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The example below navigates to, searches for the term "nightwatch.js", then clears the input using clearValue command and finally verifies if the results container is empty:

module.exports = {
  before : function(browser) {
    // see
    browser.globals.waitForConditionTimeout = 5000;

'clearValue example test' : function (browser) {

  .setValue('input[type=text]', 'nightwatch.js')



after : function(browser) { browser.end(); } };


[Clear Value] Test Suite

Running: clearValue example test ✔ Element <input[type=text]> was visible after 68 milliseconds. ✔ Expected element <#rcnt> text to contain: "" - condition was met in 763ms ✔ Expected element <#rcnt> text to equal: "" - condition was met in 36ms

OK. 3 assertions passed. (7.593s)

Possible Errors

Here are the type of errors that you might get when using clearValue. Full error details are available when running nightwatch with --verbose flag.

  • invalid element state - if the referenced element is disabled or is not displayed.
  • element not visible - if the referenced element is not visible on the page (either is hidden by CSS, has 0-width, or has 0-height)