Incremental convertion of flac files into mp3 (320/v0/v2), ogg and aac files using bash
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FLAC-Convert                             Originally created by

FLAC-Convert is a script that automatically converts flac files into
MP3 (320kbps, V0, V2), OGG, and AAC.

 - Multithreaded conversion.
 - On demand conversion on a directory tree. Only new and changed
   files are converted.
 - Automatic creation of torrent files for each directory (album)
 - Depending on the setting it can only convert music files, only create .torrent files, do conversion and creation

 - Copy to and customize the settings.
 - Comment out conv_arr entries for the formats you do not want to
 - Run the script:

 - LAME (for MP3 encoding)
 - flac
 - mktorrent (for torrent file creation)
 - vorbis-tools (for ogg encoding)
 - faac (for AAC encoding)
 - Nero AAC Encoder if you want to use that one instead of faac / visit:

more file formats can easily be added.

Known issues:
 - Minimal error handling
 - There must not be any existing jobs running in the background when
   the script is launched.