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Enables debugging on terminating errors.
Author: Roman Kuzmin
The command exploits updates of the variable StackTrace on terminating
errors. Setting this variable breakpoint enables debugging on failures.
Without parameters this command enables debugging on failures globally.
Invoke a troublesome script and debug it right at the problem point.
Use the switch Off in order to turn debugging on errors off.
.Parameter Script
Sets a breakpoint in each of the specified script files.
See: Get-Help Set-PSBreakpoint -Parameter Script
.Parameter Action
Specifies commands that run at each breakpoint.
See: Get-Help Set-PSBreakpoint -Parameter Action
.Parameter Off
Tells to turn debugging on errors off, i.e. remove all StackTrace
breakpoints. Other parameters are ignored.
Get-PSBreakpoint -Variable StackTrace | Remove-PSBreakpoint
if (!$Off) {
if ($Script) {
$null = Set-PSBreakpoint -Variable StackTrace -Mode Write -Action $Action -Script $Script
else {
$null = Set-PSBreakpoint -Variable StackTrace -Mode Write -Action $Action