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Microfrontends are an architectural pattern based on the Unix philosophy to modularize frontends at a high level. To sum the Unix philosophy up in my own words:

Do one thing well, work with others, use standardized interfaces.

Developing Microfrontends with Webcomponents

At the OOP2020 I held a presentation about why webcomponents are the ideal basis for microfrontends. Please find the slides and a simple example in the subdirectory /oop2020, one day after the presentation on February, 7th 2020.

Podcast: Microfrontends

In May 2019 I had a talk with the crew of Working Draft about what happens, when we apply the Microservice pattern to the frontend. The result: Microfrontends, splitted by domains, solving many of the current problems of the frontend development. The episode was recorded in german.

Microfrontends to the Rescue

On January 24th, 2019 I've explained the Microfrontend Architecture Pattern on the Code Days 2019. The slides of the presentation are available in german on Slidehare. The key message is, that Microfrontends are an effective solution to leverage the complexity of the development of modern frontends by breaking them down into autonomous artifacts.

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