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Addon for commonly used utility functions
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Addon for commonly used utility functions

###bool ticker(bool toggle, int interval);

  • Return a boolean value for every interval.

###int counter(bool increment, int maxValue);

  • Whenever this function receives 'true' it increments an int starting at '0' and ending at int maxValue.

###int timer(int maxTime);

  • A milliseconds timer that resets on every 'int maxTime'.

###bool triggerOnEqual(int input, int compare);

  • A simple logic statement that returns a very brief 'true' value then resets to 'false' until comparision is equal again.

bool stateCheck(float input, float thresh);

  • If the 'input' is greater than 'thresh' this function returns a very brief 'true'.

###bool stateCheck(float input, float minThresh, float maxThresh);

  • If 'input' is less than 'minThresh' return brief 'true' or if 'input' is greater than 'maxThresh'

###float rampToggle(bool toggle, float speedUp, float speedDown);

  • Ramp up 0.0 - 1.0 with specified time if 'true'.
  • Ramp down 1.0 - 0.0 with specified time if 'false.

###float smoothData(vector inputData, const int smoothAmt);

  • Function for smoothing and return a float value.
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