the action "More..." that calls it.
----- PowerShellFar background jobs revision -----
*) In couple of words: all jobs (included into the list or not) are started
only by the new cmdlet Start-FarJob.
*) 'Start-FarJob -Pipeline' gets a started job for direct reading (instead of
removed class Invoker). Examples: Test-Job-.ps1, Search-Regex-.ps1
*) See API help and test and demo scripts: Test-Job.ps1, Job-RemoveItem-.ps1.
Note that Robocopy-.ps1 was removed, it seems to be better to run Robocopy
for massive operations outside of Far, not as a job inside.
----- Descriptions support -----
*) New script Set-SynopsisDescription-.ps1: useful for keeping descriptions in
sync with script synopses (as it is in Bench). Read comments, use carefully.
*) Fixed Description cache issue on using both Edit-Descript-.ps1 (PSF, editor)
and [CtrlZ] (native, input box) description editors.
*) Theoretically Description code is thread safe now, so that jobs may use
FarDescription properties safely.
----- Other features/changes -----
*) Panel Columns support FormatString (just like Format-Table), e.g. this
command makes a column 'Length' with width 15 and right aligned numbers with
thousand separators (e.g. 3,230,649)
ps: Get-ChildItem | Out-FarPanel Name, @{ e='Length'; f='{0,15:n0}'; w=15 }
*) New cmdlets Find-FarFile, Get-FarFile (mostly to reduce typing on testing,
but they can be used for real jobs too).
*) $Psf.Providers is now settable, see how Profile-.ps1 uses this. It seems to
be easier than it was before. Old way should work too.
*) AnyPanel: renamed event MenuCreated -> MenuCreating (more logically correct)
*) Editor console:
-- atomic undo of commands output
-- greatly improved performance of output to the editor (faster than console?)
= 2.1.11 =
*) Simplified type rules for TablePanel.Columns (and -Columns of Out-FarPanel
cmdlet). Only needed types can be specified, missed types will be used from
remaining default types automatically.
*) Improved data conversion on mapping data to panel columns (basically PS
conversion procedure is used).
*) Work around PowerShell bug(?) leading to occasional failures of FormatPanel
with ExcludeColumns for some types. Now it looks more stable. Note that use of
ExcludeColumns is not recommended anyway, use of Columns is much better.
*) Minor fixes and improvements here and there.
= 2.1.10 =
*) Fixed startup issues causing TabExpansion problems (reported by GMax).
*) Fixed display issues of Format-Table (used by default in table panels).
Added new property FormatPanel.AutoSize and cmdlet switch Out-FarPanel
-AutoSize: this mode is slower but often formatted data look better or
formatting is only possible in this mode.
*) Cmdlet Out-FarPanel: parameter Columns is positional (goes first), so that
we can omit its name:
ps: Get-Process | Out-FarPanel Name, Company
*) PSF panels now have a help menu called on [F1]. Its commands depend on a
panel. Method AddMenuItem() was removed; called once event MenuCreated should
be used instead for adding user commands, see Test-Panel-Menu-.ps1. All this is
experimental, to be continued, changed or even removed.
*) Search-Regex-.ps1: found file paths are right aligned now.
*) PowerShellFar.chm: PowerShellFar.Commands: removed noisy inherited members.
----- Revision of Far descriptions support -----
*) For better performance and incapsulation built-in PS functions *-Descript
implemented in C# and removed from the internal profile. Descriptions are
exposed by FarDescription properties (get/set).
*) Extension properties Description of classes FileSystemInfo (FileInfo and
DirectoryInfo) are renamed into FarDescription to minimize risk of clashes
(name "Description" is too general).
*) Script Edit-Descript-.ps1 is updated to use only FarDescription properties
for all actions.
*) New cmdlet Update-FarDescription updates a description file for a directory:
removes orphan descriptions, sorts existing by file names.
= 2.1.9 =
----- Changes for PowerShell V2 RC (Vista) and RTM (Win7) -----
*) Fixed minor issues and incompatibilities in scripts and the code. Basically
all latest versions should work now: CTP3 (XP), RC (Vista), RTM (Win7).
*) Added new script Panel-BitsTransfer-.ps1 - replacement of not working in RTM
Panel-FileTransfer-.ps1 which is still distributed while we use V2 CTP3 (XP).
----- Standard and user columns in PowerShellFar panels and scripts -----
The idea was to use standard and custom columns and to minimize internal use of
slow Format-Table for better data look and much better performance. It's done.
*) All panels are designed to start in AlternativeFull mode (0).
*) Main rule: if property Columns is set then columns are shown exactly
according to it and slow Format-Table is not used internally.
*) Removed method SetBind(). It is useless now, Columns defines binding.
*) Removed property FarDescription. Again, Columns does the job instead.
*) Removed properties FarName and ExcludeColumns from DataPanel. Other panels
still may use them if Columns is not defined.
*) Removed static property DataPanel.MaxFormattedRows because Format-Table is
not used internally any more. Performance on large tables is much better now.
Still, it would be nice to have some reasonable limits - to be continued.
*) Panel-DbData-.ps1: ditto: removed parameters FarName, FarDescription, and
*) Provider settings ($Psf.Providers) now also use the same approach, see the
script Profile-.ps1 for examples for the most of standard providers.
*) Object panels by default still use Format-Table internally. As far as data
are not described then let's PowerShell cares of formatting. A panel now uses
only one column to show output. No horisontal scrolling is needed. Quick search
(Alt-letter) works for a property 'Name', if any, or for a property defined by
*) All scripts were updated according to the new panel column architechture.
----- Other changes -----
*) New static class PowerShellFar.Wrap will contain wrappers for types
difficult to create in PowerShell scripts (e.g. delegates or generics).
Example from Test-SubsetForm-.ps1:
... = [PowerShellFar.Wrap]::ConverterToString({ "Item $_" })
*) Added helper scripts for MS Access and SQL Server Compact databases:
Connect-Mdb-.ps1 and Connect-Sdf-.ps1
= 2.1.8 =
*) New script Test-SubsetForm-.ps1 demonstrates new FarNet feature: ISubsetForm
used for selection of a subset of items.
*) FarName revision (breaking, but hopefully not much)
- Artificial extra property 'FarName' in objects is not used anymore. Practice
shows that this way is not natural and also expensive. Panel property 'FarName'
should be used instead, where appropriate.
- Import-Panel-.ps1: parameter -Name is renamed into -FarName, i.e. the same
name as ObjectPanel's property has.
- Cmdlet New-FarObjectPanel: added parameters -FarName and -FarDescription.
- Simplified related internal procedures.
*) Panel-DbTable-.ps1
- Fix: it did not work with PostgreSQL databases (Npgsql ADO.NET data
provider) with tables with case sensitive names.
- Internal DataRow data are removed from show => much better performance.
*) Test-Dialog-.ps1: some more tests, demos and comments.
= 2.1.7 =
*) Go-Head-.ps1 uses new panel property ShownList (more effective) and works
for plugin panels, too.
*) PowerShell.hrc - constants and auto and user variables should be different
in expandable strings (e.g. in "text $true $this $user" 4 words should have
differnt colors)
*) Start-FarPnel. Parameter Id is renamed into TypeId.
= 2.1.6 =
*) Scripts Indent-Selection-.ps1, Reformat-Selection-.ps1,
Reindent-Selection-.ps1 now use BeginUndo\EndUndo to make operations atomic.
*) Script Watch-Output-.ps1 was kind of "memory leaking" because of growing
undo data, though undo is not actually needed. Far 2.0.1010 provides some
workarounds. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to turn Undo off.
= 2.1.5 =
Updated for Far 2.0.997 (breaking changes in Far Editor and Window API)
= 2.1.4 =
*) New-FarFile cmdlet supports custom columns by the parameter -Columns (see
FarFile.Columns, SetFile.Columns).
*) Test-Panel-.ps1 shows how to use just implemented in FarNet custom panel
columns (use [Ctrl0] mode in this demo).
*) Edit-Link-.ps1 is the renamed Go-Link-.ps1. New: it also recognizes some
full and relative file system paths and opens that files, paths with spaces
should be quoted. To be continued.
P.S. TablePanel and derived DataPanel, ItemPanel, ObjectPanel, UserPanel do not
use yet custom panel columns. To be continued.
= 2.1.3 =
*) Fixed the "Power panel" call from the disk menu (FarNet fix).
*) Update-FarManager.ps1 - with -Stable switch URL was not correct.
*) Watch-Output-.ps1
Avoided use of a global function. New parameter Seconds specifies update
frequency, default: 1.0 second (it was too frequent before). Details: it uses
new FarNet feature [FarNet.IdledHandler], it is an example in the editor.
*) Test-Panel-Tree-.ps1, Test-Watch-Output-.ps1 - minor tweaks and fixes.
*) Test-Dialog-.ps1 uses new FarNet feature [FarNet.IdledHandler]: time in the
console title is updated every 2 seconds, it is an example in the dialog.
= 2.1.2 =
*) Update-FarManager.ps1
- Checks for new archives only, exits if none.
- Asks to exit Far only when it starts extraction.
- Searches for extra items in top home directories, too.
- New parameter - switch Stable - to get only stable builds.
*) New script Format-Chart.ps1. Formats output as a table with the last chart
column. This script should work for any host, e.g. in PS console, too. Example:
just run Test-Watch-Output-.ps1 - it shows chart of process working sets (but
you can make charts of anything you want, of course). Note: Format-Chart.ps1
has to be in the system path for this demo.
*) New script Go-Link-.ps1 opens a file in editor by a text link in the current
line. Recognised text link types: Visual Studio, PowerShell. To be continued.
*) $Psf.HotText - for practical reasons it is changed. It is now the selected
text or the current line text in the current editor or an edit line. (get|set)
*) Minor tweaks in others scripts.
= 2.1.1 =
*) As it was announced, methods $Far.CreatePanelItem() were removed from
FarNet. Scripts should create instances of SetFile directly by New-Object or
*) Far updates. Due to recent Far changes scripts "Download-FarUpdate.ps1",
"Install-FarUpdate.ps1" are replaced with one script "Update-FarManager.ps1".
ONLY Far 2.x is supported, both x86 and x64. See comments for details.
*) Minor improvements in TabExpansion.
*) Minor changes in "Export-FarSettings.ps1" and "Import-FarSettings.ps1".
= 2.1.0 =
*) Breaking changes in FarNet 4.1.0 in almost 100% cases should not affect
scripts. Nevertheless: a) if you use the name IFile directly, replace it with
FarFile or SetFile; b) $Far.CreatePanelItem() will be removed soon, replace it
with New-Object FarNet.FarFile or, even better, with New-FarFile.
*) Concept of TreePanel and related features is almost completely reworked with
use of new FarNet capabilities. Everything works fine and it seems that tree
panels will be supported, but implementation is still in progress.
*) PowerShellFar.AnyPanel.Items is renamed into ShownItems to avoid confusion
and to follow FarNet <-> PSF names correspondence. That is, ShownItems are
derived from ShownFiles, SelectedItems are derived from SelectedFiles,
CurrentItem is derived from CurrentFile.
*) Show-History-.ps1 - when a panel is a plugin panel, it shows all paths from
history, not only plugin paths.
*) Download-FarUpdate.ps1 - parameter 'Platform' default value depends on the
current process. So that if you run it from x86/x64 Far and want to download
x86/x64 version (i.e. the same), then you do not have to use this parameter.
= 2.0.13 =
*) New cmdlet Trace-Far - for tracing tasks. It is a helper for .NET class
Trace methods. "Test-Stepper-.ps1" and "Test-Stepper+.ps1" show how to use it.
Tracing output normally depends on configuration "Far.exe.config", it can be
sent to a debugger (default listener), a file ("c:\Far.exe.trace.log") and etc.
*) Documentation of PSF cmdlets moved from .hlf to .chm - it is more useful for
many reasons. See classes *Command in PowerShellFar.Commands namespace.
*) Search-Regex-.ps1 uses custom modes Descriptions and LongDescriptions
independent on Far panel modes.
*) Export-FarSettings.ps1 - S_And_R history values are exluded from export.
= 2.0.12 =
*) New class PowerShellFar.FolderTree - replacement of ProviderTree which was
rather experimental. Menu: F11 > PSF > Power Panel > Folder tree. It works for
all "navigation" providers: FileSystem, Registry, Feeds, Certificate and etc.
(depends on installed PS snap-ins). In brief: it shows expandable folder tree
of directories, registry keys, etc. See more in .hlf: "Folder Tree".
*) List panels member panel (object properties, [CtrlPgDn]) and property panel
(provider item properties, [CtrlA], [ShiftEnter]) start in 'Descriptions' mode
[Ctrl6] with two equal width columns Name and Value.
*) Table panels and tree panels use custom 'Descriptions' mode, so that it does
not depend now on Far view mode settings.
*) Fix. PSF debugger dialog - shown in the debugger source code lines was read
with incorrect encoding.
*) Fix. Profile-Editor-.ps1 - editor text selection by Click + ShiftClick did
not work sometimes.
*) Show-History-.ps1 - folder history depends on the active panel type:
standard Far file panel ~ file system directories; plugin panel ~ plugin paths.
*) Test-Panel-.ps1 - adapted to FarNet changes (SetMode()). Shows how to use
new method Clone() for creation of a mode similar to another one.
*) Refactoring: replaced some code originally designed for PS V1 with newer. As
a result, removed some code from the internal startup script PowerShellFar.ps1.
= 2.0.11 =
*) [PowerShellFar.TreePanel] starts in [Ctrl0] view mode and supports [Ctrl1]
mode - full screen. Quick search Alt+[Letter] should work now as usual, '+' and
'-' in tree node names are 'ignored'.
*) Test-Panel-.ps1 shows how to use new FarNet PanelModeInfo and
IPluginPanelInfo.Modes to describe plugin panel view modes (column types,
widths, titles, status line and etc.).
*) Profile-Editor-.ps1 - avoided global handler functions, removed obsolete
features, other refactoring. Note: selection by Click + ShiftClick on some
machines works only for second ShiftClick at the same position, for unknown
*) Generate-Dialog-.ps1: 1) added parameter OutputPath; 2) when dialog code is
generated then the output file is opened in the editor; 3) width and height are
used for generated CreateDialog(), not coordinates.
= 2.0.10 =
*) New scripts Export-FarSettings.ps1 and Import-FarSettings.ps1 allow to
export and import only those Far Manager settings that normally should be the
same for any machine of the same user. Many other settings like history data
normally should not be exported/imported. The key Users (if any) is also not
exported for a few reasons.
WARNING: this approach is very useful and works perfectly for the author for
more than a year and many machines. But please, do test it, at least make and
keep for a while a full copy of your HKCU:\Software\Far2
*) Edit-Descript-.ps1 - when description is opened in the editor its text is
selected now. It looks like a common scenario when description is copied and
pasted, not actually edited. Pre-selected text makes this a bit easier.
*) Profile-Editor-.ps1 - adapted to recent mouse changes in Far:
- Fixed unwanted selection of a single char by left click.
- Fixed dynamic text selection by dragging with left button.
- As far as mouse double click in editor is now processed by Far itself, there
is no need to do this in PSF. Removed.
= 2.0.9 =
This version is all about "super-macros". It is not a new concept but it is
improved and made easier for practical tasks, unit testing in the first place.
*) Revision of [PowerShellFar.Stepper]. It still works with step sequences as
usual, but in addition it supports so called step units. Step unit is usually a
script that returns steps to be processed immediately after invocation. Several
units can be posted into the unit queue. See API help and samples below.
- Stepper is not exposed as $args[0] to steps, use $Psf.Stepper instead;
- Stepper.Data is removed because it is useless in multi-unit scenario; use
global variables, better with the same prefix, remove them in the last step.
*) Test-Stepper-.ps1 was completely remade. Now it shows how to invoke several
step units. Basically it is an example of a simple test monitor. This technique
is used for internal testing of FarNet and PowerShellFar. Two test examples are
included (see *+.ps1 files), because they are interesting themselves as demos.
Many other tests are technical and boring, they are not published.
*) Introduced new recommended suffix '+' for step unit scripts. See help topic
'Suffixes', it tells how to associate a command to such files.
*) New script (step unit) Test-Stepper+.ps1 contains steps that originally were
in Test-Stepper-.ps1. Plus some new minor changes. How to see its work: run
Test-Stepper-.ps1 which first of all plays Test-Stepper+.ps1 steps.
*) New script (step unit) Test-Dialog+.ps1 - steps for testing Test-Dialog-.ps1
dialog. How to see its work: run Test-Dialog-.ps1, push the button [Test] there
and watch the steps one by one.
*) Test-All-.ps1 (assorted tests) is removed because it is rather obsolete and
messy with new testing tools. Its test cases are covered by tests internally.
*) Clear-Session.ps1 - added more PS variables that should not be removed:
$this, $StackTrace, $LASTEXITCODE.
*) Generate-Dialog-.ps1 - output: a) $env:USERPROFILE\GeneratedDialog-.ps1
instead of C:\TEMP\Dialog-.ps1; b) Unicode instead of ASCII.
*) Read-Host uses for history SavedDialogHistory\PowerShellFarPrompt key,
not its subkeys; you may remove not used subkeys, if any, by this command:
ps: ri HKCU:\Software\Far2\SavedDialogHistory\PowerShellFarPrompt\* -Confirm
= 2.0.8 =
*) Search-Regex-.ps1
- uses new FarNet panel Escaping event for an exit confirmation dialog;
- exit confirmation: new button 'Push' pushes the panel for later use.
*) Test-Panel-.ps1 - some more tutorial code including demo of new FarNet panel
Escaping event.
*) Minor fixes in tests.
= 2.0.7 =
*) Design. FarNet entry point was completely detached from $Psf as the new
class Entry. It is public but it cannot be created or accessed from scripts.
This approach protects against accidental mistakes. $Psf (Actor instance)
exposes only PowerShellFar tools now. $Far still exposes IFar instance. This
change is not breaking if scripts do not use $Psf.Far; if they do then simply
replace $Psf.Far with $Far there.
*) Fix. Message box about errors in startup code (e.g. Profile-.ps1) was not
shown due to a CTP3 breaking change that was not yet found.
*) Fix. Debugger menu. Editor for line breakpoints (F4) was opened at the line
after required.
*) Fix. DataPanel. Unwanted switching to slow full table formatting mode on
exit from a child record data panel when MaxFormattedRows limit is exceeded.
*) Fix. Panel-DbTable-.ps1. Table with spaces in name could not be opened for
some database providers.
*) New. Event PowerShellFar.Actor.Exiting is invoked on Far exit (normally) or
on the plugin unloading (abnormally). You can add one or more handlers for some
shutdown tasks.
*) Removed method $Psf.Prompt(); it was TEST ONLY.
= 2.0.6 =
*) New UI debugger tools, mostly dealing with various breakpoints. See the new
plugin menu item "9. Debugger...", select it and press [F1] for more details.
You can now add, view, enable, disable and remove breakpoints of 3 types: line,
command and variable. Each breakpoint can be either standard (breakes into the
debugger) or with action (triggers a piece of your code).
*) Removed the helper script Set-Breakpoint-.ps1 because its functionality is
completely covered by new built-in breakpoint tools.
*) Download-FarUpdate.ps1
- it can now download x64 builds, too
- adapted to new download list format
*) PowerShellFar.DataPanel - normally you have to set Factory property even if
you use known Odbc, OleDb or SqlClient database factory. Using a factory the
DataPanel is now able to work with any database provider.
*) Fixed a few issues with table names in Panel-DbData-.ps1, Panel-DbTable-.ps1
*) Start-MSBuild-.ps1 uses Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\MSBuild.exe if found.
It allows to build *.*proj and *.sln files from VS 2008.
= 2.0.5 =
*) New IFar methods PostStepAfterKeys() and PostStepAfterStep(). This is a very
important achievement for "super-macros" that can be used now also with modal
dialogs, editors and viewers. PowerShellFar uses this mechanism by Stepper, see
the script Test-Stepper-.ps1, it shows how to open modal modes without
interruption of step sequences.
IMPORTANT: from now on FarNet + PowerShellFar can be used effectively for Far
Manager and any plugins unit testing (in any areas where plugins menu can be
called). The idea is to emulate various user actions by steps (script blocks
and keys) and to check validity of results dynamically by extra steps (script
blocks). See Test-Stepper-.ps1 again.
*) Download-FarUpdate.ps1: 1) restores current location and directory on exit;
2) reuses the same Net.WebClient object for all downloads; 3) calls Dispose()
for Net.WebClient.
*) Install-FarUpdate.ps1 used to fail if the target is not found or ambiguous,
now it writes a warning. As a result Download-FarUpdate.ps1 does not stop on
missed targets (e.g. if some standard plugins are not actually used).
= 2.0.4 =
*) FarNet IAnyViewer.ViewText() - switching to editor is enabled; as a result,
it is now possible to view commands output also in editor by [F6], with well
known advantages. See FarNet history for some more details.
*) ObjectPanel - hashtables and dictionaries objects - on [Enter] a new panel
with contaited items is opened. Old action: member panel is opened; it is still
available on [CtrlEnter].
*) Panel-DbTable-.ps1 fails if there is only one table in a database. Fixed.
*) Search-Regex-.ps1: dialog: if you leave edit box "Options" empty then it is
not an error, option "None" is assumed in this case.
*) Panel-Process-.ps1 shows how to call from PowerShell functions exported from
native DLLs. It is done by Add-Type with a piece of C# code.
*) Experimental tools from WinKit namespace were removed. If you use them then
keep the old WinKit.cs, build your own assembly from it or make it built-in in
scripts, see examples: Panel-Process-.ps1, Test-Zoo-.ps1.
*) More graceful death on fatal errors. If PowerShell engine cannot start then
PSF should not crash or hang. It keeps silence while you do not really use it,
then it shows an error and detaches itself from FarNet.
= 2.0.3 =
*) Good news: [CtrlC] stops running interactive commands. Normally it is not
recommended, but sometimes it is OK, just think. Note: it has nothing to do
with background jobs (stopped by [Del] in the job list) and script blocks in
menus or event handlers in editor, panels, etc. (they cannot be stopped).
*) Show-History-.ps1 uses new IFar.GetHistory() with extra parameter 'filter',
to show only 'View' and 'Edit' file paths from history, not 'Ext.'.
*) PowerShell.hrc for Colorer - comments '###' are treated as 'Outlined', so
that Colorer command 'Outliner list' shows functions, filters and all lines
with '###' comments. It can be used effectively for navigation in a script.
*) New database approach. In scripts working with databases we now use
DbProviderFactory and DbConnection parameters or predefined variables. This
allows to work with wider range of databases, in particular with modern SQL
Server Compact (.sdf files): very promising free desktop/mobile database.
As a result:
- Added new scripts Panel-DbData-.ps1, Panel-DbTable-.ps1
- Updated script Panel-Database-.ps1 (example of how to connect now)
- Updated Bench\Test scripts to work with both SqlClient and SqlServerCe.
- Removed scripts Panel-Data-.ps1, Panel-Table-.ps1; if you use them - do not
worry, keep them, for now they should work and should not conflict with new
scripts, hopefully. But it is strongly recommended to migrate to new scripts.
= 2.0.2 =
*) New script Start-Far.ps1 - It is a helper for running FAR from PowerShell
console in /rc mode (restore console on exit). On exit from FAR it sets the
last panel directory current and updates the current PowerShell location.
*) Script Download-FarUpdate.ps1 - If there are new builds downloaded it
prompts to install them immediately using Install-FarUpdate.ps1.
*) Script Go-To-.ps1 - If '*' is used as a path parameter then you are prompted
to select one of standard system folders from a list.
*) Script Invoke-Shortcut-.ps1 did not work with spaces in paths. Fixed.
*) IFar.GetHistory() now returns correctly ordered strings. As a result, the
script Show-History-.ps1 was simplified. It behaves slightly differently but
faster and its new behaviour is similar to FAR.
= 2.0.1 =
*) Install-FarUpdate.ps1 - now it can update plugins from .7z archives, too.
You may set -Target path or let the script resolve the target by a .dll file
from the archive.
*) Changed location of PSF console files from %TEMP%\psfconsole to %APPDATA%\
PowerShellFar\psfconsole. These files are not really temporary, so that %TEMP%
location is not suitable.
= 2.0.0 =
From now on PowerShellFar 2.x is for Far 2.x. Versions 1.x are officially not
supported. It is not recommended to keep PowerShellFar 1.x scripts in the
system path when you use PowerShellFar 2.x.
This is the first and mostly technical phase of transition from Far 1.x to 2.x.
Next FarNet and PowerShellFar versions will use new Far API more effectively.
*) If you use or used PowerShellFar in Far 2.x then remove all PSF files from
Far directory.
*) If you will continue use of PSF 1.x with Far 1.x then make sure that your
PSF script directory (Bench) is not used by new and old PSF versions.
*) These are FarNet changes, but PSF scripts may use FarNet API directly, so
that check and update your scripts. See breaking changes in FarNet History.txt
*) External viewer: when you use incorrect settings and PSF cannot start it
then it shows an informative message and starts the default external viewer.
*) Simplified and optimized ObjectPanel code internally.
*) Other changes are migration changes, functionality is not affected.
= 1.1.57 =
ANNOUNCEMENT: FAR.NET 3.3.57 is presumably the last version for FAR 1.x. PSF
itself should not be changed for FAR 2.x. But it is quite possible that next
FAR.NET will have some breaking changes (not many, but...). In this case PSF
1.1.57 will be the last version compatible with FAR.NET 3.3.57 and they will
be frosen together. If you find new or know some old issues in this version,
report them as soon as possible.
*) ObjectPanel and its derived (but not yet DataPanel) - you can set a script
block as FarName and FarDescription, not just a property name, see example for
Out-FarPanel below (same as $panel.FarName = {...}).
*) Cmdlet Out-FarPanel - new parameters FarName, FarDescription (property name
or script block getting a string to display), IncludeColums, ExcludeColumns.
# Examples (use Descriptions panel mode)
Get-Process | Sort-Object WS -Desc | Out-FarPanel -Include WS, Id
Get-Process | Out-FarPanel -FarName {$_.Name + ' ' + $_.Id} -FarDescription Company
Get-Command -Type ExternalScript | Get-Help | Out-FarPanel -FarDescription {$_.Synopsis -replace '\s', ' '}
(The last command will get meaningful synopsis only for scripts that included
in the system path and use V2 CTP3 auto-help comments, for example all PSF
Bench scripts)
*) FAR 1.75.2520 introduced the macro function Editor.Sel() so that it is more
effective to use it for [Left]\[Right] macros instead of a script. Thus, PSF
commands "Go to selection start|end" will be removed one day, and the script
Go-Selection-.ps1 will be disconnected (not removed completely, it is still
useful for other tasks). See how Install-Macro-.ps1 uses new Editor.Sel().
*) Fix in Download-FarUpdate.ps1 - '(NEW BUILD)' was not shown for FAR itself.
*) New scripts Build-FarEnc.ps1 and Test-HtmlLink.ps1 - they are not included
into PSF but submitted to FAR sources by Skirda: enc\tools\contrib\nightroman.
Now anytime you can download the latest fresh FAR API enciclopedia sources and
build Russian or English CHM help file yourself by Build-FarEnc.ps1 (you have
to have HTML Help Workshop or just hhc.exe, of course).
= 1.1.56 =
*) PSF panels - removed two facilities making more evil than good: running code
from command line without prefix and use of artificial automatic variable $this
(some reasons are explained at forum). From now on rules are simple and uniform
for PowerShell code in command line: 1) we always use prefix; 2) the code is
standard PowerShell code without confusing helpers like variable $this.
*) PSF command history list: [CtrlEnter] now always allow to edit the selected
command before invocation. In panels and editor console it inserts the command,
in other areas it opens the "Invoke input code" dialog with the command text.
*) New script Go-To-.ps1 - a la far:goto but argument is not just a string, it
is a PowerShell expression. Also we can go to, for example, Registry provider
item panel. Profile-.ps1 sets an alias 'go' for this script.
*) REMOVED: Panel-Item-.ps1 is removed because Go-To-.ps1 actually replaces it.
*) TabExpansion
- improved expansion of script parameters: it should work in more exotic cases;
- all result strings are now sorted and duplicated strings are removed.
*) Out-FarPanel now by default does not append objects to already opened panel
because it is often confusing. Instead it opens a new panel. New switch -Append
should be used if we really want to append objects.
*) Download-FarUpdate.ps1 - can work with new .ini section [info]; also, now it
does not fail on unknown .ini options, it writes warnings.
*) Clear-Session.ps1 - fixed use of variable property Options.
= 1.1.55 =
*) New cmdlets New-FarMenu and New-FarItem help to write menu code in easy
PowerShell style (.NET style is still available, of course). The scripts in
Bench now use this new approach. The code is shorter, and more important,
TabExpansion works for cmdlets and their parameters.
*) New cmdlets New-FarList and Out-FarList - same as above but for list menus.
Bench scripts use them instead of $Far.CreateListMenu() and Select-Menu-.ps1.
*) Select-Menu-.ps1 is removed as not needed. Keep it yourself or better use
new Out-FarList. Note that in code you cannot just replace Select-Menu- with
Out-FarList because a few parameter names are changed, they now conform
IListMenu names, see:
ps: man Out-FarList
*) New cmdlet New-FarFile creates plugin panels items in PowerShell way.
*) New cmdlet Show-FarMsg is a PowerShell alternative of 5 $Far.Msg() methods.
BTW, OBSOLETE: FAR.NET IFar.CreateMessage() and IMessage will be removed soon.
*) New test Test-Watch-Output-.ps1 just shows how Watch-Output-.ps1 works (in
particular with long lines and many lines).
*) Download-FarUpdate.ps1 - cosmetic changes and some new output messages, for
example what downloaded files really have new build numbers.
*) TabExpansion - fixed: parameters of some commands were not sorted.
*) Logic of FAR.NET IKeyMacroHost.Install() is changed, so that it is easier to
use; as a result, the script Install-Macro-.ps1 is simplified a little bit. In
two words: 1) we don't have to call Save() and Load(); 2) we can install all
the macros by one call (if we want).
*) Install-Macro-.ps1: new macro [ShiftBS] shows how to run PSF from command
line without prefix (it is not something new, just in case). BTW, this mode
has a bonus: if a command fails (often due to mistakes in it) its text is still
in the command line, ready for correction, even cursor position is the same -
this really saves time on composing complex commands.
*) Built-in PowerShell function 'help' is replaced with another one for two
reasons: 1) redirection to 'more' is useless in PSF; 2) if Get-Help fails then
Get-Usage is called (assume it is in %PATH%), so that you can get some help for
PSF cmdlets, e.g.
ps: man New-FarFile # should work and get help
ps: help Out-FarList # ditto
ps: Get-Help Out-FarList # still fails (with confusing msg)
(N.B. use of Get-Usage is temporary, standard PowerShell help will be provided
for PSF cmdlets as soon as PowerShell has tools for that, as they promise).
*) Cmdlets New-FarEditor, Start-FarEditor - a few tricks with cmdlet parameters
(aliases, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName) in some cases allow shorter commands
see help topic "PowerShellFar command examples".
*) Revised PowerShellFar.hlf reflects many recent changes. Also, many script
topics moved to script auto-help comments, this place looks more natural now.
= 1.1.54 =
*) New script Panel-FileTransfer-.ps1 uses new CTP3 module FileTransfer. Starts
or manages file transfer jobs in a panel. Suitable for transferring very large
files from\to Web or across network; you start jobs and then you can exit FAR
or even restart the machine: jobs will be still working in the background.
*) New script Download-FarUpdate.ps1 downloads FAR and plugin archives from Web
(nightly builds) to a special update directory. Only new files are downloaded.
*) Script Update-Far.ps1 is renamed into Install-FarUpdate.ps1 and moved to
Bench directory. Changes: 1) as far as now FAR updates are 7z files, RAR in the
script is replaced with 7z or 7za (whatever found first); 2) all the files from
the archive are now updated (including for example Headers.c)
*) Script Panel-Process-.ps1: 1) panel data are updated automatically when
idle; 2) [Enter] opens the current process menu with new command "Show WMI
properties"; 3) on exit from a child panel the current process is restored.
*) Script Install-Macro-.ps1 moved from Extras to Bench directory. Thus, all
the utility scripts are in Bench directory now. Directory Extras is for other
tools, e.g. files for Colorer.
*) Get-FarPath cmdlet - new parameter -Mirror, it helps to get destination
paths on the opposite panel with source item names.
*) Start-FarPanel cmdlet - a few new parameterers that set some basic panel
properies before panel start.
*) Helper class PowerShellFar.ScriptComparison: yet another way to set
DataComparison in IPluginPanel (but recommended way is to use a parameter in
Start-FarPanel, see Panel-Process-.ps1, Panel-FileTransfer-.ps1)
*) ObjectPanel - fixed a few problems for items that are not PSObject.
*) Minor UI improvements (hopefully). For example in some menus [Esc] was
actually associated with some actions - this was rather confusing, fixed now.
= 1.1.53 =
This version requires PowerShell V2 CTP3. Older versions of PowerShell will not
be supported. Even with new bugs (yes, there are a few) PowerShell V2 CTP3 is
much better and more powerfull than any older version.
*) The PSF engine did not require any changes for V2 CTP3, but some scripts
were updated due to some breaking changes in V2 CTP3.
*) Built-in help comments were included in scripts, so that you can now (just a
few examples):
ps: My-Script.ps1 -?
ps: man My-Script.ps1
ps: help My-Script.ps1 -full
*) TabExpansion mechanism is updated so that it uses new CTP3 features where it
is possible.
*) Reindent-Selection-.ps1 takes into account new block comments <#..#>.
*) Colorer: PowerShell.hrc is updated to reflect changed and new CTP3 features:
renamed\removed\new cmdlets, block comments, auto-help comments, etc.
*) New script Invoke-Shortcut-.ps1 opens a shortcut file (.lnk) in FAR in a few
ways. See comments there or just use new CTP3 feature auto-help, that is type
one of the commands:
ps: Invoke-Shortcut-.ps1 -?
ps: man Invoke-Shortcut-.ps1 -full
(assume the script is the system path)
*) Fixed occasional mysterious error message "Not enough storage..." on running
the first interactive command in a session from the FAR command line or the
editor console.
*) PSF command history - Ctrl-R removes duplicates (it is more standard shortcut
than Delete; Delete still does the same, but in the future this action may be
changed, perhaps).
*) Install-Macro-.ps1 - added "easy prefix" macro ']' in Shell area (John Doe
proposed '>', but it is a matter of preference, of course; besides, ']' allows
one hand typing). So, ']' in empty command line is expanded to 'ps: '.
*) Test-Dialog-.ps1: fixed variable conflicts in user control Drawing handler:
used extra block &{..} that makes variables local and avoids the conflicts.
= 1.1.52 =
*) Test-Dialog-.ps1 uses IControl.Drawing to draw a user control. It shows main
techniques: calculates absolute coordinates using absolute IDialog.Rect and
relative IControl.Rect and writes text by IFar.WritePalette and IFar.WriteText
methods using standard FAR palette or only standard background or foreground.
= 1.1.51 =
*) Operation ``Invoke script from editor (F5)'': set FAR title after invoking to
``Done <time>''. It is useful when a script has no output: at least changed time
tells that the script really was invoked.
*) It changes the selected text in editor, command line or any dialog editbox.
For now there are three options: -ToLower, -ToUpper (similar to EditCase plugin)
and -Replace (covers removed Escape-Selection-.ps1, see below).
*) Updated script Profile-.ps1 to add items ``To lower case'', ``To upper case''
to the user menu, so that these operations can be called by macros.
*) Updated script Extras\Install-Macro-.ps1 to install this macro in three
areas: Editor, Shell, Dialog. It uses keys CtrlU, CtrlShiftU for -ToLower,
-ToUpper (a la Visual Studio and some other editors).
*) Updated Test-Editor-.ps1 to cover new and changed functionality by tests.
*) It is removed because in fact its functionality is completely covered by
Set-Selection- (see above). Of course, you may keep and use the old script.
*) Updated script UserCode-.ps1 (items ``Escape'', ``Unescape'') accordingly.
*) Data are shown together with their type names.
*) Data are sent as arguments (as usual) or via pipeline (new feature).
ps: Debug-Msg- $Far
ps: $Far | Debug-Msg-
*) Fix: it did not work in command line and dialog editbox when an editor was
*) Expansion of @variable, e.g. @co[tab] -> @CommandLineParameters
*) PowerShell.hrc:
-- reviewed representation of constants and system variables
-- parameter variables @name are supported, too
-- numbers are slightly simplified
*) RomanConsole.hrd: changed colors to make them closer to Visual Studio and
Graphical PowerShell colors.
*) RomanRainbow.hrd: (NEW FILE): RGB palette; it is used for example for creation
of colored HTML pages from source files (by colorer.exe). It is generated from
RomanConsole.hrd, i.e. HTML should have same colors as FAR editor.
= 1.1.50 =
- Invoke script from editor (F5): improved logic of external viewer window
- Start-MSBuild-.ps1: slightly improved error messages.
- Some work on documentation.
= 1.1.49 =
- OBSOLETE $Psf.HotLine was moved to FAR.NET; use it as $Far.Line
- Member panel: fixed unwanted extra properties in V2 CTP2 (e.g. for DataRow:
RowError, RowState and etc.)
- Invoke script from editor (F5): set system current directory and PS current
location to the file directory before invoking; this is perhaps less flexible,
but it is more expected. Also, set FAR title to 'Running...' and 'Done' before
and after invoking.
- Get-KeyMap-.ps1:
*) renamed from Get-KeyMap.ps1 because it depends on FAR.NET.
*) description of macros with restrictions starts with '+'.
*) if description is empty then sequence is shown instead.
- Go-Selection-.ps1:
"Go to selection start\end": it works not only in editor but also in command
line and dialog edit boxes. Profile-.ps1 enables these PSF user menu items for
Dialog and Panels areas, so that this operation can be used by macros.
- Profile-Editor-.ps1:
Removed processing of Left and Right ("go to selection start\end") because now
it can be done by uniform macros in all suitable areas.
- Panel-Macro-.ps1:
Simplified a lot and improved due to new FAR.NET macro tools. As a result, macro
member panel is automatically improved, at least validation of input is better.
- Profile-Editor-.ps1:
Removed some code to be used via macros. Still left some code calling Go-Home-
on [Home] key as an example. Mouse right click: show trivial Cut \ Copy \ Paste
- UserCode-.ps1:
Revison of code and usage. Added call to Robocopy-.ps1 (from panels) to copy the
current folder item to another panel. Added call to Set-Breakpoint-.ps1 for the
editor and *.ps1 file in it.
This new folder will contain rarely needed tools mostly for configuration tasks
and other extra files, e.g. for Colorer.
- New script Install-Macro-.ps1 uses new FAR.NET macro features and allows to
install key macros for some available PSF tools. This is a demo, normally you
should use only what you need from this script and you may also want to change
used keys and hotkeys.
- Some of distributed files and scripts moved to EXTRAS directory.
= 1.1.48 =
- Covered yet another parameter expansion case with any not alpha numeric
"garbage" in the beginning of a line (this also fixes a minor unfortunate
regression in the last drop):
#~?!"?$%^&*()<>' = Get-Content -e[TAB] -> Encoding and etc.
- Improved expansion of base and adapted members, e.g.
ps: $xml = [xml]'<tests><test>test</test></tests>' # run this first
$xml.Ou[TAB] -> OuterXml
$xml.te[TAB] -> tests
- $Psf.HotLine: it is OBSOLETE and will be removed. Actually it is not obsolete,
but moved to FAR.NET as $Far.Line, so that FAR.NET plugins can use it, too. As
usual, it is the current editor line in any area (editor, dialog or panels).
- PSF command history opened from a dialog edit box: CtrlEnter inserts text into
the edit box.
- In any list menu keys CtrlC and CtrlIns are used to copy text of the current
item to the clipboard.
- New script Get-KeyMap.ps1: Generates and shows HTML page with FAR key maps for
various areas as tables of 4 colums: key name, default FAR action, common macro,
area macro. It is useful to have this data all in one place to avoid or resolve
key conflicts.
- New script Go-Head-.ps1: "Go to the head panel file or item", see comments.
- Get-Usage.ps1: *) parameter set list is shown for parameters (if it is not
'__AllParameterSets'); *) it is converted from 'script' to 'script-cmdlet' (new
V2 feature).
- Test-Zoo-.ps1: used new PS feature "compile .NET source code on the fly": e.g.
Add-Type <C# code>. As a result, the temp file Test-Zoo-.dll is not used.
= 1.1.47 =
Debugger is getting visual: script source code is shown in the listbox with the
current debugger line selected (and checked). Use Test-Debugger.ps1 to see how
it works.
Editor console: Redraw() is called now on any output, so that you can see output
in progress (this is good for debugging first of all).
Expansion of parameters: in addition to cmdlets and scripts it works also for
currently loaded functions, filters and script cmdlets.
Expansion of types and namespaces: not public types are excluded from processing
and not cached -> no "noise" and better performance (~30%).
Improved expansion of parameters in some tricky cases, e.g.
@(Get-Content $file -TotalCount ($x + $y) -e<TAB>
"@(Get-Content $file -TotalCount ($x + $y) -e<TAB>
'@(Get-Content $file -TotalCount ($x + $y) -e<TAB>
PowerShell.hrc: polished some cases of CTP2 keywords.
RomanConsole.hrd: operators |, >, >>, and etc.: changed background color from
yellow to gray (yellow looks too agressive, say, like warning).
PSF menu command 'Invoke selected code' also works for dialog edit boxes.
Fixed a minor issue in PowerShell.Invoker: Search-Regex-.ps1 used to show
incorrect status 'Failed' when it was actually 'Completed'.
= 1.1.46 =
This version requires PowerShell V2 CTP2. It is not a release version, features
may not work, be removed, changed, etc. If you do not want to risk then use:
- PowerShell V2 CTP + PowerShellFar 1.1.45 + FAR.NET 3.3.44
- or PowerShell V1 + PowerShellFar 1.1.42 + FAR.NET 3.3.42
There are lots of changes, but many of them are too small to be mentioned.
The most important changes are in debugging: breakpoint dialog has new step
buttons [Step], [Over], [Out] and they look working fine. See also the script
Set-Breakpoint-.ps1 - helper for setting breakpoints right in the script editor
and play with demo script Test-Debug-.ps1 (which works in ConsoleHost, too).
To get the list of new panel cmdlets run this:
ps: Get-Command *-Far*Panel -CommandType Cmdlet
For details see the help topic "Cmdlets" and use new script Get-Usage.ps1 (all
the help topics are actually generated by it). NOTE: the cmdlets are ready to
use, but some features may change in the future.
The following scripts are replaced by new cmdlets and not distributed. But they
are not broken, you may keep them on your own:
- Panel-Member-.ps1
- Panel-Object-.ps1
- $Psf.*Items, $Psf.*Items2 (replaced by cmdlet Get-FarItem)
- $Psf.*Paths, $Psf.*Paths2 (replaced by cmdlet Get-FarPath)
- New very handy script Get-Usage.ps1 (host independent). It is sometimes better
than "Get-Help -Full" and, moreover, it also works for cmdlets with no help (FAR
cmdlets for example don't have standard help and some new V2 CTP2 cmdlets, too).
- Cmdlet New-FarEditor: added parameter -Data ~ IEditor.Data
- PowerShell.hrc for Colorer: reflected V2 CTP2 changes and fixed color of hash
keys with the same names as PS keywords.
- New script Start-MSBuild-.ps1 - MSBuild helper. NOTE: this is a beta version,
subject to change or even remove.
= 1.1.45 ( NOTE: required is still 3.3.44 ) =
NEW BUILT-IN CMDLETS (See help topic "Cmdlets")
They are still working and you may keep them from the previous version:
- Get-Data-.ps1 (replaced by cmdlet Get-FarItem)
- New-Editor-.ps1 (replaced by cmdlet New-FarEditor)
They are still working, but they will be removed in the next version:
- $Psf.*Items, $Psf.*Items2 (replaced by cmdlet Get-FarItem)
- $Psf.*Paths, $Psf.*Paths2 (replaced by cmdlet Get-FarPath)
- The script TabExpansion-.ps1 was moved from Bench to the plugin directory and
it is automatically loaded from there once and only when needed. Profile-.ps1:
'manual' installation of TabExpansion was removed - it is not needed any more.
Reminder: the script is independent on a host, i.e. you can use it in console
host too. It is also OK to use your own TabExpansion.ps1 in PowerShellFar.
- Added new cmdlet names to PowerShell.hrc for Colorer.
- Global function Show-Balloon (loaded internaly from the old PowerShellFar.ps1)
was moved to the script Show-Balloon.ps1, so that you still can use it. The
script is independent on the PowerShell host.
= 1.1.44 =
First debugging features (new in V2 CTP)
- New scripts Set-Breakpoint-.ps1 and Test-Debugger.ps1 uses new PS debugging
features. Function, command and variable breakpoints look working fine already,
line breakpoints sometimes do not work (perhaps due to PS beta issues). More
info: see scripts or just run Test-Debugger.ps1 and press F1 in the dialog.
Running scripts from the editor (also for debugging)
- F5 in the .ps1 script editor invokes this script in the current PowerShell
runspace. Key F5 is hardcoded for now, but you can assign another key to
$Psf.InvokeScriptFromEditor() via PSF User Menu and a macro.
- Output is written into a tmp file and an external viewer is started to view it.
Why external? - to be able to view output and at the same time perform some
operations with modal UI, e.g. debugging.
- New $Psf.Settings settings: ExternalViewerFileName and ExternalViewerArguments
allow to set alternative viewer and its arguments, see more in .CHM and example
in Profile-.ps1 (e.g. if you use FAR with ConEmu).
- Invoke-Editor-.ps1 - changed processing of *-.ps1 scripts - it sets error mode
to 'Inquire' and calls new $Psf.InvokeScriptFromEditor().
- .ReadLine() - implemented.
- .Prompt() - re-implemented as a dialog with several input fields. E.g. it is
good for script cmdlets with several missed mandatory parameters; in fact it is
a very simple way to make auto-generated input data dialogs (also with history
automatically stored by cmdlet parameter names). Note: script cmdlets are new in
V2 CTP. Silly example: run Trace-Command without parameters and you will get a
dialog with 2 input fields.
TabExpansion and Complete-Word-
- '*' is added automatically to the end of the initial pattern, so that you can
type any remaining substring, e.g. for GET-PSJOB you may type only g[TAB]jo, not
g[TAB]*jo. Note: '*' can be undone by backspace.
- TabExpansion expands all variable names, not global only; it is useful when
execution is suspended and you deal with the current scope variables.
- TabExpansion expands 'win32..[TAB]' as WMI classes from ROOT\CIMV2, e.g.
win32_des[TAB] -> Win32_DesktopMonitor, Win32_Desktop.
- Fixed expansion of script parameters with default values.
Refactoring (perhaps breaking)
- For better performance and to avoid misuse: type of $Psf.*Items, $Psf.*Items2,
$Psf.*Paths, $Psf.*Paths2 and .*Items of AnyPanel and derived panels were
converted from Collection<> to IEnumerable<>. If you already use them
effectively then you will not notice this change. Otherwise you have to improve
your scripts:
*) use them as pipeline input: '$Psf.Items | ...';
*) use them with 'foreach($item ...', not with 'for($index ...';
*) and if you REALLY need them as arrays then use @(): @($Psf.Items).
- New script Clear-Session.ps1, see its comments for details.
- $Psf and $Far are constant for all scopes, i.e. they really never change now.
- $Host.PrivateData is not supported any more; exception on any access.
- Panel-Macro-.ps1 - fixed a few multiline sequence editor issues.
- Fix: IEditor.Open(): if a file is already opened then start position, if any,
was not set (e.g. you could not go to error line from "PowerShell errors" list,
if a file is already in the editor).
= 1.1.43 =
IMPORTANT: this version requires PowerShell V2 CTP
It is not a release version, features may not work, be removed, changed, etc. If
you do not want to risk then stay with PowerShell V1 and PowerShellFar 1.1.42 +
FAR.NET 3.3.42 and wait for the next CTP (end of April, they say) or the next
release (date unknown).
Download and install PowerShell V2 CTP (this link is for English version):
Mind other links at this page:
- you HAVE TO install AT FIRST (!!) WS-Management 1.1
- you may (but DON'T HAVE TO) install .NET Framework 3.0 to use Graphical
PowerShell (it's only a demo, I would not recommend it) and Out-GridView (it is
quite nice, but perhaps .NET 3.0 is too much if it is only for this).
- Expansion of script parameters uses new PSParser API (see GetScriptParameter
in TabExpansion-.ps1); as a result, now you don't have to put one parameter per
line to make this working, it should work for any script (or it is a defect of
GetScriptParameter, report it).
- Type and namespace names are expanded not only after '[' but also immediately
after New-Object: e.g. New-Object System.da[Tab]
PowerShell.hrc for Colorer
- new operators -split and -join
- new language keywords Data and Cmdlet
- new system variables $CommandLineParameters $PSVersionTable $Culture $UICulture
- new cmdlets Get-PSBreakpoint Get-PSCallStack Remove-PSJob New-PSBreakpoint
ConvertFrom-StringData Start-PSJob Disable-PSBreakpoint Import-LocalizedData
Stop-PSJob Enable-PSBreakpoint Get-Runspace Wait-PSJob Remove-PSBreakpoint
New-Runspace Invoke-WMIMethod Step-Into Remove-Runspace Remove-WMIObject
Step-Out Get-PsJob Set-WMIInstance Step-Over Receive-PSJob Out-GridView
Other Changes
- Improved input box called on missed cmdlet parameters, Read-Host and etc.:
better arrangement of prompt messages and enabled TabExpansion on [Tab].
- Search-Regex-.ps1 - new parameter [switch] -Groups and checkbox in the input
dialog - it tells to put to a panel found regex groups instead of full matches.
- New Test-Msg-.ps1 - a few extreme cases of FAR.NET message boxes.
- Auto name of .psfconsole file: 24 hours time format.
= 1.1.42 =
- Refactoring for the new FAR.NET drop (menus and list controls).
- Test-Dialog-.ps1: new button [List] tests new dynamic list controls.
- Complete-Word-.ps1 - do not show error message if there is no input.
- Profile-Editor-.ps1 - call Show-Hlf-.ps1 only for .hlf files
- Show-Hlf-.ps1 - removed return value not used any more by Profile-Editor-.ps1
= 1.1.41 =
- Search-Regex-.ps1: added checkbox 'Background input' to the input dialog -
useful for relatively simple but very time consuming commands like this:
= 1.1.40 =
- New script Generate-Dialog-.ps1 generates creation code for any opened dialog.
- TabExpansion and Complete-Word-.ps1 work on any edit control in any dialog (in
addition to the editor and the command line). Complete-Word- takes words from
the control history if any or from the command line history if the control has
no history.
- $Psf.HotLine is now ILine from the editor, the command line or (NEW!) edit or
combobox control in any dialog. In other words you can now operate almost on any
text being edited in FAR. TabExpansion and Complete-Word-.ps1 actually both use
this $Psf.HotLine.
- Search-Regex-.ps1 was simplified and made much easier to use. Added a dialog
to enter not defined input data and options, see more in help (e.g. run it and
press F1). The new version is not compatible with the old one due to the params
-Path, -Include, -Force removed, but nothing is missed: you can move that params
to Get-ChildItem and use pipeline:
ps: Get-ChildItem -Path .. [-Include ..] [-Force] | Search-Regex- ..
- Improved some cases of $Psf.Paths, SelectedPaths and other similar properties,
so that they work fine also for a temp panel, for example.
- Show-CallStack: *) more info about the last errors; *) fixed potential dead
lock when it is called from an event handler.
- Function Show-Balloon: default timeout is 30 sec.; old value 0 sec. was not
good at some machines.
- Improved some internal operations with script blocks instead of commands.
= 1.1.39 =
COPY ALL FILES from "Plugin" to "%FARHOME%\Plugins.NET\PowerShellFar\"
- Property Description of file system items (e.g. result of Get-*Item) is now
writable. New demo script Test-Descript-.ps1 shows it.
- $Host.UI.RawUI: implemented most of missed functionality. Warning: so far
$Host.UI.RawUI is recommended only for reading data, writing in FAR is a bit
different story.
- MemberPanel and PropertyPanel: it is allowed to edit null values or unknown
data types (using =... in FAR command line). Only string can be entered and only
if assignment of a string is allowed by an object.
- Show-CallStack.ps1
- "Editor console" menu: .psfconsole files are stored in %TEMP%\psfconsole. If
there are existing files then on "Editor console" you are prompted to open one
of them or to press escape for a new one.
= 1.1.38 =
- New script Edit-Descript-.ps1 to edit pseudo multiline descriptions in the
internal editor. Default pseudo line delimiter is " _ ", it is of course shown
in panels or when you modify text by standard one-liner Ctrl-Z. In editor these
delimiters are replaced with new lines. You can call it from panels, editor and
viewer for the current item or define a file as a parameter.
- Profile-.ps1: added "Edit description" to the user menu.
- New built-in function Export-Descript.
- OEM encoding in built-in function Import-Descript.
- Some cases of incorrect $Psf.CurrentPath, e.g. for a temp panel.
- New: PowerShellFar.UserPanel.SetGetData, see Panel-Process-.ps1
- Panel-Process-.ps1 - CtrlR updates not only properties of already shown
processes, but the list itself too, i.e. new processes are shown, exited
processes are removed. + New parameter -Where to filter processes dynamically.
- TabExpansion-.ps1: 1) takes into account that "System." can be omitted; 2)
wildcards are not permitted anymore, only substrings (starts with *), example:
[*commandt<TAB> (then you can use wildcards just in the list incrementally).
= 1.1.37 =
Recommended FAR 1.71.2315
- Various menu items are enabled \ disabled according to the current area.
- Test-Dialog-.ps1: added new FAR IUserContol to emulate dialog MouseClicked.
- Test-Dialog-.ps1: removed button [Code] as not needed - starting from FAR
1.71.2309 you can invoke PowerShell commands from any FAR dialog using F11 \
PowerShellFar \ Invoke input code...
- Revised obsolete plugin code and scripts, see FAR.NET 3.3.37 History.txt
= 1.1.36 =
Requires FAR 1.71 alpha 4 (build 2309)
NOTE: PowerShellFar menu is shown on F11 in dialogs (new FAR feature) and most
of commands work fine, but some of them may have unwanted effects that will be
fixed in future versions (i.e. do not report these issues for now).
- Added new PowerShellFar menu item "Errors..." to view PowerShell errors and,
if source is available, open a source file in the internal editor at the error
- ObjectPanel StartSortMode is set to unsorted; it looks like in many cases it
is better to view objects in their original order. Of course, sorting by name
(or whatever) still can be set by a script or manually before or after Show().
- Removed the script Build-Call-.ps1; it is still working, but it will not be
supported, keep it yourself if you use it. TabExpansion of cmdlet and script
parameters actually provides similar functionality.
- Removed auto-trimming of editor line ends from Profile-Editor-.ps1; this task
is now implemented as FAR.NET sample TrimSaving (just in case if you use it).
= 1.1.35 =
- Error message when FAR started with /e or /v
- Issue on copy/move from an ItemPanel to an incompatible panel.
- Internal changes needed for the latest version of FAR.NET.
- New scripts Test-RegisterCommand-.ps1, Test-RegisterFiler-.ps1,
Test-RegisterTool-.ps1 demonstrate $Far.Register*|Unregister* methods.
= 1.1.34 =
- Prefixes (main and jobs) are removed from PSF settings and the config dialog.
FAR.NET now takes care of all plugin prefixes, see FAR Options \ Plugins
configuration \ .NET \ Prefix tools.
- PowerShellFar probably lost its hotkey, go to Options \ Plugins configuration \
.NET and set a hotkey by ampersand in Panels tools, Editor tools, Viewer tools
(yes, a plugin now may have different hotkeys in different areas).
- Plugin menu command "Power panel" works also from not modal editors\viewers.
- Step queue processing was partially moved into FAR.NET, so that any FAR.NET
plugin can use it too. As a result PSF does not need the menu command "Go" and
configuration option hotkey, they were removed.
- New class PowerShellFar.Stepper implements all this and provides more control
on step processing. New script Test-Stepper-.ps1 is an example.
- Avoided "Can not write at this moment..." limitation. A script does not fail
now, its output is written to the user screen (under panels). In other words,
Write-Host should work always. Write-Error still has some limitations, e.g. it
fails when it is called from Stepper steps (but it is not really a big deal).
= 1.1.33 =
- Many new features were added to FAR.NET, see its History.txt; the most
interesting is pushing panels (you can now keep as many panels as you want) but
there are even more new features. PowerShellFar shows them in new test scripts.
- Script Test-Panel-.ps1 shows basic operations on base FAR.NET panels including
new features: custom key bar labels and custom info panel lines.
- Script Test-OpenFile-.ps1 shows how to use OpenFilePlugin FAR API.
= 1.1.32 =
NEW: Update-Far.ps1
Update-Far.ps1 downloads new alpha version and updates FAR. It is OK and even
better to run this script from FAR (in this case you don't have to specify
parameter -FarDir) . Note that it is standard PowerShell script, not PSF.
NEW: step queue tools
Many FAR operations are executed only when FAR gets control, i.e. when your code
has finished. This restriction is quite a problem if you actually want several
such operations to be executed together. Step queue technique in PowerShellFar
may help:
- Plugin option Hotkey ~ $Psf.Settings.PluginHotkey; it should be set to the
PowerShellFar hotkey from the F11 menu. It is needed for step queue processing.
- New methods $Psf.Go()/ToGo(), plugin command "Go!" - tools of a step queue
processing. Script Test-Go-.ps1 shows what it is and how it works. See its
comments for more or just run it.
- Power panels (e.g. opened by scripts Panel-*.ps1 from Bench) can now be
started not only from panels but also from not modal editors and viewers.
- Implemented work around Rename-Item problems with symbols *?[]. E.g. it was a
problem to rename a macro "Ctrl[" in Panel-Macro-.ps1. It should work fine now.
- Fixed a few bugs.
- You can call it from editor or viewer to edit a macro sequence in another
modal editor (call by "Invoke input code" or better add a command to the user
menu/code, see Profile-.ps1).
- [F4] (NEW) on a macro opens a modal editor to edit a sequence; if you want to
view/edit other properties as usual press [Enter] (in this case [F4] opens not
modal editors).
- FAR.NET: IFar.AnotherPanel will be removed, use IFar.Panel2 instead.
- Will be removed or changed: [CtrlA] = "open properties" in ItemPanel (e.g.
Registry, key values). Use [ShiftEnter] instead.
- Settings.MaxHistoryCount: number of commands kept in the registry.
- MemberPanel and PropertyPanel remember the last current item name; when you
open a panel next time then an item with this name is current.
- SetEdit() moved from UserPanel to AnyPanel, so that you can override default
action; example: Panel-Macro-.ps1: [F4] opens an editor in customized Registry
panel (try the same in standard Registry panel - operation is not supported).
= 1.1.31 =
FAR MACROS PANEL (multi-line sequences are supported)
- New script Panel-Macro-.ps1 (alpha) to explore and view/edit macros. Note that
F4 on a Sequence allows to edit multi-line macros in FAR editor. You work on a
macro in a panel, not in modal dialogs, so that you can save (CtrlS) a macro,
test it and continue edit immediately. See more in the script comments.
- Enabled operation copy-here (ShiftF5) for more providers. E.g. working with
macros (i.e. Registry provider), see above, you can duplicate a macro in the
same area with a new name. As usual you can copy/move items to another item
panel (for macros use the second macro panel).
- Some functionality was added to Power panels for the sake of Panel-Macro-.ps1.
Actually it shows how to create and configure a provider item panel for special
data with special operations. This approach is very promising and it will be
further developed (read, changed).
- Quite a number of FAR.NET changes to improve intelli-lists and other list
menus (TabExpansion, Complete-Word-.ps1, history, etc.). If you use in your
scripts IMenu filters, then you have to migrate to IListMenu. IMenu now is pure
set of commands and optional break keys, just like in FAR. IListMenu is designed
for much more. See history in FAR.NET 3.3.31 and updated documentation.
- TabExpansion-.ps1 - improved expansion of full paths (i.e. with slashes)
including registry and network paths.
= 1.1.30 =
LIST MENUS (with incremental filter - NEW!)
- FAR.NET introduced a new UI feature: list menu (IListMenu). It is used in
menus that are rather object lists than command sets. In PSF they are now:
Command history, TabExpansion, Complete-Word-.ps1, Select-Menu-.ps1,
Show-History-.ps1. All these menus have incremental filter and some of them
still have permanent filter (primary). Both filters may work together. Note that
default permanent filter key changed to CtrlDown (but it is configurable now).
- $Psf.Settings has new properties, kind of user preferences, mostly UI. See
more in .hlf, .chm and some examples in Profile-.ps1
- Panel-Object-.ps1: fixed call with -Append switch.
- "TabExpansion-.ps1": all parameter set (i.e. -[Tab]) is sorted and contains
unique names (it used to return parameters by groups which is not good now for
new incremental filter).
- Changed Job.State type from string to enum PipelineState (it is not breaking -
in scripts you may continue using strings).
= 1.1.29 =
- Good news for those who uses PSF frequently - now PS is initialized in the
background, so that FAR starts much faster (if PSF was preloadable) and the
first PS command is invoked without a delay. Option "Plugin preloadable" was
removed from settings at all.
- BUT, FOR EDITOR EVENTS (just in case is you use):
this scenario does not allow you to install editor handlers from the main
profile ("Main startup code"); you have to move all such code to a separate
profile defined by new option "Editor startup code" (code executed once when you
open editor the first time). See more in updated help topic "Plugin settings".
- Removed operation "Close session". It was not really useful, but it was able
to make problems, e.g. on existing editor handlers added from scripts. When you
really need a new session then restart FAR or open another one.
- Search-Regex-.ps1: fixed error message on [Enter] on already opened file.
- Fixed unwanted creation of global variables in internal operations of
TabExpansion and PropertyPanel ($line, $lastword, $item, $literalname, $name)
and in scripts (handler scriptblocks executed in global scope were converted
from {..} to {&{..}}, so that their variables are in a local scope).
- New small job test in Test-Job-.ps1 (TEST 3)
- New predefined global function Show-Balloon (defined in PowerShellFar.ps1).
It is used to notify about startup code errors. You can use it too. E.g. type
in command line:
ps: Show-Balloon 'Title' 'Message'
- Improved output of background jobs on Write-{Debug|Error|Verbose|Warning}.
- Minor simplification of Robocopy-.ps1
- As it was announced in 1.1.28 obsolete methods were removed:
$Psf.CollectHistory(), $Psf.InputPowerShell(), $Psf.ExpandCode().
- Internal profile PowerShellFar.ps1 is not distributed any more, but it is
still used internally (Sources\Resources\PowerShellFar.ps1)
= 1.1.28 =
- Word-completion bug in editor console (.psfconsole files).
- Added new plugin menu command "Snap-ins" allowing you to add or remove
registered PowerShell snap-ins. See also help.
- Most of menu commands now have corresponding public methods in $Psf, e.g.
"Snap-ins" ~ $Psf.ShowSnapIns(), "TabExpansion" ~ $Psf.ExpandCode() and etc.
In other words, almost any plugin UI feature can be called from PowerShell.
- Added AnyPanel.AddMenuItem() (panel menu called on [ShiftF3]). See demo script
- Added simplified lookup for DataPanel: MemberPanel.CreateDataLookup() creates
a simple handler for DataPanel.SetLookup(). Example: Test-Panel-Notes-.ps1 (old
example is not removed because it demonstrates how lookup actually works and can
be used in complex cases, e.g. when a value is calculated by lookup data).
Namespace Windows was renamed into WinKit. A few words about it: it is not
related to FAR. Everything is experimental and subject to change. Changes:
- Windows.NativeMethods.ShowWindow -> WinKit.Window.Activate
- Windows.NativeMethods.NewHardLink -> WinKit.Tools.CreateHardLink
Some methods were renamed for better consistency of existing and future public
names. The old methods still exist but will be removed in the next version:
- Remaned $Psf.CollectHistory() into $Psf.GetHistory().
- Remaned $Psf.InputPowerShell() into $Psf.InputCode().
- Remaned $Psf.ExpandPowerShell() into $Psf.ExpandCode().
= 1.1.27 =
This is the first version with documented code (download "PowerShellFar.chm").
This help file contains both FAR.NET and PowerShellFar references, or, in other
words, everything you need for writing PowerShellFar scripts and automating FAR
via FAR.NET. Note that "PowerShellFar.hlf" may still contain useful information
not included in .chm documentation (UI, scripts, techniques, tips and etc.)
"PowerShellFar.xml" (code comments) is also distributed now. It can be used for
example by .NET Reflector or in Visual Studio (just in case if somebody wants to
create an assembly dependent on PowerShellFar.dll - comments should be available
for Object Browser, intellisense and etc.)
All the code was revised to make documented features more consistent and easier
to use and to hide everything that should be used only internally. There is tiny
probability that some changes are breaking, e.g. AnyPanel: renamed method Find()
into GetPanel().
At first this functionality was designed for DataPanel only. Now it can be used
in more cases, for example see new demo script Test-Panel-Lookup-.ps1 and
comments there for details.