infinality-bundle for Slackware(R) Linux(R)
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And also updates to freetype2-infinality-ultimate, rev. 2.6-2
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These are SlackBuilds & patches to rebuild some official packages in Slackware Linux, are in test so be careful with the result in your system.

infinality-bundle project

"infinality-bundle is a collection of software utilizing the power of font rendering offered by infinality patches and fontconfig rules known as fontconfig-infinality-ultimate."


Important: backup /etc/fonts/ before you install fontconfig and remove any personal configuration (~/.fonts.conf, ~/.fonts.conf.d or ~/.config/fontconfig) to avoid any issue.

  1. Clone this repository

    root@darkstar:~# git clone
  2. Build, remove and install packages following this order:

    1. source/l/freetype
    2. source/x/fontconfig
    3. source/l/cairo

    Or just execute as root


  • At this moment these SlackBuilds are from and for Slackware64 Linux -current, but they should work with Slackware Linux -current also.
  • I tried to make the minimal modificactions to the originals Slackbuilds.
  • There is not need to select a type of font rendering (Windows, Apple or Ubuntu) since the "aim of infinality-bundle is to make use of the vast potential hidden in native Linux font rendering back-end". This does not mean you can not configure some aspects of the font rendering, please check:
    • /etc/profile.d/
    • /usr/doc/fontconfig-*/fontconfig-infinality-ultimate
  • You can see the differences between the default font rendering and the patched one, (from Slackware 14.1):