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@@ -2,3 +2,4 @@
Torbjörn Lönnemark <>
Jos van den Oever <> (multi-threading)
TheOV (Nero AAC Encoder)
+Vyacheslav Levit <> (profiles, links, mirroring)
@@ -14,10 +14,10 @@ Features:
- - Customize your settings at the top of the script.
+ - Copy to and customize the settings.
- Comment out conv_arr entries for the formats you do not want to
- - Run the script.
+ - Run the script:
@@ -0,0 +1,102 @@
+# Define the run level: 0 = transcode only; 1 = create .torrent files only; 2 = transcode and create .torrent files
+# Define announce url
+# Define the base folder from where everything else is relativ.
+# If you have no common basefolder leave this empty. Trailing slash required.
+# Define the folder where the flac albums can be found.
+# Trailing slash required.
+# Define the folder where the .torrent files shall be stored.
+# Trailing slash required.
+# If you want to have subfolders according to each conversion type (see below) set this value to 1
+# Define a different folder for newly created torrents to be stored so that existing .torrent files won't be overwritten.
+# Trailing slash required.
+# Define the further files types that you also want to copy or link
+# All other files that are not flacs and neither one of the file types below will not get copied/linked over
+# The file extensions are case-insensitive
+copy_exts=( jpg bmp gif jpeg png cue log )
+hard_link_exts=( )
+sym_link_exts=( )
+# Remove transcoded, copied, or linked files and folders if corresponding files in flacfolder don't exist anymore. Set to 1 to activate.
+# Define the conversion "type". This is a reference for the other arrays and only those types will be converted to that are enabled here.
+# Also make sure that the array index number matches the one of the following arrays.
+conv_arr[5]="AAC" # normal faac encoder / recommended to only use faac or only nero aac
+#conv_arr[6]="nAAC" # nero aac encoder / recommended to only use faac or only nero aac
+# Define the destination folder for each type. Trailing slash required.
+# Define the file extension for each type
+ext_arr[6]="m4aNero" # Although the "nero" is there, it will get ignored by the script - this is just to differentiate between the faac and nero encoder
+# Define the conversion options for each type
+opt_arr[1]="-b 320 --replaygain-accurate --id3v2-only"
+opt_arr[2]="--vbr-new -V 0 --replaygain-accurate --id3v2-only"
+opt_arr[3]="--vbr-new -V 2 --replaygain-accurate --id3v2-only"
+opt_arr[4]="-q 8"
+opt_arr[5]="-RCws -c 44100 -b 320" # For transcoding vinly those options are recommended: -RCws -c 48000 -b 320
+opt_arr[6]="-br 320000"
+# Add conversion type name to the transcoded folders? Set "0" to NOT add and set "1" to add the conversion name.
+# There is currently a bug with mktorrent with the -n option. Basically -n should only change the name being displayed in the torrent client.
+# However if -n is used to alter the name it also alters the path. When you want to have displayes "torrent name [FLAC]" or anything else,
+# Then you'll also have to rename the folder / file to that. I have contacted the author of mktorrent here:
+# If you still want to have a [FLAC] added to the torrent naming, then alter line 310 and change 2) to 1)
+# If you want to also create .torrent files of your flacs then set this value to 1
+# If you want to extend the name of the .torrent with a "type" then set this to 1
+# Define what "type" name the .torrent file shall have
+# Define what destination folder the flac .torrents shall go if individual subfolders is selected.
+# Trailing slash required.
+# If the script just sort of stops after first conversion or none at all, you may have to few cores so that they are always in use.
+# Hence the script can't find free cores to work on. If that happens, set the option below to "1" (or more). This will enable to run more threads
+# than cores on the system and hence keep transcoding and creating torrent files.
+# verbosity level: 0 - only warnings; 1 - + information messages; 2 - + debug messages
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