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The public NPM release of Nightwatch 2.0 is here and can be installed directly with:

npm i nightwatch --save-dev

Over the past few weeks we have worked tirelessly to finalise the apis, add a few more examples, and try and smooth over any rough edges.

Important Changes

  • Added a new plugin API; check out the docs for how to create a Nightwatch plugin:
  • Added support for using nightwatch.conf.cjs as config file for projects that use ES Modules
  • Upgraded chai expect to version 5 and added support for using regular chai browser.expect() assertions; this doesn't affect the existing expect.element(), expect.elements(), expect.cookie(), expect.title(), and expect.url().
    • Example:
    const infoElement = element('.info');
    expect('innerHTML'))'string')'validation code');
    See examples/tests/shadowRootExample.js for the complete example.


  • Added several new assertions:
    • titleEquals
    • titleMatches
    • urlMatches
    • textMatches
    • textEquals
    • domPropertyMatches
    • attributeMatches
    • valueEquals
    • hasClass
    • hasAttribute
    • elementsCount
  • Added new element commands:
    • getFirstElementChild
    • getNextSibling
    • getPreviousSibling
    • hasDescendants
    • isPresent
  • Added new API mouse actions:
    • clickAndHold
    • rightClick
    • releaseMouseButton
  • Added new --devtools CLI flag to open the Chrome Devtools automatically


  • Fixed #2955 - an issue caused by missing the browserName capability
  • Fixed fixed an issue with creating the log folder for writing the webdriver logs (2cff6df)