Supporting code for demo during Integrate 2016 conference.
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Logic Apps
Sample Messages

Setting Up / More Information

Before you set any of this up, you will want to look through all of the hidden slides in the power point slide deck included in the download for my session's talk. They show each step along the way of the messages' flow so that you can easily diagnose where things might be going sideways as you're standing it all up.

Feel free to reach out to me at nickh AT quicklearn DOT com with any questions you have about anything here.

I have not yet converted all of this into an ARM template sadly. That is on my longer term TODO list so that I can more easily reuse the demo myself. With the conference winding down at this point though, I don't foresee getting around to that anytime soon.

Also it's a good exercise for understanding of the demo to deploy each piece manually and think about what it is doing in the overall solution (that's how I'm going to justify my lack of an ARM template -- we'll see how long that excuse holds up).

General Disclaimer

This is not production quality code. This is conference demo quality code that served as my personal proof of a concept. There are a lot of shortcuts taken (e.g., manual handling of http requests to blob storage / caching of those requests rather than using the SDK -- so that the number of requests was absolutely minimized).

Instead, use this code to understand what is potentially possible, and then go build something better and laugh at how puny and weak mine looks in comparison.

Service Bus Setup

The service bus setup is pretty straight-forward. We start with a static defined subscription with a single Sql filter rule that looks like the following:

[] = ''

If you want to keep the rest of the naming consistent with the demos, name the topic published and the subscription printjobprocess.

API Apps Setup

There are 2 API apps included as part of the solution. You will need to deploy both of these:

  • QuickLearn.ApiApps.Correlation
  • QuickLearn.ApiApps.XmlPropertyPromotion

The first provides actions around creating/deleting instance subscriptions. The second looks up a blob container that contains BizTalk Server XML schemas with notations about promoted properties, and then takes in an XML payload from which to promote properties.

There is another API App hidden in the following project:

  • QuickLearn.Demo.Bobble

This is also the website that is used to visualize the state of everything. The API App allows the application state to be directly manipulated.

Undocumented features (that are now being documented):

  • /?r=1 - This route in the demo site will enable auto-refresh in the most barbaric but functional way
  • /Home/Reset - This route in the demo site will flush the application state, but does not modify instance subscriptions that might be created or stop any Logic Apps in flight -- be careful with this one.

BizTalk Schemas Setup

The solution contains a BizTalk Server 2016 project named QuickLearn.Demo.Messaging. Inside that project, you will find 2 document schemas and a property schema. The document schemas need to be uploaded to a public blob container in Azure. If you don't want to deal with that I have no plans of deleting mine, which you can find at

Logic Apps Setup

This is going to be the trickiest piece. Inside the solution, you will find a solution folder that contains .json files for each of the 2 Logic Apps in my process. These files are not directly usable however. They are copy/pasted directly from my runtime environment, but with secrets removed.

You can use these as guides to manually re-create your own. Do note that you will have to replace my runtime URLs for my services with the URLs for the API Apps that you deployed instead. The same applies for your Service Bus Connection string, and your blob container containing your BizTalk Server schemas.

License Information

You can steal the code, as long as you make it better before production use. As-is, it is NOT production quality. If used in production, it will destroy your life and give you pox.

Don't steal the images. I paid to license the vectors over on If you want to use them, go over there and get yourself a $2 license so that the artists get some compensation for their work. As for Dan Rosanova's bobble head, you'll have to ask him how he feels about your re-use of that art asset.