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A clean, responsive documentation template theme for JSDoc 3.

Minami Screenshot



$ npm install --save-dev minami


Clone repository to your designated jsdoc template directory, then:

$ jsdoc entry-file.js -t path/to/minami

Node.js Dependency

In your projects package.json file add a generate script:

"script": {
  "generate-docs": "node_modules/.bin/jsdoc --configure .jsdoc.json --verbose"

In your .jsdoc.json file, add a template option.

"opts": {
  "template": "node_modules/minami"

Example JSDoc Config

    "tags": {
        "allowUnknownTags": true,
        "dictionaries": ["jsdoc"]
    "source": {
        "include": ["lib", "package.json", ""],
        "includePattern": ".js$",
        "excludePattern": "(node_modules/|docs)"
    "plugins": [
    "templates": {
        "cleverLinks": false,
        "monospaceLinks": true,
        "useLongnameInNav": false,
        "showInheritedInNav": true
    "opts": {
        "destination": "./docs/",
        "encoding": "utf8",
        "private": true,
        "recurse": true,
        "template": "./node_modules/minami"

Specifying a number for useLongnameInNav it will be the max number of path elements to show in nav (starting from Class).


Licensed under the Apache2 license.