Twilio integration for SMS-based Django apps
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Twilio integration for SMS-based Django apps

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Developed and used at software shop.


  1. Include django-twilio-sms in your requirements.txt file.

  2. Add django_twilio_sms to INSTALLED_APPS and syncdb/migrate.

  3. Add the following url to your urlconf:

    url(r"^messaging/", include("django_twilio_sms.urls")),

    this will receive confirmation callbacks for any SMS message that you send using utils.send_sms.

  4. Create a new view and override IncomingSMSView.post_save(self, obj) method to receive SMS messages via callbacks from Twilio. The received obj param will be an instance of IncomingSMS model.

  5. Configure Twilio callback to send notifications to the above view's url.

  6. Configure settings:

    • TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID, TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN, TWILIO_PHONE_NUMBER - copy credentials from the Twilio panel.
    • TWILIO_CALLBACK_USE_HTTPS - use https or not for delivery confirmation callback urls.
    • TWILIO_CALLBACK_DOMAIN - optionally set domain name or IP of your site (otherwise the server name will be extracted from the request info).
    • TWILIO_DRY_MODE - set if you want to run in test mode.


django-twilio-sms is released under the MIT license.

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Commercial Support

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