List recent account activity and sign-out from all sessions opened on other computers
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List all active sessions and sign-out from all sessions opened on other computers.

Developed at software shop.


This app records and shows last session activity and allows users to sign-out from all active sessions, even remote ones.

In other words, it handles the following use case:

You come back home and realize that you forgot to log out on your work/university/other remote computer. What now?

You take a look at the recent active sessions for your account and click a single button to deactivate all sessions opened on other computers.


  1. Include django-session-activity in your requirements.txt file.

  2. Add session_activity to INSTALLED_APPS and migrate/syncdb.

  3. Add session_activity.middleware.SessionActivityMiddleware to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES after the django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware and django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware middleware classes.

  4. Add url config for session list and sign-out views:

    url(r'^sessions/', include('session_activity.urls')),

    Then link to the main view using {% url "session_activity_list" %} template tag.

  5. Optionally copy & modify the session_list.html template to match your look and feel expectations.


django-session-activity depends on django>=1.5.0, django-appconf>=0.6 and python-dateutil.


The full documentation is at (TODO).

There's also an instant demo example that can be run from the cloned repository:



django-session-activity is released under the MIT license.

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