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Dot command that's converts scl to trd
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.SCL2TRD dot command for esxDos

What is it?

This is tool for converting your SCL files to TRD on your real speccy with esxDOS(divMMC/divIDE hardware, ZX-Uno, ZX Spectrum next etc) made as dot-command.

This tool can make cutted TRD(may be used only for read-only, but smaller size) and full TRD files.

How to use it?

If you want make cutted trd just call .scl2trd <filename>.scl and it converts your file to cutted TRD.

If you want make full trd(write enabled) - .scl2trd f <filename.scl> and it converts your file to full TRD.


There also version with buildin shell.

Where get already built version?

If you want just download ready to use version of tool, please download latest version from releases page

If you want contribute?

Please, fork repo, make your changes and make PR.

Any kind of PRs are welcome - misspell fix, code improvement, usability extendions, documentation etc.

If it possible - please send all your improvments to me as PR. I'll be very glad!

If you want support me?

You may donate me via PayPal.


Copyright (C) 2019 Alexander Sharikhin aka Nihirash(

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