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Examples of structured data for small businesses

We know that structured data helps search engines better understand the content of your website and this can increase the visibility of your business, your products and / or your services on the web. By using a guides of search engines, you can increase the number of target users that can be converted into customers of your business. Structured data is a machine-readable markup that is used in the following Google tools:

  • The rich results of Google
  • Google Knowledge Graph Search API
  • Merchant Center of Google
  • voice search

Your products can get more attention from audience if they most closely match the search query. For example, if you are looking for the mineral water Ramlösa, 1.5 liters, with a sytron flavor, in the Akelselsberg area in Stockholm, and if this information appears in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) as a part of your website, there is a high probability that this user will visit your store as buyer.

Pay attention to the fact that the Guide of Google Structured Data General Guidelines requires that structured data represent the main content of the referenced web page. Since all the web pages of each website have different content then the structured data of these web pages also need to have different content for their properties. Therefore, do not duplicate your structured data for all web pages. For example, if your website for a local business has a markup for the type LocalBusiness on the home page, do not duplicate this markup for a web page with a list of products or for a single-product web page.


Examples of structured data for small businesses






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