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* `LOOP_URGENT` (`60`) - The number of minutes since the last loop that needs to be exceeded before an urgent alarm is triggered
* Add `loop` to `SHOW_FORECAST` to show forecasted BG.

##### `alexa` (Amazon Alexa)
Integration with Amazon Alexa, [detailed setup instructions](lib/plugins/

##### `cors` (CORS)
Enabled [CORS]( so other websites can make request to your Nightscout site, uses these extended settings:
* `CORS_ALLOW_ORIGIN` (`*`) - The list of sites that are allow to make requests

#### Extended Settings
Some plugins support additional configuration using extra environment variables. These are prefixed with the name of the plugin and a `_`. For example setting `MYPLUGIN_EXAMPLE_VALUE=1234` would make `extendedSettings.exampleValue` available to the `MYPLUGIN` plugin.

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