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A static analysis tool for Android and iOS applications focusing on security issues outside the source code such as resource strings, third party libraries and configuration files.


Python 3 is required and you can find all required modules in the requirements.txt file. Only tested on Python 3.7 but should work on other 3.x releases. No plans to 2.x support at this time.


You can install this via PIP as follows:

pip install truegaze

To download and run manually, do the following:

git clone
cd truegaze
pip install -r requirements.txt
python -m truegaze.cli

How to use

To list modules:

truegaze list

To scan an application:

truegaze scan test.apk
truegaze scan test.ipa

To scan multiple applications:

truegaze scan *.apk
truegaze scan *.ipa

Sample output

Listing modules:

user@localhost:~/$ truegaze list
Total active plugins: 3
|      Name      |               Description                 | Android | iOS   |
| AdobeMobileSdk | Detection of incorrect SSL configuration  |  True   | True  |
|                |          in the Adobe Mobile SDK          |         |       |
| FirebasePlugin | Detection of insecure Firebase databases  |  True   | False |
|                |          and GCP storage buckets          |         |       |
| WeakKeyPlugin  |  Detection of weak Android signing keys   |  True   | False |

Scanning an application:

user@localhost:~/$ truegaze scan ~/test.ipa
Identified as an iOS application via a manifest located at: Payload/
Scanning using the "AdobeMobileSdk" plugin
-- Found 1 configuration file(s)
-- Scanning "Payload/'
---- FOUND: The ["analytics"]["ssl"] setting is missing or false - SSL is not being used
---- FOUND: The ["remotes"]["analytics.poi"] URL doesn't use SSL:
---- FOUND: The ["remotes"]["messages"] URL doesn't use SSL:
---- FOUND: A "templateurl" in ["messages"]["payload"] doesn't use SSL:{}&zip={}&c16={%sdkver%}&c27=cln,{a.PrevSessionLength}
---- FOUND: A "templateurl" in ["messages"]["payload"] doesn't use SSL:{}&zip={}&c16={%sdkver%}&c27=cln,{a.PrevSessionLength}

Display installed version:

user@localhost:~/$ truegaze version
Current version: v0.2

Online scans

Most of the scans are run offline and do not need access to the Internet. In order to run the scans that require online access, use the "--online" option. Please use legally.

Development Information


The application is command line and will consist of several modules that check for various vulnerabilities. Each module does its own scanning, and all results get printed to command line.

Reporting bugs and feature requests

Please use the GitHub issue tracker to report issues or suggest features:

You can also send emai to research /at/ nightwatchcybersecurity [dot] com


  • More unit test coverage for code that interacts with Click
  • Ability to extract additional files from online source
  • Ability to check if a particular vulnerability is exploitable
  • Ability to produce JSON or XML output that can feed into other tools
  • More modules!

About the name

"True Gaze" or "Истинное Зрение" is a magical spell that reveals the invisible (from the book "Last Watch" by Sergei Lukyanenko)


Static analysis tool for Android/iOS apps focusing on security issues outside the source code




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