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ViewAL: Active Learning with Viewpoint Entropy for Semantic Segmentation

This repository contains the implementation for the paper:

Yawar Siddiqui, Julien Valentin and Matthias Niessner, "ViewAL: Active Learning with Viewpoint Entropy for Semantic Segmentation" (video)



Arguments [-h] [--backbone {resnet,xception,drn,mobilenet}]
                       [--out-stride OUT_STRIDE]
                       [--dataset {scannet,scenenet-rgbd,matterport3d,scannet-sample}]
                       [--workers N] [--base-size BASE_SIZE]
                       [--sync-bn SYNC_BN] [--loss-type {ce,focal}]
                       [--epochs N] [--batch-size N] [--use-balanced-weights]
                       [--lr LR] [--lr-scheduler {step}]
                       [--optimizer {SGD,Adam}] [--step-size STEP_SIZE]
                       [--use-lr-scheduler] [--momentum M] [--weight-decay M]
                       [--nesterov] [--gpu-ids GPU_IDS] [--seed S]
                       [--checkname CHECKNAME] [--eval-interval EVAL_INTERVAL]
                       [--max-iterations MAX_ITERATIONS]
                       [--active-selection-size ACTIVE_SELECTION_SIZE]
                       [--region-size REGION_SIZE]
                       [--region-selection-mode REGION_SELECTION_MODE]
                       [--view-entropy-mode {soft,vote,mc_dropout}]
                       [--active-selection-mode {random,viewentropy_region,voteentropy_soft,voteentropy_region,softmax_entropy,softmax_confidence,softmax_margin,coreset,voteentropy_max_repr,viewmc_kldiv_region,ceal}]
                       [--superpixel-dir SUPERPIXEL_DIR]
                       [--superpixel-coverage-dir SUPERPIXEL_COVERAGE_DIR]
                       [--superpixel-overlap SUPERPIXEL_OVERLAP]
                       [--start-entropy-threshold START_ENTROPY_THRESHOLD]
                       [--entropy-change-per-selection ENTROPY_CHANGE_PER_SELECTION]

Run --help for more details.

Active Selection Modes

Apart from implementation of our method, we provide implementation of other popular active selection methods adapted for semantic segmentation.

Option Method
random RAND selection
voteentropy_max_repr MAXRPR selection
voteentropy_soft MCDR selection
voteentropy_region RMCDR selection
softmax_entropy ENT selection
softmax_confidence CONF selection
softmax_margin MAR selection
coreset CSET selection
ceal CEAL selection
viewmc_kldiv_region ViewAL selection

For a description of the methods, check out appendix section of the paper.

Example commands

View AL
# sample dataset
python --dataset scenenet-rgbd --workers 2 --epochs 50 --eval-interval 5 --batch-size=6 --lr 0.0004 --use-lr-scheduler --lr-scheduler step --step-size 35 --checkname regional_viewmckldiv_spx_1_7x2_lr-0.0004_bs-6_ep-60_wb-0_lrs-1_240x320 --base-size 240,320 --max-iterations 7 --active-selection-size 2 --active-selection-mode viewmc_kldiv_region --region-selection-mode superpixel

# scenenet-rgbd
python --dataset scenenet-rgbd --workers 2 --epochs 50 --eval-interval 5 --batch-size=6 --lr 0.0004 --use-lr-scheduler --lr-scheduler step --step-size 35 --checkname regional_viewmckldiv_spx_1_7x1500_lr-0.0004_bs-6_ep-60_wb-0_lrs-1_240x320 --base-size 240,320 --max-iterations 7 --active-selection-size 1500 --active-selection-mode viewmc_kldiv_region --region-selection-mode superpixel
python --dataset scenenet-rgbd --workers 2 --epochs 50 --eval-interval 5 --batch-size=6 --lr 0.0004 --use-lr-scheduler --lr-scheduler step --step-size 35 --checkname random_0_7x1500_lr-0.0004_bs-6_ep-60_wb-0_lrs-0_240x320 --base-size 240,320 --max-iterations 7 --active-selection-size 1500 --active-selection-mode random
Softmax Entropy
python --dataset scenenet-rgbd --workers 2 --epochs 50 --eval-interval 5 --batch-size=6 --lr 0.0004 --use-lr-scheduler --lr-scheduler step --step-size 35 --checkname softmax_entropy_0_7x1500_lr-0.0004_bs-6_ep-50_wb-0_lrs-1_240x320 --base-size 240,320 --max-iterations 7 --active-selection-size 1500 --active-selection-mode softmax_entropy
Regional MCDR
python --dataset scenenet-rgbd --workers 2 --epochs 50 --eval-interval 5 --batch-size=6 --lr 0.0004 --use-lr-scheduler --lr-scheduler step --step-size 35 --checkname regional_voteentropy_window_0_7x1500_lr-0.0004_bs-6_ep-60_wb-0_lrs-1_240x320 --base-size 240,320 --max-iterations 7 --active-selection-size 1500 --active-selection-mode voteentropy_region --region-selection-mode window
python --dataset scenenet-rgbd --workers 2 --epochs 50 --eval-interval 5 --batch-size=6 --lr 0.0004 --use-lr-scheduler --lr-scheduler step --step-size 35 --checkname ceal-0.00275_7x1500_lr-0.0005_bs-6_ep-50_wb-0_lrs-1_240x320 --max-iterations 7 --active-selection-size 1500 --base-size 240,320 --active-selection-mode ceal --start-entropy-threshold 0.0275 --entropy-change-per-selection 0.001815
python --dataset scenenet-rgbd --workers 2 --epochs 50 --eval-interval 5 --batch-size=6 --lr 0.0004 --use-lr-scheduler --lr-scheduler step --step-size 35 --checkname mcdropoutentropy_0_7x1500_lr-0.0004_bs-6_ep-50_wb-0_lrs-1_240x320 --base-size 240,320 --max-iterations 7 --active-selection-size 1500 --active-selection-mode voteentropy_soft
Full training
python --dataset scenenet-rgbd --workers 2 --epochs 70 --eval-interval 5 --batch-size=6 --lr 0.0004 --use-lr-scheduler --lr-scheduler step --step-size 40 --checkname full-run_0_lr-0.0004_bs-6_ep-60_wb-0_lrs-0_240x320 --base-size 240,320


Overall code structure is as follows:

File / Folder Description Training script for active learning methods Training script for full dataset training Constants used across the code Arguments parsing code
active_selection Implementation of our method and other active learning methods for semantic segmentation
dataloader Dataset classes
dataset Train/test splits and raw files of datasets
model DeeplabV3+ implementation (inspired from here)
utils Misc utils

The datasets must follow the following structure

dataset # root dataset directory
├── dataset-name
    ├── raw
        ├── selections
            ├── color # rgb frames
            ├── label # ground truth maps
            ├── depth # depth maps
            ├── pose # camera extrinsics for each frame
            ├── info # camera intrinsics
            ├── superpixel # superpixel maps
            ├── coverage_superpixel # coverage maps
    ├── selections
        ├── seedset_0_frames.txt # seed set
        ├── train_frames.txt 
        ├── val_frames.txt
        ├── test_frames.txt
    ├── dataset.lmdb # rgb frames + labels in lmdb format

A small example dataset is provided with this repository in dataset/scannet-sample.

Data Generation

To use this repository datasets must be in the structure described in last section. For creating the lmdb database, seed set, train / test splits and superpixel maps check helper scripts in dataset/preprocessing-scripts. We use this SEEDS implementation for generating superpixels (check this issue for troubleshooting). Further, to generate superpixel coverage maps (coverage_superpixel) check utils/


If you use this code, please cite the paper:

    title={ViewAL: Active Learning with Viewpoint Entropy for Semantic Segmentation},
    author={Yawar Siddiqui and Julien Valentin and Matthias Nießner},


[CVPR'20] Implementation for the paper "ViewAL: Active Learning with Viewpoint Entropy for Semantic Segmentation"





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