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Fully integrated, easy to use End-to-End testing framework for web applications and websites written in Node.js. Maintained by @browserstack


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Nightwatch is an integrated testing framework powered by Node.js and using the W3C Webdriver API. It is the complete testing solution, developed at BrowserStack.

Nightwatch is trusted by thousands of software teams around the world since 2014 and it is used for:

☑️ End-to-end testing of web applications and websites
☑️ Component testing in isolation (Storybook / React / Vue / Vite)
☑️ Mobile app testing (since in v2.6 ✨)
☑️ API testing with Supertest
☑️ Unit testing of Node.js projects and libraries

⚙️ Get started with Nightwatch in 60 seconds

# from your existing project's root dir
$ npm init nightwatch@latest

# if you want to initialize a new project
$ npm init nightwatch@latest path/to/new/project

Nightwatch Examples

For various Nightwatch samples and boilerplate projects, check out the Nightwatch Community.


  1. nightwatch nightwatch Public

    Integrated end-to-end testing framework written in Node.js and using W3C Webdriver API. Developed at @browserstack

    JavaScript 11.7k 1.3k

  2. nightwatch-plugin-react nightwatch-plugin-react Public

    Nightwatch plugin which adds support for React component testing using the Vite dev server. Requires Nightwatch 2.3+

    JavaScript 4 10

  3. nightwatch-plugin-apitesting nightwatch-plugin-apitesting Public

    Run API tests in Nightwatch using supertest

    JavaScript 2 7

  4. nightwatch-plugin-vue nightwatch-plugin-vue Public

    Nightwatch plugin which adds support for Vue component testing using the Vite dev server. Requires Nightwatch 2.3+

    JavaScript 3 6

  5. mobile-helper-tool mobile-helper-tool Public

    Easily setup all the requirements needed to get started with mobile-testing using Nightwatch.

    JavaScript 2 11

  6. nightwatch-plugin-browserstack nightwatch-plugin-browserstack Public

    Official @nightwatchjs plugin to integrate with Browserstack Local

    JavaScript 4 16


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