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@beatfactor beatfactor released this 19 Oct 15:15
· 234 commits to main since this release

New features

The v2.4.0 release brings improved support for Component Testing, which includes:

  • @nightwatch/storybook
    • new official plugin which integrates Nightwatch with Storybook
    • adds ability to run component stories directly from Nightwatch, including:
      • interaction tests using the play() function
      • run test hooks in the Nightwatch context
      • run test() function in the Nightwatch context
      • run configured accessibility rules automatically using the axe-core suite of commands
  • vite-plugin-nightwatch
    • upgraded plugin to use Vite 3
  • @nightwatch/vue
    • new dedicated Vue.js component testing plugin which includes Vite 3 and manages its own Vite dev server
  • @nightwatch/react

New CLI flags

  • --serial to run tests in serial mode (disable parallelism)
  • --workers to specify the number of test workers to be used when running tests in parallel
  • --reuse-browser to reuse the browser session if running in serial mode

component testing related

  • --debug – automatically pause the test execution after mounting the component and open the Nightwatch debug REPL interface.
  • --story - allows to specify which story to run from the current file (when using Storybook or JSX written in component story format)
  • --preview - used to preview a component story/test; automatically pause the test execution after mounting the component.

Other Improvements

  • Added support to use --devtools CLI flag in Edge and Safari to open the Dev Tools automatically
  • Added support to enable running tests in parallel by default if not set PR #3364
  • Added support for using nightwatch.conf.ts as config file and a few other improvements for running typescript tests PR #3316


  • Fixed #3404 an issue with the moveTo command
  • Fixed #3256 .verify assertions do not resolve when called from within the .perform() command