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@AutomatedTester AutomatedTester released this 21 Jun 18:20
· 137 commits to main since this release

We’re super excited to announce the release of Nightwatch v3. It that has been built around these three pillars:

  • Developer Experience: The entire experience from getting started, to writing and debugging tests, has been redesigned for speed, stability, and consistent non-flaky results.

  • Mobile first: Test your web or native, iOS and Android, mobile applications on simulators, real mobile devices or a cloud grid like BrowserStack.

  • One test automation framework: Run all types of tests from unit, component, and E2E to API, visual, and accessibility with a single framework.

New features

New element APIs

With Nightwatch v3, we have revamped the element API to make test authoring simpler and more concise. Learn more
More rich & powerful selectors

New selectors are introduced as part of this latest versions





You can also chain selectors to find elements that are more complex to find

For E.g.

browser.element.find('CSS Selector').findByText('text').click();


Performance improvements

Nightwatch v3 has implemented worker threads for parallel runs and we have observed improvements of up to 25% between Nightwatch v2 & v3. Try it now

Nightwatch inspector

Nightwatch v3 introduces a point and click tool that can help you easily find selectors. It will improve your productivity of authoring tests & help you find durable selectors for lower long term maintenance. Learn more

Angular component testing

With Nightwatch v3 you can test Angular components in isolation by mounting them in the browser. Try it now

Test doubles

The unit testing with Nightwatch got an upgrade as v3 introduced test doubles. You can use mocks, stubs & spies in your Nightwatch tests.


Other Improvements

Breaking changes

We have tried to ensure that there are no breaking changes while upgrading to v3. However, in case you need migration assistance please reach out to us on our new Nightwatch v3 channel on Discord