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Push Button Push Trigger
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Push Button Push Trigger

This sample provides you an opportunity to wire-up a physical push-button to the power of the Logic Apps runtime. What scenarios can you imagine triggering with the single press of a button? What other signals will be available to make that single button even more intelligent? Maybe the Wi-Fi access points that are available when the button is pressed determine the course of events that follow. Maybe the time of day in combination with the name of the device on which the button was pressed are the keys to the user's destiny.

The power of the cloud is in your hands with this sample which is designed to demonstrate usage of the TRex NuGet package, the QuickLearn Push Trigger Client Tools NuGet package, and the QuickLearn Push Trigger Tools NuGet package.

Where Can I Get the Hardware?

The easiest way, is to show up for QuickLearn Training's class titled Cloud-Based Integration Using Azure App Service, as building out this sample is part of the course work.

However, if you're keen to work at your own pace at home, you can source the parts from Amazon, or any other major retailer for that matter. You can find the parts that you need here:

Do note that you will have a LOT of extra parts when buying these items, however it is not cost effective to buy such items in singular fashion.

Why Isn't It Working?

Search the codebase for the word "TODO". You have to bring your own Azure Storage account, and copy/paste your connection string in 2 different places before the code sample can function. Ideally, you would manage such information in a secure configuration store of your choosing rather than hard-coding the information.

Go Build Great Things!

We're excited to see what you're going to have your Push-Button Push Trigger do. Go out there and build great things!

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