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SukerMarioBros — Swift and SpriteKit

UPD: working with xCode 7 & Swift 2 — Nov 17, 2015

This is a hackathon project done in like 12 hours — expect troubles :)

It builds on iOS7&8 in xCode6.2, but sprites doesn't load on iOS7 —

There's a map for the whole first level. You can use Tiled to edit the level map — You can find other sprites here or elsewhere.

Nodes for collisions load (not at all lazily) from "Collisions" objects layer in the .tmx level map. They are stored inside a node, which moves together with the map. Not all collidable objects are added :)

Collectables (mushrooms, coins) are just rendered where they should be, for now (not by objects, simply by static tiles). There're no enemies.

I didn't have time to process any collisions. Mario can move through obstacles, if pressed by the walls :)

Have fun and contact me if you have issues.