Roadmap and Priorities

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Current projects:


  • @bewest: MQTT, Unit tests, Auth, Research opt-in, Alarm thresholds
  • @ktind: MQTT, Unit tests, Research opt-in, QR code
  • @rnpenguin: MQTT, Native Android monitor app, Unit tests
  • @scottleibrand: Medtronic Uploader, Alarm thresholds, Auth, Research opt-in
  • @danamlewis: Research opt-in; Auth; treatment entry apps
  • @jimsiff: Easier deploy options (Azure and Heroku buttons)
  • @trhodeos: MQTT (deltas)
  • @jasoncalabrese: Care Portal Temp Basal and Combo/Extended Basal, options to enable IOB and RAW in mainline, Care Portal (treatment editing), Remote Android Monitor (with Android Wear/Pebble)
  • @hackingtype1: iOS App


  • Two way texting to nighscout. Cheap phone text: "what is Mark's blood glucose". System "it is 155". This way families around the world who can't afford a bunch of smart phones with web browsers can use a dumb phone with texting capability to see blood glucose values. Assigned to the Necroscope.
  • Notifications (SMS / push)
  • Support for Accessibility like JAWS or screen readers. Enable those wit disabilities to use Nightscout,
  • On initial startup, go straight to settings / install wizard
  • Easier deploy options
    • Make sure they are compatible with upgrade & support responsibilities
  • Re-organize D3 code to be modular
  • Redesign app to be more responsive
  • Android uploader graph UI: webview, or something else?
    • Don’t hide / cut off data.
  • Care portal UI
  • Custom alarm plugins
  • Android wear
  • Improved Google Analyitics
  • Activity data
  • Make install guide printable either via a css style sheet or a wordpress plugin. It is long install people should be able to print out a section or the whole thing if needed. Make a print button.
  • Clean up old dev-documentation that is floating around (github wiki, page, etc).