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Parallel Running

Nightwatch supports the tests to be run in parallel. This can be achieved either via test workers or by running multiple test environments in parallel.

Via Workers

When this is enabled the test runner will launch a configurable number of child processes and then distribute the loaded tests over to be ran in parallel.

To enable test workers, set the test_workers top-level property, like so:

"test_workers": {
  "enabled": true,
  "workers": "auto"

or, simply:

"test_workers": true

The workers option configures how many child processes can run concurrently.

  • "auto" - determined by number of CPUs e.g. 4 CPUs means 4 workers
  • {number} - specifies an exact number of workers

Test concurrency is done at the file level. Each test file will fill a test worker slot. Individual tests/steps in a test file will not run concurrently.

Version 0.9 brings improved support for displaying output when running tests in parallel. We recommend setting `detailed_output` to `false` in your test settings for improved output readability.

Multiple Environments

$ nightwatch -e default,chrome

The above will run two environments named default and chrome in parallel.

Terminal Output

Each environment will be run as a separate child_process and the output will be sent to the main process.

To make the output easier to read, Nightwatch by default buffers the output from each child process and displays everything at the end, grouped by environment.

If you'd like to disable the output buffering and see the output from each child process as it is sent to stdout, simply set the property "live_output" : true on the top level in your nightwatch.json (e.g. after selenium).
You can create a separate environment per browser (by chaining desiredCapabilities) and then run them in parallel. In addition, using the filter and exclude options tests can be split per environment in order to be ran in parallel.