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A plugin for JetBrains Resharper that colorizes the tooltip and parameter information.
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Logo ReSharper.EnhancedTooltip

What's ReSharper.EnhancedTooltip?

It's a plugin for JetBrains ReSharper that enhances the tooltip and parameter information popup.

  • Colorizes tooltips and parameter information popups for C#.
  • Displays icons for identifiers and issues in the tooltip.
  • Uses the colors and font configured in Visual Studio.
  • Can optionally display more documentation (return type, remarks).
  • Can optionally display base type and implemented interfaces in the tooltip.
  • Can optionally display full attribute information in the tooltip.
  • Everything is configurable.


Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017 are supported.
ReSharper 2018.1 must be installed.
(Note: older versions are still available for ReSharper 8.2, 9.x, 10.0, 2016.x and 2017.x).

Install the plugin using the built-in Extension Manager from the ReSharper menu.

Tooltip Highlighting

The tooltip that appears on mouse over is now syntax highlighted. Note that only the tooltips provided by ReSharper are currently colored.
Tooltip Highlighting

Parameter Info Highlighting

The parameter information popup is now syntax highlighted. The colors used for the types are either the ones having a name starting by ReSharper if Color identifiers is used, or the Visual Studio ones starting with User Types otherwise.
Parameter Info Highlighting


Enhanced Tooltip provides many options to configure the display as you like.
The options page is located at ReSharper → Options → Environment → IntelliSense → Enhanced Tooltip.
Options Page

Current Limitations

  • Colors only work in C# files. The standard tooltip and parameter information popup are used in other file types.
  • The parameter information popup isn't highlighted for calls using named parameters.

Licensed under Apache License 2.0

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