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The meta project aggregator for Nightscout

Visit for more details.

This is the source code for that site. See project wiki's for more details.

Use issues to request clarifications, additional FAQs.

Or use the wiki to submit corrections/typos. And of course, we accept pull requests.

Getting Started, how to run the site

  1. Clone the project and run the server

    git clone git://
    npm install
    ./node_modules/.bin/docpad run
  2. Open http://localhost:9778/

  3. Start hacking away by modifying the src directory


This skeleton is made "public domain" using the Creative Commons Zero, as such before you publish your website you should place your desired license here and within the file.

If you are wanting to open-source your website, we suggest using the Creative Commons Attribution License for content and the MIT License for code. In which case you'd probably want to use the following as your license:

Unless stated otherwise, all content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License and code licensed under the MIT License, © Nightscout contributors